Rosa Wolf Writes to Blanche Barton

Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 12:01:27
Subject: Another Person sees thru the bs and COS BOO-mail

Two emails from another person that has had mildew cleared from her eyes.

First one:

On Sat, 28 Oct 2000 15:59:19 +0200 "Aragorn" <> writes:


I'm collecting some of the material you have gathered against Central in writing a Dutch article explaining why Wolfshart Grotto will NOT be a CoS grotto. Due to my daughters playing with email accounts I lost the original mails Corax [???] sent to Peter and the response she got back, about the outdated link. I also wonder if there are more of such letters - since the two mails she and I got look very much like standardized boo-emails. I also read something about either Herr Vad or Ole Wolf NOT sending in reports to Central anymore because one of them had seen emails in which Peter disclosed personal member's information. Is there naything more about that and does it happen more often?

I want to send an email to Blanche Barton to notfy her she won't need to bother about granting or not me a GM status anymore because Wolfshart won't pley the game with the CoS, but I do not have her email address. Maybe you would be willing to forward a message for me?


Rosa Wolf

Second one:

On Sat, 28 Oct 2000 16:45:00 +0200 "Aragorn" <> writes:


Could you forward this to BB? If so please let me know, maybe I should also sent it to P&P????


Greetings, HP Barton

After six months of waiting for my GM-applicance to be answered, I would like to inform you that you don't need to bother about granting that status or not for the Wolfshart Grotto anymore, for my group will not play along with the games as they are being played withing the CoS for too long a time now. My group has started in June this year and we're doing fine. In thinking it over and evaluating, there is little or nothing a CoS GM-status would add to it, apart from paperwork - as I have told several times before, in the two and a half years when I have been sending in monthly reports [double so after we had to send it both to you and the GMC], we got about a handfull of responses back, if it really were that many, and it was general letters, nothing referring to what had been reported.

I am not sending my red card, for my reasons to have joined remain the same - Satanism based on the Satanic Bible, the Dark Doctrines, and the recognition of what lies beneath and is the fundament of what I stand for myself. I am still doing what I said I would do when I applied for membership three years back and I have no intention of changing my path. I would be most obliged if the $25 I send along with my GM-application form were given to Peter Gilmore and Peggy Nadramia, since I owe them $9 for the latest Black Flame and money I sent to them in April this year never arrived.

Hail Satan!

Rosa Wolf

the Netherlands

This is par for the course. While COS screams about someone stealing someone elses copyrighted material, they go and take their member's stuff and let the personal enemies of these members make either fake links or unautorized links - with someone else's copyrighted material. Typical COS.

This is what Rosa told Peggy Nadramia about the link.

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000 17:46:23 +0200 "Aragorn" writes:

 ----- Original Message ----- 
From: Aragorn 
To: M. P. Nadramia 
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2000 5:43 PM


What the hell!!! A little while ago I sent a complaint about the Hades Website being on air still or again. You told me you'd take the complaint serious and even forward it to HP Barton. Now I check the links and find that the previously _dead_ link has been revived and now directly leads to the Hades Website where it is now. Thank you very very much. Please let me explain once more why I OBJECT to that site!! ALL MATERIAL ON IT was written by ME. I want to use MY OWN material in my own brochures and if possible in time on a website. I NEVER heard that the CoS was desperate for websites with stolen materials. The P.O. box mentioned on the website of Hades is DEAD. No one writing there will ever get an answer. It has been closed down MONTHS ago. The site has not been updated since early this year; why???? because the webmaster is UNABLE to write any line HIMSELF. Our illustrator Ebola objects to his material on that site too! If you allow Marco Ruyters, who officially declided his job as a grotto-master, to continue playing gm with a non-existing grotto, you are greatly fooling the people who are looking for serious groups.

Other option is, you're just not telling me that Hades is existing again [STILL USING MY MATERIALS WHICH ARE USED WITHOUT PERMISSION] and Marco Ruyters is a GM again, which would be very sad indeed, considering what I've reported about him. Or do you think that was all "just because" our relation broke up? Our relation broke up because of the guy he REALLY was. Ask Tani Jantsang - she knows all about him - he is much more of a christian than the pope will ever be goddammit.

The brave man was sneeky enough to change his email address so I cannot tell him exactly what I think of it - though I did tell it on his meaasgeboard and will continue to do so if my message ever gets removed.

In the meantime I never heard about my own request for my Wolfshart Grotto which has started to function nevertheless. I only hear it will be looked at *soon*. That's fine with me. But right now it looks like phony gm's get more & direct service from Central.

So, if I may be so frank... if the truth is that this satanic-wanna-be gm with stolen website material from the beginning to the end is a gm again and the Hades Grotto is existing still or again, I REALLY would like to know. I can stand the truth but I HATE lies. And if I remember well, from the 3 years I did every part of the Hades activities, Central encourages ORIGINAL materials from it's gm's. Marco Ruyters has not written one single line of all he uses. From next month on I will start advertising again with my own information brochure, which is MY materials improved and illustrations from MY illustrator WITH PERMISSION. I have no wishes to be linked to this fake grotto with a gm who exists only in the fantasies in his deluded mind.

Why Central ENCOURAGES this kind of phoney information???? Beats me!!!!

Rosa Wolf
Wolfshart Grotto
Wolfshart Magazine
the Netherlands

Peggy Nadramia replied two days later:

----- Original Message ----- 
To: Aragorn 
Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2000 5:43 AM
Subject: Re: 

Aragorn had said: Hi

What the hell!!! A little while ago I sent a complaint about the Hades Website being on air still or again.

Peggy replies: There is no need for all this vitriol and you are reading way too much into this. Magister Gilmore recently updated the website and he probably overlooked the link in question and put it up again. The CoS and the CoS webmaster certainly do NOT encourage the use of stolen material nor do we wish to link to people who are inactive.

HEH HEH HEH, tell that to Amina. Can't she fucking call him PETER? She regards you as a SPANIEL - clue: she refers to him as MAGISTER Gilmore constantly. GOD, the serv/master shit. I HATE THESE PEOPLE!!!!

Peggy continues: When he gets back from his business trip Magister Gilmore will make the correction. In the meantime I suggest you give this organization's administrators the benefit of the doubt once in a while instead of going off like a rocket over some imagined slight.

You did not do that at all. And HOW MANY TIMES did you have to tell them? You know, heh, you tell me something ONCE, I get it. And what about that criminal guy - cos sending someone to interrogate YOU? OH PLEASE, did Cos come to your aid when you didn't get a job you wanted CAUSE OF THEM?

Peggy continues: The accusations in your last line do NOT reflect well upon your commitment to this organization.

Time to PUKE. PUKE. PUKE. You fucking owe them NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. Are you a Satanist or a fucking xian after all. They are corporate FASCISTS - let them PAY YOU for committment. Unless you WANT to be s slave. WAKE UP.

Peggy signs off:Hail Satan!

Magistra Peggy Nadramia

Rosa related the story to the Satanic Reds, and Tani's reply is shown:

Rosa said: Hi!

snipped my own message since you know that by now :-} guess Peggy too is a bit pissed?

Tani replies: She KNOWS she can write that way to you. You know what I told her when she WHINED to be to go after Egan? NO! PAY ME. You know what I told her when she WHINED about how Audey hurt her? I said that Audey did not break her fucking knee caps - therefore Audey did not hurt her. And if she continues to defend ASSHOLES like Ventrue, she MIGHT REALLY get hurt. I also TRASHED Blanche to pieces and sent her every post from alt.satanism exposing the ASSHOLES that have "authority" in the Church of SHIT. OK? There.

Rosa said: anyway it would be nice if the link was removed [I would win from the other lady then who is still waiting from february on :-p ], but even better to find out the _providers_ did their job - that site should be erased rather than simply ignored. haven't been there today yet but if the site is still on, they get the message again.

Tani replies: This is par for the course. While COS screams about someone stealing someone elses copyrighted material, they go and take their member's stuff and let the personal enemies of these members make either fake links or unautorized links - with someone else's copyrighted material. Typical COS.

Rosa said: duh I just came out of bed after a wild night [unfortunately not wild in kinds of senses I would haven chosen myself!] so ... read this passage from the other mail several times but don't get it... what about that stealing, who's stealing then - are you saying CoS takes it from the other who took it? as in: fencing? and what about the fake/unauthorized links, what would be the point of these? I know nothing of this kind of strategies I'm afraid [duh afraid - know nothing about them, point - always hated online battles, prefer them in real life aye]

anyways I'm off to the fields now with the dog and then must install a brand new McAffee virus scan, legal version!!!! so it can be updated!!!

looking forward to the elist!

Tani replies: A lot of shit happened lately - another speciment of utter trash, Aristocrat aka VonPapen aka Jason Roberts turned out to be Shitslinger's spy. Spy against what? Nothing.

Rosa signs off: HS


On Sun, 22 Oct 2000 00:45:46 +0200 "Aragorn" <> writes:

February 17 eh???? Well, no reason to despair yet! The Hades Grotto was disbanded early March this year so we notified them that the links on the official CoS page had become dead. It remained the same untill I myself was so clever as to notify them about early September that the Hades website somewhere in time had been put back online like before, composed entirely of materials being used without permission. It didn't take more than a few WEEKS then before the dead link.... was updated. I take it as a compliment for fraud and violation of copyrights, applauding a webmaster who is posing as a GM [who officially RESIGNED - this was the ONLY letter he wrote himself in all the time I knew him] for a non-existing CoS grotto. Fraud, dishonesty, cheating, theft, posing - how much more UNsatanic can one get. Point is, updating CAN be done quickly, apparently.


Rosa Wolf