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Tani just left when I looked at this. I'll send to her and if I leave somethings out, she can reply. Forgive, English is not my first language.

From start when Tani gets online in October 1999, Jill and the Panthers flaming her and slander for no reason. Reason was what COS did to Jill, Tani was not involved but Tani's name comes up so Jill thinks Tani has authority to tell people what to do. This is not true, Tani did not know anything going on or who Jill is. This is one more example Tani cleaning up COS mess.

Next Tani email accounts getting hacked and I helped with that (legally) to catch hacker (it was not anyone connected to satanism, it was man taking stock information since Jeff Gerber and Tani shared account). Dan Clore start to fake posts by Tani. He is man that have stupid conflict over science fiction stories, not related to satanism. All this while Jill Panthers doing the same.

Then comes Red from TASC and only because Tani is connected to cos by stupid title, does Red start fight and he drags into the fight the ADL and Jeff because Jeff and Tani share account. Jeff handled that. I am police officer now here (FBI would not hire me due to my past job and country of origin) and *I* would be afraid for ADL to be against me.

That is out of the way then. All things bad come from having association with COS, this I see. This is not with TOS or Egan Fcos. Only COS.

No problem someone has politics. No problem someone is racist either, this is heart felt, based on experience with different people. Problem comes when they "play the game fascisti" within the little organization of cos and behave like kulak, like bully to their own people and demand they get respect after they do things to lose all respect. I don't know if that is clear. I know: Real Fascisti would not do this to their own people. Real Nazi is very much like real Communist, except Nazi is racist. That is the only difference. Fascisti is not same as Nazi at all. A Nazi is a socialist in one country or race. Stalin was socialist in one country too, but not racist. No difference otherwise. This is not the problem. What cos is doing is like a cult, they hold member red cards over the heads and threaten to take away if they get out of line. What means out of line? Out of line means speaking truth. Out of line means not going along with current lies. Out of line means you don't want to be involved in war with Egan or someone else.

From start Peter and Peggy send emails to Tani, frantic emails about how Egan is taking dark doctrine. Tani should have save these. Tani won't do nothing since this not her property to own, these doctrines are old. Fact is, I know of this myself and I'm from former total atheist society, atheist by law. They want Tani to go after Egan how they asked her to go after TOS long ago for the Set business. Tani won't do it. They want Tani to stay away from other people who are now with Karla LaVey. Tani won't stay away. Tani sees these people were framed by Schlesinger, Nagy, Ventrue, that gang. Tani sees also that this "war" is nothing like what happened with Set organization before. That was serious and about "doctrine." This new "war" is bullshit and seems like the people this new cos is against at least have satanic tradition of some kind. Always they bother about what Tani is doing or who she talks to. They can't tell her who to hang around with or who to talk to. They have no authority to do that, no one does. Tani says this strong to them. She says if you want to be her boss, they have to pay her. Cos has no money to pay anyone. For instance Cos has grottos and the people or the grotto leader is all involve in bullshit paperwork. Then they sends this to the magister in charge of grotto, more bullshit. This all goes no place. When a person complains that they get no response or input, Peter or Schlesinger threatens them with expulsion. Expulsion from what? These people don't have the sense to ask themself this: expulsion from what? From nothing? I can print cards up too and hand out and pretend I'm this huge organization. It's all show, paperwork to feel important. There is no meaning to it, no reason. It is like a "ruse." And where does money go? People order things and many don't get what they order. Money goes in somebody pocket. Yet no one think to make law suit? It reminds me of when lady comes because her purse is stolen. I have to fill report with 2 copies, triple. Almost never catch who steals the purse. But I am paid by the hour on my job and is real job. (If lady scratch thief or interact with him in small fight, and if was database here of dna, could catch, but police is understaffed in USA and has no technology like that). But my point is that COS have people doing paperwork like real job, like pretend job, and this is all bullshit for what nobody is even paid to do. Work for free, to pretend this is "important" for organization that has no money.

They don't even practice their own 9 statements. Do you know that Lenin and Stalin and the entire Comintern had same rules? Even ancient Jews in old testament has same rules. Felix Dzerzhinsky said very similar thing. I will attach for you what Tani wrote for "satanic reds" basing on LaVey and also attach what Dzerzhinsky says long before LaVey was born. Dzerzhinsky was echoing, in a simple form, what Lenin and Stalin had said to audience in the Supreme Soviet. This serve as a code to all members of the MVD, the organization I was employed from before I came here. I think you be surprised to read. This is why Soviet Union put LaVey book in museum. If you can not read attachments in ms word, just save as a text.

When Peggy asks Tani to get proof of this, all because Sir Chaos Balogna want to make big revolution to fix everything right, Tani end up with many people helping her to spy and get information, not just online, but in real world. Tani keeps word. She did not have to do much work, others did for her because if she shows up, no one does anything wrong, so she couldn't do it. In the end it finishes with Tani have all this information. And she can give it to anyone now. Why Ygrane and Jacqueline so mad is that they gave Tani information and when Tani give it to Peggy they get mad. They are both too coward to go after Peggy because Peggy asked for it. Like if someone gets mad at me for doing my job when Chief asks me to do the job. Why get mad at me? I'm doing job. They should get mad at Chief. In cos you have lackey, nothing but lackey now.

Before long ago, Tani and Phil sells Satanic Doctrine Throughout Ages to everyone, everyone knows that no organization is connected. People that was going to join cos did not join after seeing this or people in cos just go away quiet. They have red card but feel not even necessary to "write official letter to resign" since there is no sense to that. Bullshit organization, bullshit records, bullshit officials. That is how it was before Tani has title and these articles sold in real world with stores, or advertisement in other magazine, all kind of magazine. Then: When Tani get title (Phil has also a title) then cos lure people into it by this connection. What do they find after they pay 100 dollars? That whole cos is not satanic, no magical tradition, no tradition at all. Even I know what is left hand path versus the right hand path and I'm from completely atheist society! Even I know this. We do study traditions of peoples in our country is why I know and many have these traditions. The only thing in cos that is left hand path is things is from Tani and Phil and that group. But most of them in that group are not cos people at all and have no respect for cos, not even for LaVey who is nothing to them. So new members they like this stuff from inside cos, they say this and are called "flying monkey" for liking it and considered outsiders. Blanche Barton need to give back their 100 dollars. Someone need to sue them for this money back, maybe class action suit.

They indimidate people, even call up college and say "this person in college is satanist" and make trouble. Make nuisance calls like with Morena who has the proof who makes the calls, AT&T tells her. But she does nothing. Why doesn't she do something? She could press charges, yes definitely doing this is crime. But no one can do something if no one pressed charge. They are afraid for some reasons that has nothing to do with physical danger. Tani has no fear. None at all. She knows who she is dealing with and regard them all as nothing. They are bullies, ultimate cowards. See this I'll paste from what Morena tells Tani. They trying to make her bow down, they trying to tell this Rev.Boe who he can't associate with. But can he associate with christians? They are getting too bossy for small org they are. Yet no one can be bossed around unless they allow this. Therefore, people in cos that allows this are cowards. They are emotionally confused. See underneath your email for this information.

On Sun, 1 Oct 2000 00:22:02 EDT EMAIL: DELETED writes:

Greetings, Radu:

Thank you so much for sending me these files. I will keep them in the strictest confidence.

I still have not waded all the way through all these documents; there is a *lot* of stuff here. From what I have seen so far, this is yet one more example of trust betrayed online. Tani did what they asked, people got their fur ruffled and Tani took the fall for it. That is, as much as they could make her do so with her not being a CoS member. I have seen so many times this sort of thing happening. I frankly find it both ridiculous and sad.

Evidently what Tani had to show was so disturbing to Blanche (or whoever) that they simply could not handle it....disgusting.

I hate this type of "politics". No matter where you go, politics creep in.

I think CoS in general has a little trouble with Tani because they cannot CONTROL her and that makes them very, very nervous. It's very telling, in my opinion, that twits like Schlesinger are allowed free rein to do and say whatever they like, and then they attempt to sanction Tani! BWA-HAHAHAHA. That is the stupidest thing I ever heard....I personally have no interest in an organization that cuddles Schlesinger close and boots out practically everyone else with even one original thought.

Thank you again, and thank you to Tani too for letting me view this stuff.

respectfully, DELETED

Radu continues: This letter Morena writes to Tani. Morena and Audey Morgan has the satan2000 website. Ventrue start trouble. Audey Morgan fight back. Peggy gets involved on Ventrue side. Audey go after Peggy and out bid her on eBay. [All the emails between Peggy to Morena were shown. Morena spoke the truth.] Peggy thinks this is big deal in real world. Peggy does not have broken knee caps so it's no big deal. eBay is auction so anyone can outbid. She is now dictating who can buy things on eBay? Peggy and Peter are making real enemies. Eventually someone going to do something to them. Is only matter of time.


Thank you for letting me in on this.

I am much saddened by the turn of events. It appears hopeless, if Blanche is taking such a position.

I am sorry that you are in the middle of all of it. I admire your tenacity, and your fearlessness. It is too bad that Blanche is blind to what is going on, and listens only to the NY clique'.

Rev Boe & I were trying to resurrect his publication, "The Raging Sea". He spoke with P&P about it. He was told that I am on their shit list still, because of the eBay thing that Audy did, and Peter said it was an out-right LIE that we sent her the bra. Well, I don't lie. I sent it. Now, if she didn't get it, that is another story. But I can prove that I paid for it. It was salmon colored, size 44D if I remember correctly. You can ask Rev Boe - I am NOT that size, and I do not wear a bra at all.

Rev Boe 'suggested' that I apologize to P&P, just to make life easier for HIM to be in touch with me, and not incur the wrath of P&P. I asked, "What about the public apology we BOTH made?". He told me that they want a private apology. I have batted it back and forth in my head for about a month, and cannot bring myself to HONESTLY do what he wants me to do - besides the fact, that I think it would NOT solve any problems. If Blanche will not even acknowledge a gift YOU sent her, how in the hell do I expect P&P to acknowledge any attempt at reconciliation I might make? I am only a peon, you are a Mag.

Rev Boe said that he has permission to interview Blanche for The Raging Sea, (when he can afford to come back to California) and that I can go with him to film it, or photograph it. (My daughter is a professional photo-journalist & I started her down that path). Unfortunately I have to 'make peace' with P&P before that can happen. I really don't know how, or even if it is possible to do so, at this late date.

Again, I did not do anything. My mate did, after being thoroughly insulted & disgusted by the NY crowd.

Oh well, I have a lot more work to do. Every day, we get more & more orders. I think I may have some time this weekend to design some of my Satanic Witch line of jewelry that I have been 'composing' in my mind, and be a little creative. I will try to catch up with you in #satanmuse this weekend.

Oh, by the way, I think that Peggy's real name is Margaret. I 'picked up' an old copy of some 'zine she did, back in the 80's and it says, "Make checks payable to: Margaret Nadramia." So she must have had some ID or a bank account with that name on it. I doubt that her real last name is Nadramia, but I can't figure out what Nadramia means, or where it comes from. I know she works for UPS in New York.

We are getting ready for our Renaissance Faire, the first weekend in Oct. We are also gearing up for xmess sales, and putting new products up on the gay web site. The internet has been very kind to me. Audy bought me a new, sparkly blue Mercedes Diesel Turbo sedan on Sept. 13th. I thought it was a bit much, but after driving it to the coast, I love it. Next, he gets a Rolls - an old one of course. They are the best. (But we have to clean out the garage so he has a place to put it safely).

Will send you pictures of the car flying baphomet car flags, just like the Arabs do - or the Nazis for that matter! :-) (that was supposed to be sarcasm)

I wish I could have seen what Blanche (supposedly Blance?) sent you. I am sure it was by snail mail, so that you COULD NOT send it to all of us. I really DID respect her, but it is starting to slip a notch. Hope what you sent her gets to her, and that she 'digests' it.

With all due respect,


SR NOTE: As it stands, Boe never contacted her and proved to be an obeying little puppet. Imagine them demanding such things! Unbelievable. People should DEMAND their $100 bucks back. Oh, it's been done! Morena and Audey are the satan2000 people, they love LaVey and the Addams Family type old style outrageous LaVayen Satanism, with the 9 statements as a good foundation - they are good statements.

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Tani told me. Yes, I thought that was Sir Chaos that posted it.

I believe that enough was posted to people paying attention to things, and it is incumbent upon them to *pay attention*, to show that no one but a complete idiot would join such an organization as the cos. I respect Anton LaVey *only* as a fellow Jew and con artist. After all, he didn't con any Jews. Two Jews in Cape Coral conned suckers out of millions by selling them swamp land. Who but a complete idiot would join an organization, or buy land without first checking out everything about the organization, or coming down here to just look at the land?

So many people still are mesmerized by the image of the cos. There is nothing there but an image. Rip off the image and you have nothing except a patriarchal woman who is pro christian on abortion and against the right to choose, against women's rights, anti gay (in writing, she even was stupid enough to write such things), and against modern technology. She is not just nothing or a person hanging onto LaVey's coat tails, she is absolutely, irrefutably pathetic. And of course you have Gilmore, a back biting, two faced petty-goy and his wife who is badly in need of a face transplant. The rest just follow.

snipped irrelevant portion on Jews and Gentiles

Anton Lavey did tell Aquino that he believed in a literal Devil, just as he told Nagy this. What he said to atheist Gilmore was another thing. What he said to atheist Orlando was also another thing. What he said behind their backs was another thing.

What I respect about Tani is that she doesn't talk out of 10 sides of her mouth when it comes to what's real. She'll debate, but that's just debate, out of 10 sides of the situation. But what she wrote is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but that truth. She is out there with these sloppy articles, selling this priceless information for pennies; people would kill to find this stuff out, used to do that in the past. She is the first person who ever did it. Isaac Myers may have tried, but his book soon became impossible to get. And while the book was reprinted, I do believe it is no longer available. There are people, my own included, that *do not* want anyone to know these things, or our things. What's amazing to me about Tani is that many things had to have come together to make her qualified to do what she did, most especially her ability to speak English and "think" in terms that others think in, and to dumb down something to the level of a baby, or what would be a non-abstract, first ordered, very concrete concept. She's absolutely *brilliant* at it. I wash my hands now. Anyone who has not "heard the big news" all exposed is left behind. All we can do is show them emails and logs and tell them the truth, save them $100.00.

Jeff was replying to this email:

From: "Ole Wolf" <wolf@mail.dk>

It's some years ago now that I told Blanche (in a letter to Vad where I wrote a paragraph *about* her, then sent it all to her) that she's a fascistoid, patriarchal "daddy's girl," who thought she was Satanic because Anton LaVey wanted a piece of blonde ass, or something like that. Blanche immediately WHINED to Tani about it. I don't like her, and never did.

Between us, I suspect Blanche (with Peter's ghostwriting) issued the "stay off the Internet" decree so that their off-line activity wouldn't get exposed by their victims talking over the Internet.