Do WE Wonder?

Do we at SRs ever mention Karla or wonder about her org? Do we fuss about Egan or wonder about his org? No, maybe in passing about some show, or radio program we want to see or hear, but no. But look here at the wonderings of one #satanet lamer, apparently with nothing to do but wonder about us. Oh, my gawds, they don't have a CLUE. Irrelevant chatter about Queenie's vaginal merits snipped. Dasdee, the SOP on #coscentral was present commenting to Queenie - that is also snipped. Dasdee is also an OP on #satannet. Oooo, does it mean that #coscentral owned by Les Masters and #satannet owned by Ventrue are merging? Or does that mean that Ventrue is slipping without his pet watch dog online?

Session Start: Sat Dec 23 16:32:06 2000
[16:33] *** Streicher has joined #satannet
[16:33] *** dasdee sets mode: +b *!*
[16:33] *** Streicher was kicked by dasdee (Bye Bye:))
[16:34] <IronWill> dont sweat it Scratch i just have a feeling about
things ive been around the chats for a long while so ive seen people come
and go  the reds will join up with FCoS OR with Karla
[16:35] <IronWill> you have two eyes dont you
[16:36] <IronWill> go to HR.Vads site and see who they are endorsing
since they are no longher CoS and you tell me whos hooked up with who so
its about who is in bed with who and not about sharing knowledge
Session Close: Sat Dec 23 16:42:34 2000

Poor IronWill, always clueless, always out of the loop, always looking at small matters like FSC or FCOS. Doesn't realise..... There are more Satanists in the world that know of and like the Dark doctrines, than all the Satanists in the orgs Iron Will can think of. Any of them can link to us - doesn't mean we link to them. Anyone who AGREES can join Reds.

Our POWER comes in our individual ability to get IN YOUR FACE and say what we want to say TO your face - NOT behind your back.

Now, if Iron Will wanted to ask the 3 founders of SR if they planned such a merger, he should have asked and spared himself the embarassment of "being CONCERNED about what need not concern him." Love that one. Iron Will is another "individualist" (time to laugh) that has no concept of collectives - and the power of having orgs with REAL individuals in them, and then invidual orgs that cooperate on a Council. And for the record, the Satanic Council is NOT an "FCoS" thing. It's founder officially stated this. The FCoS egroup list is wholly separate from that of the Council list.

Now that Iron Will has gotten OUR CURIOSITY up: we have to wonder what happened to his own "creative efforts" when he borrowed an essay written by another COS member, who got all his information from Dark Doctrines articles written by Tani and Phil - that is ALL his information. He merely rearranged the articles and handed them in to his professor and got an A on it. This was given to Iron Will for a website that never materialised; poor boy lost it all. Now, when we get curious, we get IN YOUR FACE.

And: TO your face. HrVad has few links beyond Danish ones. Egan links to any org except Corporation of Satan ones; he even links to TOS.

Poor IronWill. He should have asked one of us instead of PLACING BETS.