Peter Ghost-Posting on alt.satanism

Here is a sample of Peter and Peggy asking other people to post something for them on alt.satanism. They couldn't post this themselves? Why not? Perhaps it was all lies?

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Tani & Ole:

Would one of you please post this (the post between the dotted lines) as is to alt.sillyass (make a new thread or put it in the one where this discussion is happening). I haven't read there in several weeks, but some of the points which Tani forwarded below needed addressing.

You can preface it with a statement that I gave this to you in response to those forwarded comments on that newsgroup.




Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson) is still a member of the Church of Satan and still a Priest. It is the height of ignorance to confuse his stage persona with his real personality and agenda. He's a consummate Satanic showman, and he will present to the public whatever he deems necessary to attain the goals he seeks. If playing the part of a Christian Evangelist fit his plans, he'd do that as well, and laugh all the way to the bank and still be a superb Satanist. That affirms Dr. LaVey's wisdom in granting him the title of "Priest of Mendes."

The goal of his act is to make money, as well as indulge his pleasure in mass manipulation - and those of you who buy the surface have been manipulated. He squeezed all he could out of being a "Satanic Rocker," now he's moved on to another "look" to pull in more and different fans. He said this to me years ago, that he plans on bringing back a number of types of "forgotten schools" of Rock which were used in their time to shock and make this popular form of music seem "edgy and dangerous." His is a protean persona, and those who expect him to always be the same have not understood Warner's intentions and methodology.

We met (we were both doing a panel at a music festival) when his first album was just released - he gave me a copy himself - and I found him to be charming and intelligent, and I recommended to Dr. LaVey that he would enjoy meeting Brian Warner. He is playing off of the herd's "forgetfulness of past orthodoxies," and quite consciously. Satanism fit into his resurrected "Alice Cooper" phase, it didn't fit into his "David Bowie - Diamond Dogs" phase. And it may not fit in to his further planned permutations. People who don't get this are just rubes, but then, these folks are the ones who give Mr. Warner the lifestyle he has chosen, so they are needed. Where would the wolves be if there were no sheep?

Additionally, OTO membership is not incompatible with membership in the Church of Satan. Many of our members belong to other groups which pursue magical practices (like the OTO, and various Chaos Magic associations). The only group memberships incompatible with Church of Satan membership are outlined on the Bunco Sheet.

As for the "spooky flavor of the month Satanists," we got them in past years from the ranks of listeners to Ozzy Osborne and Motley Crue (and numerous other bands). Marilyn Manson's Satanic phase is just the most recent source for these types. Nothing new here; Death/Black metal brought us plenty. The real Satanists among them read the literature, intelligently identify themselves with it, and stay on, evolving themselves and their tastes. They continually broaden their interests, musically and otherwise. The fad followers will find the next craze, and follow another herd leader who has caught the public limelight. They can't stand not being "hip," and they are never missed.

And the truly wise wouldn't be surprised to find out that the next leader of the herd is also a Satanist, regardless of the mask worn to separate the rubes from their rubles.

Magister Peter H. Gilmore