An Insider on Sir Chaos

Here is whoopie doo doo from my contact in the CoS. His/her name, of course, is DELETED for obvious, doh doh reasons. What was Sir Chasm TRYING to say?

Session Start: Thu Dec 07 20:20:45 2000 
<Commissar> what's up?
 -- snipped some convo about other things, weddings, etc. --
<Commissar> Sir Chaos, (LMAO) is still whining about. He tried to
get into satanmuse when services were down, but our bot banned him out.
<Commissar> he just can't GO AWAY and play in Andre's sandbox now
that I SHOVED him into it. 
<Commissar> The workings of Sir Chaos's mind are a real
<DELETED> I haven't seen Andre for probably half a year now.
<DELETED> "sir chaos" and "mind" ? incompatible !
<Commissar> really? wow, I wonder what happened to Andre. huh...
<Commissar> well, Chaos is shoved off the fence by us, right into
where he wanted to be.
<Commissar> So then, WHY is he bothering us? lol?
<Commissar> The cos would SUE US if one word we said in exposing
them was false. 
<Commissar> NO ONE in cos is saying a word to me or any of us.
<Commissar> so? 
<Commissar> what's his problem? 
<Commissar> we do our own thing, have our own thing. the exposing
is DONE, finished with.
<Commissar> I can't figure it out! 
<Commissar> UNLESS....we really meant a LOT to Chaos, or something
like that. Otherwise, I can't figure it out.
<DELETED> whose problem ?
<Commissar> What's your take on that?
<Commissar> Sir Chaos- what's HIS problem. He keeps bothering us.
Or trying to. 
<Commissar> read what I FOOD is ready!
<DELETED> his problem is that CoS told him to go away and die.
<DELETED> and he doesn't know where to go now.
<Commissar> The COS told him to go away and die? 
<Commissar> WHAT???
<DELETED> read what I wrote :)
<DELETED> he is banned here
<DELETED> everyone in CoS spits on him
<DELETED> he is laughed at.
<Commissar> so what if he's banned. He has his own room.
<Commissar> Is he still IN the cos? 
<DELETED> i don't think so.
<Commissar> oh gee, DO YOU HAVE LOGS????
<DELETED> that piece of shit is out.
<Commissar> Well, I imagine they say the same shit about me. 
<DELETED> no - i wount waste my HD space on such a scum.
<Commissar> What is it they think he did? 
<Commissar> We know what we think of them, and the exposing stuff
(on websites now) is well, THEIR OWN WORDS. 
<Commissar> And we despise them for it. 
<Commissar> And we HAVE gone our own way. :)
<Commissar> He's not in the cos, but he asks for COS membership
proof in his chat room???
<Commissar> Are you sure he's kicked out?
<DELETED> he is nothing to ask for anything.
<Commissar> Are you sure he's kicked out?
<DELETED> i am not even sure that he was ever in :)))
<Commissar> yes, he most definitely was a member. Absolutely.
<DELETED> he is a clay pigeon
<DELETED> there isn't a single cos member/official who does not
laugh at him
<DELETED> About you? They say nothing.
<Commissar> you're kidding! 
<DELETED> They say, they have their way - they left.
<Commissar> YOU ARE JOKING? They say NOTHING about the "awful
terrible horrorible thing" ?
<DELETED> the reaction is normal.
<DELETED> nothing "awful and terrible".
<Commissar> yes. indeed. 
<Commissar> what do they perceive about Sir Chaos that he's
laughed at and hated? 
<Commissar> OH, do tell! He's acting like COS big defender online!
Trying hard to BOTHER us. 
<DELETED> he has a reputation of a weakiling, fence straddler,
spineless universal traitor and moron.
<Commissar> LOL LOL...yup, that's him. Sit on the fence with me,
however, I shoved him off it. HARD.
<Commissar> Who thinks this about him? Schlessinger? Gilmore? WHO?
<DELETED> damn - everyone.
<Commissar> LOL...oh dear..
<Commissar> He must still be a member cause he's trying
desperately (and futily) to fuck with us, online.
<DELETED> same applies to stewart
<Commissar> He has no clue: he's fucking with Peter Gilmore's
<DELETED> what a moron.
<DELETED> he's fucking himself.
<Commissar> Who, Stewart or Chaos? 
<DELETED> chaos
<Commissar> Explain. 
<Commissar> What's your "take" on that?
<DELETED> what is necessary to explain ? No one in CoS likes the
shithead. No one takes both of them seriously. It is well-known to all
apart from these morons.
<Commissar> HA! Too much.
<DELETED> by trying to serve those who (rightfully) spit on them
and kick them
<DELETED> they make a good laugh out of themselves.
<Commissar> The tragic thing is, when we DID work with him, we did
NOT spit on him at all. 
<DELETED> a pity.
<Commissar> It seems to be the story of his life. 
<DELETED> because human shit like that deserves only that.
<DELETED> and should be sent to "showers"
<Commissar> showers, LOL LOL....oh gee...
<DELETED> i am proud to be probably the first to have a go on
these morons.
<DELETED> ages before it all happened.
<Commissar> Explain. What did you do?
<DELETED> me - told chaos to fuck off
<DELETED> blasted him off frigging net
<DELETED> told andre to ban his ass
<DELETED> mocked him down to hell etc
<DELETED> fucking weakling.
<Commissar> LOL, when did you do that? Before I was online or in
<DELETED> yes.
<Commissar> Oh dear. must have been in #coscentral back then.
<Commissar> Well, obviously, no one banned him back then or hated
him. But now? 
<DELETED> back then, Gorgos banned him.
<Commissar> so what's his problem with us, or me? Why is he trying
SOOooo hard with his reinvention of what happened?
<Commissar> we have all the damned logs and more, the emails. 
<Commissar> if one word was false, COS could sue us. 
<DELETED> his problem is that he thinks that he can achieve
anything with CoS/in CoS by sucking up. But he is wrong.
<DELETED> he is a typical case.
<DELETED> that is why i found him boring
<Commissar> gonna leave out. Catch ya later on... or another time.
Session Close: Thu Dec 07 21:36:25 2000