Schlesinger Butting into Others' Business

Here is proof of Schlesinger, acting on orders from the Corporation of Satan (is he a PAID employee?), interfering with another Satanic organization being in the news. He not only goes out of his way to interfere, but he TRIES to link the people with Brian Nalls to the FCoS people only in order to then include his own smear campaign - the posts he has put all over alt.satanism against Egan.

Lucifer's Den is Lucifer's Den. It's not a FCoS thing at all. This is just more CoS shit disturbing.

This is the letter DISINFO wrote back to Schlessinger:

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Dear Rev. Schlesinger,

During the interview we taped with Magister Brian Nalls of the Lucifer's Den grotto and The Syndicate of the Five Points, Magister Nalls at no time represented himself as a member of the Church of Satan and in fact, pointedly (and respectfully) said that he was not a member. He represented only himself and the views of his organization. He was quite scrupulous about this.

His other sole reference to LaVeyian Satanism was mentioning that he read The Satanic Bible as a young boy and was greatly influenced by it.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

We would be happy to interview a member of your organization in order to present a wider view of the Satanic community.

Shemhamforash! So mote it be!

Richard Metzger

This is the letter Schlessinger wrote to disinfo, butting into their business.

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Subject: Interviews on Satanism

For your information, Disinformation may have conducted an interview with members of the "First Church of Satan" and/or the "Satanic Council" on or around October 28th of this year. These people and organizations are in no way affiliated with the Church Of Satan which was founded in 1966 by Anton LaVey. Referring to these organization as "the Church Of Satan" or presenting them in a manner which leads the public to believe they are in someway affiliated with the Church Of Satan may be in violation of of trademark laws and considered malicious obstruction of business as the Church Of Satan is a recognized corporation.

If you are interested in the Church Of Satan I suggest that you visit the official Church Of Satan website at for more information. Media contact is

For Information on the "First Church of Satan" please read the texts below.

Sincerely, Rev. André Schlesinger
Church Of Satan

This is the bullshit he included with his email to DISINFO news, despite the fact that Lucifer's Den did the interview, not Lord Egan. This is nothing but "bringing up the past" regarding Lord Egan. WHO CARES? Let me bring up the past: Blanche Barton was a born and bred member of a Christian Fundamentalist Cult called the Mormons.

"First Church of Satan" FUQ (Frequently Unanswered Questions)

Since its formation some months ago, the so-called "First Church of Satan" (FCoS), headed by John Dewey Allee (aka Lord Egan, Daimon/Daemon Egan), has come under close scrutiny regarding its intentions and organizational policies. For the most part, any and all questions submitted to this organization by prospective members, established affiliates, and those opposing it are answered with the "First Church of Satan" FAQ file. This file has in the past been erroneously titled "alt.satanism FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)" on the UseNet newsgroup alt.satanism and then reposted as a body-less reply by various FCoS members, in violation of UseNet and most ISP's terms of service. In many cases this "FAQ" seems to answer questions never actually asked while sidestepping the actual questions posed.

To further confuse matters, John Dewey Allee has insisted that many of the "answers" gathered here in the "Frequently Unanswered Questions" file below, are the result of a "smear campaign" waged by his opponents, being either edited to fit their agendas or completely fabricated. A simple search of DejaNews at will prove the authenticity of most of the messages provided below, while the rest can be obtained by FCoS elist members by searching their database at Replies and comments have been included for plain old-fashioned good measure.

This "FUQ" (pronounced... that's right, you got it!) will be updated/reformatted and posted periodically, as necessary, as Dewey continues to spread misinformation. This is currently a partial collection of data and anyone having hard information they would like to see added to the "First Church of Satan" FUQ file may do so by sending email to me at .

Hail the Citizens of the Infernal Empire!

Hail Satan!

Reverend André Schlesinger, Cyberus,
GM Maninblack Grotto/Church Of Satan/N.Y.C.

FCOS Frequently Unanswered Questions (FUQ)

what follows is a long account of irrelevent bullshit about Egan being in Wicca, however we will KEEP highly relevent passages that Schlessinger chose to quote from very old posts Egan wrote. (We can copy and paste too....)

Egan said:

You have BECOME what Anton loathsomely described; "Tittering pustules of mystic wisdom." The Satanic Bible was to serve as an initial proclamation, a "leaping off point" by the author's own admission... instead, we have the "Kennel of Satan" as Aquino used to call it, those who are locked into a tightly knit cabal-without-a-clue!

I O Pan - Good riddance and goodbye

the Daemon Egan

The lackies who can't read asked:

Q: I have heard that the John Dewey Allee (aka Lord Egan) advocates bestiality/zoophilia (sexual relations with non-human animals). Is this true?

Our Answer: No, it's not true at all, but Egan regrettably wrote up a story about some god damned security guard and his dog. He said that he was shocked speechless by what the security guard told him. And so... What the hell he even bothered to write it for is anyone's guess. Egan needs to stop giving his enemies ammunition by telling tales like this. SO WHAT if it's true. And another true story is that Lorena Bobbit cut off her husband's dick because he couldn't fuck; she was tired of having his dick in her face. Whatever.

The whole rest has been posted and reposted all over alt.satanism. It's just bullshit.

That Schlessinger chose to include this shit with his letter to DISINFO, when the FCoS was not even involved is pure harassment.