An Anonymous Post to Lupo

This was posted on alt.satanism awhile back, I think when RED of TASC was flaming Tani and Gerber. It was posted anonymously. Never found out who wrote it, forgot about it and then saw it was saved. Whoever wrote it, based on the reading text, is probably gay, definitely male, and doesn't really know who Tani or Ole Wolf are, or where they are. He thinks Ole Wolf and Tani are married. It's in the text.

This is interesting since it leaves itself wide open. In a silly flame in the subject "Might is Right?," probably written due to uncontrolled impulses he doesn't know he has, (IX Corp.) said:

"your strange ideas on politics, penis size, blowjobs, race, linguistics, physics and anthropology have nothing to do with satanism."

Let us examine this statement. Politics. The politics advocated by the person that IX trying to flame, are those of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The poster made that very clear. Roosevelt made America the best place to be in and work in. The nation loved Roosevelt so much that he was in office for 4 terms, but that's not the point. Satanism is not a political movement and all kinds of political people are in Satanic organizations. The ToS, the CoS and the FCoS has made that perfectly clear. IX Corps.' point is invalid.

The next two on the top of IX Corps.' list are probably the whole crux of the matter as far as *he* is concerned, but let us examine them: penis size and blowjobs. The penis size issue is known to every single person in the world, and it is only an *issue* for men the world over *if* they have small penises. They have something to worry about. It's not an issue to anyone else. We all know that behind closed doors it's a problem we all face. Blowjobs. What the person IX Corp. is flaming had to say was simple: "it's a fetish" provided that it is an obsession, which we know is true for most of the fellows exclusively into that in the straight community. They talk about it constantly while gays who hear earfulls of it have to remain in the closets. Of course we also know that Anton was *not* into blowjobs and he also hated passive fags. Anton got turned on when someone went to the bathroom on him. How disgusting. It makes us wonder if he told the world about this embarrassing "crap" for the sole purpose of making fools out of everyone that paid him the C note and got nothing in return. After all, how much could he like that fat blonde pig that pissed and shit on him? He didn't even make out a will, and that left Blanche to the tender mercies of Zeena and Karla. Was Anton so stupid that he didn't know that would happen? Either he is that stupid, or he did it on purpose.

Linguistics. Never heard about it but if I'd have to take a guess, the people being flamed probably go with current science on it. Anthropology. The views we have seen are very naturalistic and true.

Physics. Right, the entropy problem. Entropy is a measure of disorder. Chaos. You can link that up with Satanism very easily and many have done this by using the word "force" in another way, or the way Anton used it. But that's not the problem. Anton, a stupid high school drop out, wrote about a dark force or dark forces. His two main spaniels, the current day heads of the Dr. Mengele storm trooper brigade, needed "heavy ammo" against big bad Mike Aquino so they threw it to Phil and Tani. At the time IX. Corp. was willing to go along with the metaphors. But these were nobody's ideas except Anton's. Right, Dr. LaVey. Is that some Satanic kind of affirmative action to call him a Doctor when he's a high school drop out? All this "heavy ammo" was needed to argue about Mike Aquino's claim that Anton believed in a literal Satan. Mike is a very smart guy, maybe a genious, political science degree and military intelligence experience. But Mike should figure out that Anton was a liar before he met him, a liar when he knew him and a liar after he left to form the ToS. Anton was a liar about everything he ever said. He was a self-hating Jew with a hang up on fat blonde bimbos that he kept around his dump to piss and shit on him. That's Satanic? And they have the balls to get all over Lord Egan for being gay? Anton was a total failure that died broke with the truth about his life of lies exposed to the world. Mike Aquino, however, is a total success in life and in everything else he's ever done; he is also open, sincere and has been very honest about himself. Lord Egan is also honest about himself but the storm troopers of the CoS haven't figured that out yet.

The subject thread this was on was "Might is Right." Anton laid down like a broken dog after Mike took the Priesthood from him. Mike waged a campaign to tell the world that the CoS no longer existed. What did Anton do? Did he go at Mike eye for eye, tooth for tooth? He laid down like a dog, instead. His spaniels of the current storm trooper brigade took up his cause, as pathetic as it was. Now it's embarrassing. What is Blanche Barton doing to get even, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, with Lord Egan? Nothing. That's left up to the next generation of storm troopers, Anton clones with bald heads and goatees, who make fools of themselves trying to flame Lord Egan for things he openly admits about himself.

Let us examine the next thing IX Corp. has to say:

"you're still ugly and have a big ass, and I wouldn't fuck you with Wolf's tiny klippoth penis."

Here IX Corp. is speaking about a happily married couple. The wife's picture is available to see (*not* ugly, *not* big ass, very *nice* ass along with the rest of it). The problem here is not with the husband's penis at all which IX Corp. can only be resentful about. The problem is with IX Corps.' penis of course. And what makes him imagine that the wife would want to have anything to do with him, in any way? He's delusional and out of control. IX. Corp. is an unrestrained little boy cut from the same cloth as the storm troopers. He has a problem with a happily married couple. He has a problem with gay couples too. He has a problem with himself. He should commit suicide if life is so horrible.

We think that the whole group of Satanists that IX Corp. hates (and that's a lot of people whether IX Corp. knows it or not) should dump the CoS and leave it to the yelping dogs, let the Nazi freaks and the and the people who love to get shit and pissed on fester and self destruct. The entire organization is poison. As it shows in the "Might is Right" thread, the CoS is mostly Nazi Christian Fundamentalists with horns, but they cry "foul play" as soon as a rival organization practices "might" against them. Might is Right but oh please, mean and nasty FCoS, don't steal our copyrighted stuff. Copyrighted stuff? Those are "mere laws" invented to protect weaklings with not enough might to hold onto their own inventions without the help of the "mighty government" which happens to be predominantly Christian. Might is Right but oh please don't flame us. Might is Right but oh please, mean and nasty ToS, don't tell anyone the facts about Anton, let us keep our idol as a fantasy.

These fine Satanic people that IX Corp. hates should join another Satanic organization instead. They'd be very welcome in any of them and they wouldn't have to be embarrassed about the founder or head of the organization, they wouldn't have to try to cover up for lies Anton told about his life which have now been exposed.