Preface to "Dark Force" and "Klippoths"

These are sections up on Hr.Vad's Dark Doctrines Website. This is a preface to just how these articles came to be up there, why they are there, and now, why they are no longer for use by COS people or associated with them.

The actual Dark Tradition Doctrines we have on Tantra, Kaballa and Taoism, we have had since the 1970's in various forms using various code words to explain things. The Roots of Satanism Articles that were printed in part by The Black Flame (the CoS's magazine) were compiled in 1989 and not all of it was even given to them to print. We sold these and still sell it. (

Since it is so many years later, this is a necessary preface for the Dark Doctrines - specifically the articles on the Dark Force and on Klippoths and other matters. These (things on Vad's website) were the first articles written back in 1993 or 1994, perhaps 1995. The last ones finally written were on the COS versus the TOS and other subjects related to this. I have now asked Vad to remove this article since the "ToS" portion was based on very scanty information given to us by Peter Gilmore, which we based this on. The CoS portion is also now incorrect as so many of us can clearly see. The other articles on Dark Force and Klippoths are fine.

A preface is needed now because the same TYPES of people are crawling into the COS and attacking these Dark Doctrines using the SAME arguments, all based not only on ignorance, but on their inability to FEEL this. They are, in fact, using the same, exact arguments that (we were told and shown printed copies of posts of) the TOS and others outright enemies used back then! To us all it seems like they are clones! It's the same show, a repeat, on another channel! They also say the same slanderous things against those who wrote most of this (!) and call us who love these doctrines variations of the same epithets! Indeed: Klippoths are All One Thing! A statement that was once mysterious to us all. They also seem to have an extreme reaction to words that are capitalized! It's quite amazing. One can almost use the capitalized words as a test: if they overly upset a person, that's a clear sign!

This will answer ANYONE who has a problem with these articles due to their inability to grasp what they are saying, or their inability to grasp science when the doctrinal articles are "translated back" into scientific terms. As both some hands on practicing scientists and other such people said as they AGREED with the science: the mythopoetic manner of the Doctrinal way of saying this almost uses SCIENCE as the Metaphor! Of course, it is no longer "politic" to agree with these Doctrines amongst the CoS corporate clique.

There is no problem not understanding these things on a cerebral or intellectual level - just ADMIT IT and don't make a shit-disturber out of yourself and end up getting flamed by those who were involved BACK THEN. You'll lose the argument no matter how much you struggle. You'll be told that, "We have already been completely and thoroughly through this BEFORE." But seldom will you be given any explanation: you'll be judged as a Klippoth and that's that. Why?

Because Born Satanists DO FEEL that Dark permeating force that is in all nature, they feel it as it causes change - and they DO TEND to grasp it even when they have NO scientific understanding! It's like music: the untrained person with perfect pitch KNOWS music. The tone-deaf Professor of Music will NEVER KNOW music. That is the measure of it - it's how we all know who is who. Make no mistake about it: LaVey said it and no amount of revision by Barton and Company can change what actually happened. And generational Satanists have always known it! IF you can feel it, no matter how uneducated you are in the sciences, you tend to GRASP IT. That is how this works. OK?

In the past, but after this happened with COSsers, many others, and alleged TOSsers, many non-Satanic types in the COS attacked these and their writers, dismissed it all and the writers - specifically two people made into Magistrates that LaVey obviously highly valued. Are we to believe that this all got up on a website without LaVey KNOWING it? I mailed it to him prior to Vad putting it up. Are we to believe that LaVey was so damned lazy and uncaring about his own organization that he never saw any of it?

FOR THE RECORD - and TOS can even confirm this though we are sure they'd rather forget it - deja archives would be able to confirm it. Someone in the ToS, perhaps Balanone who wrote the "dark force" letter to Peggy questioning what it was, would remember this. MANY people remember it.

Around late 1993?, Peter Gilmore and Peggy Nadramia were having a flame war with TOS members and allegedly with Dr.Aquino and Lilith specifically about the DARK HIDDEN FORCE IN NATURE, something LaVey talked about and referred to as Satan. TOS was arguing that LaVey believed in a literal Devil Being (like Set) and Dr. Aquino or other Setians (?) were trying to show their version of evidence to prove LaVey believed in a literal Devil. COS top Magistrates and LaVey himself, at this time, were saying that this is wrong; he NEVER believed in such a thing.

Now, the argument, repeat, was over LaVey's statement about how he FELT a DARK HIDDEN FORCE IN NATURE; and also how he knew some folks just couldn't ever feel it. LaVey said they were born stupid, condemned to be stupid and die stupid. Later, seeing how they either were unable to read sentences in context, or how they'd deliberately twist words that were clearly spoken, or mock what was being said, LaVey and the Magistrates expanded on the original idea of Psychic Vampires and formed the concepts of people who were Black Holes, Shit Disturbers and strife-ridden Klippoths. LaVey himself defined Klippoth using this definition.

At the time Phil Marsh and Tani Jantsang were merely writers whose many writings had been hailed in the CoS magazines and other magazines as "hallmark" articles such as "Roots One of Satanism," "Roots Two of Satanism," and other shorter articles that were printed in The Black Flame and other magazines. These writers FOCUSED HARD on the "carnal nature" of man and knew biology and about biological evolution and neurophysiology. They focused on Undefiled Truth and Wisdom being IN our physical natures and nowhere else. But Phil and Tani were nothing in the CiS - not even members! They never joined and clearly made it known that tey would never join. Their articles were in every issue back then, starting with one on Faust and Mephistopheles. They never even wanted to be anything in the CoS. This went on for years. Then, in late 1993 or so, Peter Gilmore and Peggy Nadramia sent Phil and Tani hard-copies of posts that various Setians and Dr.Aquino had made and asked if Phil and Tani could write on the DARK FORCE IN NATURE - and on those who could never grasp this because they could never feel it: i.e., KLIPPOTHS. Because they KNEW about it, knew the foreign words (SETTLED on the word klippoth because you can make a PUN out of it), they KNEW the science and KNEW THE MEDICAL TERMS to back up every word of it. Lupo (who now is a sworn enemy) and other "physics" people and electrical engineers were arguing on the CoS and Tani and Phil's side - because they WERE TALKING SCIENCE. NOT way out quantum physics here - just BASIC SIMPLE SCIENCE. Everyone was also flaming back and forth which was a waste of time - but still - the TOS can confirm that posts from their members TO Peter and Peggy were being answered BY Phil and Tani - and Phil and Tani had NO computers or internet access at that time. There were also flames, primarily posted by "White Devil" and written by many different people. Most of this was sent on disc only later on when Tani had a word processor capable of converting discs into text. They sent this in hard copy and Peggy or others retyped it and POSTED it TO THE NG. That entailed quite a lot of typing!

For that work - Anton LaVey made both Phil Marsh and Tani Jantsang instant MAGISTRI. Are we to believe that this came out of the blue for NO REASON? Are we to believe that Tani was made into a Magistra by LaVey because she gave his baby son a box of 2 dollar crayons to play with? Ha! Phil wrote the letter trashing Barton regarding Wicca and Women's Rights - after Phil wrote that, LaVey made HIM a Magister. Phil did not get his degree at the same time Tani got hers. It was 6 months later. It was unexpected - they NEVER ASKED FOR IT. They never asked CoS for ANYTHING - they never even joined COS! After that, Phil and Tani waited a long time before they told ANYONE they were Magistri; perhaps waited for about a year or more! It shocked some people who were patently jealous of the works these two gave the COS - especially the hallmark "ROOTS OF SATANISM" articles. Neither Phil nor Tani called these artlcles "Roots of Satanism." They had other more humble names for these articles. Gilmore can come up with revision on that all he likes: the FACT is he never heard of this stuff, never knew of this stuff and said, on a phone, that he could never thank them enough for giving him a CLUE about this stuff.

After these articles written about Dark Force and Klippoth had been posted again and again, these articles were put up on a COS APPROVED WEBSITE - Hr. Vad's. Hr. Vad, then just an active member, was given the title of Priest. GET IT? Who gave him that title? LaVey did. Vad did indeed sent LaVey a sample of what he wrote. Are we to now believe that LaVey was so lazy that he never read it and just handed out a Priest's Degree?

Foreign words are not mystical words - except to the dupes who are too stupid to figure out what they mean and to the con artists and religion peddlers who took such words and made religion out of them!

It's not like Tani or Phil offered to write them. They had no internet access and had NO IDEA this was going on. They were ASKED TO WRITE IT ALL. The Damasio klippoth stuff, the Dark Force stuff - ALL of it. And Hr.Vad's "Dark Doctrine" website was born. Is the picture clear?

We insist that one has to be able to FEEL IT, to really KNOW IT. But neurology backs that up: unless the somatic markers (what you can PHYSICALLY sense) are intact, there is NO LOGIC, no ability to truly grasp a concept. These are strict sciences here.

Why is it that most of the people that LOVE the "Dark Doctrines" as they have come to be called, all have high university degrees in the strict sciences, not the soft sciences? Because they are SMART ENOUGH to understand biology, neurology, chemistry, mathematics and physics and yes, we have been through this argument before.

These doctrines that Phil and Tani (and then others) wrote FOR LaVey and presumably for the CoS, on request by two Magistrates in the Council of Nine - are PURE MATERIALISM -in fact, they are DIALECTICALLY MATERIALISTIC and one does have to be quite smart to grasp this. Or: FEEL IT!

Let us bring this up to date then. 2000. LaVey is dead. Barton took over. Karla left in disgust. Many left the CoS with her. Many long time LaVeyans left in disgust. "Lucifer Rising" tells of some of this trend going on even longer ago. What have we here? Well, a patriarchal woman, Barton, and Gilmore with his band of storm troopers (per his own email to his personal storm troopers). There is a clique of people that the entire Dark Doctrine crew can not stomach, can not stand. They are overly stuffy, pretentious, they can't relate to anything outside the concept of leader/led, master/slave - they are, in short: FASCISTS of the inner kind (not political necessarily). And who are some of the bonafide fascists? Jeff Nagy, KS Anthony, Christopher J. Turner, Michael Boe. And there is #satannet the chat room where all the ops are Andrei Schlessinger's boys - high school bully mentality prevails. Anyone that attacks them back is put on the shit list by Peter Gilmore and Peggy Nadramia. The COS FILES exposes it all.

What happens when Tani Jantsang gets online for the first time in 1999? Well, she is immediately attacked by Jill The Panther for abuses of a cult - that is the CoS cult. Tani had no part in that, had no knowledge of it. But Tani had to clean up the god damned mess. Then there is Lord Egan and his group giving the CoS storm troopers a hard time. What do Peter Gilmore and Peggy Nadramia do? They set off, both of them, a bunch of pleading begging emails when they see that Tani is NOT going to go after Lord Egan or the FCoS at all. Why should Tani do that when Lord Egan is using information he got on the Dark Tradition? There is nothing to argue about. The arguments with the alleged ToS members in the past were about doctrines and biology. There is nothing to argue about with Lord Egan or the FCoS.

Once before, back during those flame wars, Andrei Schlessinger came forth with his Alien Elite bullshit. Brendan flamed the hell out of him for it. Brendan was right. This wannabe Big Chief shit is like an infection. Former Magister Vincent Crowley, formerly of the CoS said he resigned due to Gilmore's new puffed up attitude. That's it.

The CoS is a corporation hell bent on interfereing with any other Satanic organization out there. They can be stopped - in fact it's easy. They get their lackies to do the dirty work - UNPAID work. Gilmore can easily say that he never "ordered" anyone to do anything and if the shit gets really sticky, he'd drop these suckups like so much bad trash. It is a fact that the CoS has no money to really start any kind of legal proceeding; the best they get the lawyer to do is type out a "cease and desist" letter to scare someone.

You can also DEMAND your membership fee back and send a copy of that demand to their lawyer.

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