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This email exchange illustrates how the CoS asks people to resign over personal disagreements. The text is a reply from Kaiden Fox to an email from Peter Gilmore.

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Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 22:01:59 -0500
Subject: Fw: "Tani Clique"
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Ok, here's what I wrote him. I didn't clip any of his original text. It wasn't until I started writing this that I realized the truth. He IS an Enemy of everything I believe the Church of Satan stands for.

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Subject: Re: "Tani Clique"

Peter said: Your above note consists of "unasked-for opinion" (you are familiar with "Satanic Rule of the Earth #1?) and is thus irrelevant.

NOTE: the above "unasked-for opinion" evidently did not apply when Peter Gilmore himself had to subject himself to criticizing Timothy Stewart's project, which was the original reason for the email exhange between Kaiden Fox and Peter Gilmore.

Kaiden replied:Then here is a statement of fact. Before Tani Jantsang was a Magistra in the Church of Satan, it was only the enemies of the Church of Satan who accused all who agreed with her of being part of a clique. This has not changed.

But, I suppose it's better to be part of the Tani clique then the Ygraine clique.

Peter said: "If people have substantial disagreements with LaVey's work, or wish to promote something else as the basis for Satanism, like the "dark doctrines," then they should not be members and should tender their resignations immediately."

Kaiden replied: I have no argument with Anton LaVey. He saw everything that Tani Jantsang wrote about himself or the Church of Satan, and approved it before it was published.

He also said that there would be never be an official Church of Satan website. Seeing as my opinion is unnessesary and unwanted, I won't tell you my opinion. I will simply state a fact.


Peter said: When can we expect to see your letter of resignation (use the San Diego PO Box)?

Kaiden replied: Not worth the stamp.

Peter signs off: PHG

Kaiden signs off: KF