Ole Wolf Tells Peter Gilmore Off

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Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 16:22:02 +0200
Subject: What I told Peter Gilmore


This is what I told Peter Gilmore. He crossed the line by a mile.



I think I need to bring this to your attention. Someone is using your name and title, and even claiming to speak on behalf of the entire CO9. Kaiden apparently thinks it was you that wrote the email, but think of it:

You've gone to pains to explain to me and others that what happens on-line is not in any way relevant to Satanism. Obviously this means that the MORON that wrote Stewart and told him off on behalf of the CO9 and signed with your name, also telling Stewart blatant lies, cannot be you. Here are some examples, I won't cover all of the bullshit he said:

The person states that no members of the CoS want to make it a fascist organization. I believe Tani has already shown you that Nagy has said that he wanted that, i.e., it cannot be you who wrote it because you know better.

The person explains how the Satanist uses the symbols of fascism to influence the herd. This means this person MIGHT be a politician who REALLY knows how to manipulate people's minds and effect changes in the world, but considering who he took the time to write this to (Stewart), he's probably just some obscure person that believes that manipulating a few people is going to bring about any changes. What the fuck ARE those people in the CoS who seek comfort in delusions of grandeur, believing they have ANY influence outside of their narrow perception of what the world is? A person that believes that manipulating a few people inside of the CoS means anything is someone that doesn't have what it takes to REALLY LEAD anyone, and compensates by having a few people look up to him, that is, he's a wanna-be cult leader. If someone wants to manipulate the masses, the person doesn't try and "shock" them but speaks of what they want to hear. It does NOT mean to turn them off or use unpopular methods or make targets out of oneself. Sheesh. While the vocal fascistoids in the CoS bullshit about power games and manipulating the herd, the OBVIOUS is INVISIBLE to them. Instead of manipulating the herd (which they believe they do, or more likely, which they believe they're capable of doing, they "just haven't started yet,"... and they don't realize they never will), THEY are being manipulated by people such as Pat Robertson whose politics they try to pass on to anyone they bump into, never seeing they are the very herd they believe they don't belong to.

The person writes:

"The Church of Satan has never required anything of its members except that they hold the writings of Anton LaVey as their basis for membership in this organization. Members are free to build their own personal viewpoints on this foundation. If people have substantial disagreements with LaVey's work, or wish to promote something else as the basis for Satanism, like the 'dark doctrines,' then they should not be members and should tender their resignations immediately."

Since you know you asked Tani and Phil to sever the ToS from the CoS and defend LaVey's use of the Dark Force in Nature, obivously you wouldn't afterwards switch sides to the ToS. Also, you're well aware what LaVey said about Tani's and Phil's work. Nonetheless, this person is trying to make it look like you switched sides.

You have even yourself stated that the essentials of Satanism are embedded in what some call the dark doctrines. Yet, this person is very specific in stating that anyone making a faction (his words) about the "dark doctrines"--complete with quotes designed to protect the writer against his own words--should leave the CoS. Those dark doctrines also encompass what Blanche wrote in a Hoof or Flame article form the roots of Satanism. The moron that wrote Stewart is trying to REMOVE the very ROOTS from the COS. He is seeking to undo what Blanche recognized and acknowledged. WHY? IF he knew what you have shown that YOU knew, did he FORGET, like Julia and Rocio and Ygraine and Jacqueline and whoever else in that clique that suddenly began to suffer selective amnesia? Maybe.

I suppose this person would also tell Blanche to shove what she said about experimenting with the chakras up her ass. And she should make a public excuse to the Wiccans and other occultnicks who, to paraphrase Blanche, "took our tradidition which it's about time we take back," because since they never had anything to take from us, they cannot possibly have taken it. According to the person that wrote Stewart, that is. Without the historical tradition the Wiccans owe the CoS nothing. Wicca was public before LaVey was. Gardner, etc. That there was a pagan and goddess tradition is an historical fact. It is what they say about it versus what the Satanic Doctrines (printed) prove about it, that enables CoS to say that Wiccans owe them something, nothing else. Michelet tells the tale well (he was a Mason, what he wrote is another thing almost like code). He KNOWS.

Without the history, shown in Satanic Doctrines (not the Dark Doctrines which are different), the Wiccans owe the CoS absolutely nothing. The CoS has NO historical roots at all and is in truth, Catholicism, mass and all, turned upside down. LaVey read everything on Vad's site, he wrote that Tani and Phil had a firm understanding of HIS philosophy.

The person goes on and on explaining how fascism designates the "aristocracy" who are people that others "want to" follow. This person apparently has or wants a bunch of people desiring to be serfs around him, a person that--lacking tangible successes--revels in the google-eyed admiration he gets from the ones that love the feeling of being serfs. The person may be envious, jealous on Tani because he feels she's taking people away from him that could have been his followers. (He CLEARLY doesn't realize that these people follow no-one.) He's what my dad called a "privet fascist," see definition in my _Family Values_ essay, i.e., not necessarily someone that considers himself a fascist but who is a nobody that believes he's somebody if only he acquires the same trinkets as those who ARE somebody, and if he has someone gawk in admiration at him.

Check out what I once told Phil Marfuta about his theories on being "Úlite." (You remember Phil Marfuta, the one that didn't do all that well at university and nonetheless wanted to teach one that EFFORTLESSLY ACED university about how to succeed, ha ha ha...) You can talk all you want about the Úlite while you're young and have yet to prove yourself. You can talk all you want about competition until you're out there in industry. You can talk about herd mentality 'till the cows come home yet not realize you're one of them, that you're the lab mouse telling another lab mouse it has trained the professor to give it cheese when it jumps through the hoop. Then you hit mid-life crisis and you've gotten nowhere, and that's when the Devil begins to demand his due; more powerful delusions are necessary lest you realize you failed on every account throughout your life (make that without the 'f,' please). My own sister went through that, and NOW she says she wish she'd listened to me and saved her the years wasted fighting for the nothing that her international TOP position turned out to be. She's resigned, doesn't give a fuck about it anymore. The most powerful people in my childhood town walked in and out of my parent's house, Masons all of them. None of them ever said anything about might being right, and none of us CARED about that Úlitism shit. It's the wanna-be Úlite that thinks it's so great and wants so badly to be Úlite. I've no idea what my IQ is, didn't even ask for the result when the draft board dropped their jaws on the table because of the results ten years ago. Do you have ANY IDEA what it's like being so good you're overqualified in your job? It SUCKS, Peter, because you get BORED there. This is what I told Marfuta.

The person continues with:

"However, one thing I see in common amongst many of the responders to your letter, is that they usually do identify themselves as a self-proclaimed 'faction' who center themselves on the ideas of Tani Jantsang, not those of Anton LaVey. Even if this is not admitted, any casual observer of the writings of these people makes this very clear. And, from their recent activities in chat rooms and on Usenet, it is abundantly apparent that this clique is set on making the Church of Satan a 'one true way' organization based on their interpretations of issues of sociology, politics, and biology."

Apparently this person is very strongly against the findings of science, unlike you who told me in an email that I should focus more on exploring science. Also, it's evident that this person is talking about me, among others, since they always believe we're FOLLOWERS of Tani. You're (hopefully) well aware that MY view is that I want the CoS to be SATANIC, not a group of Christians in dark clothes, and you also know what mind-set considers people who agree to be followers, unable to realize that two people can come to the same conclusions independently. You've said that chat rooms are in no way significant, so the above is clearly bullshit that he's passing as if they were your statements.

His suggestion that these people should resign is rather at odds with the fact that LaVey made Tani and Phil Magistrates.

He also shows a very strong interest in the same rules of conduct that Michael Aquino LOVED back in the 1970's. Maybe it is a ToS member.

Evidently the person showed his email to Ygraine, who wasn't even involved in Stewart's project. Then why did she receive a copy of the email? Evidently he considered her relevant, that is, he KNOWS she belongs to either the fascist faction or those that oppose it. Even if the faction denies its existence, it betrays its existence through both ACTIONS and NON-ACTIONS. It stays silent on certain topics and vocal on certain other topics. There would have been NO ATTACK on a "project one" about SOCIALISM, for example.

Who wrote it? It's most likely a CoS member, probably someone that didn't dare to creep out from under the rock he was hiding under while LaVey was alive but NOW desires to brake the wheels LaVey set in motion. Someone that reverted to what he really is, which everyone does eventually. EVERYONE. William Gidney? Not cunning enough, and besides, Ms. Blabbermouth (Ygraine) would have spilled it already anyway. Jeff Nagy? Not skilled enough to write, let alone mimic anyone's writing style.

Whoever wrote that email to Stewart is YOUR enemy, Peter, not anyone else's. I hope you win the fight and utterly destroy every trace of him, everything he ever touched, breathed, felt, and thought, ALL of him, THROW him in Ophion's embrace to perish in substitute existence.

Yeah, I know it was you that wrote that fucked up crap to Stewart. YOU are doing EXACTLY what SCRATCH and the other SETIANS did five years ago, you even use the same words as they did. What the fuck is wrong with you? It was totally evident you were going straight down the tunnel already when I went after you during the Panther business. You TRUSTED those shits and even told me to calm down when it was RAMPANTLY EVIDENT to anyone not emotionally retarded what those mother fuckers were, even Lestat Ventrue saw it. Don't bother squirming or playing aggressive against me like you did last time, Peter, because there's NO POINT trying. I let it slide last time, hoping that although you didn't want to admit it, at least you'd have grasped how royally you fucked up with those two. You want factions out of the CoS? Then tell the fascist faction to resign, since they're the one forming factions, insisting that fascism is THE True Way of Satanism. You know who they are, too, you put them on Bcc in your email to Stewart. Don't you fucking try to insinuate that those of us who agree on the dark doctrines, that WE are the ones creating a faction. Get your facts straight. I HOPE Tani and Phil will CONTINUE TO HELP YOU ferret out the ToS influence from the CoS if you revert to playing their game. It's HELPING YOU DIE in my father's words, to COOPERATE with you, GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT till you beg for MERCY on your fucking knees. Then MAYBE you will see who you're up against, and it's not some dark doctrine faction although that's what you believe today.

That's rich, a group of vocal fascists can say what they want, including what they want against us, but as soon as we speak up against them, we're told to shut up. OH, I get it. It's "just on-line banter with no significance" when they speak, but if WE speak, it's VERY BAD, then? Then it's not just on-line business but something that gets commented on behalf of the CO9. Does Blanche know you wrote that, or did you just give her a half-assed, watered-down summary with a subset of selected factoids on the phone? Yeah, it's okay to attack socialism but not okay to attack fascism. It's okay to be rude against anyone but not to be nice to non-CoS people. It's okay to promulgate pseudo-science, but not to point out when science contradicts fascist ethics. It's okay to start a fascist faction, but if a handful of people agree on the dark doctrines you ask them to resign from the CoS. It's okay for CoS members to launch repeated and direct attacks on certain people (like Tani), but not to call Peggy--horrors of crime--fat. CoS members can promulgate undefiled ToS doctrine in CoS clothing, but we're not allowed to defend what LaVey called the roots of Satanism. You can tell Stewart anything you like, but if any of us say something of the contrary, you refer to the Satanic Rule of the Earth (Satanists DON'T NEED rules in case you forgot) no. 1, 2, or 8. Do you see anything wrong in this picture? (And don't you fucking pretend you don't KNOW this or that we don't SEE this.)

"Ladies and Gentlemen" behavior, my ass. Schlesinger has been behaving like anything but a gentleman towards other CoS members. John Davis didn't put on the white gloves when he blew his brains out in front of the bitch he married. Ventrue's whining when anyone makes a Web site or starts a chat room is that of a spoilt child. Ygraine's remarks to Tani were not only not called for but absolutly un-ladylike. Jacqueline's shit-disturbing in Vad's chatroom doesn't fit that of a noblewoman either. Your behavior towards us is that of a sniping, backstabbing, two-faced liar, not that of a gentleman. If you want to please LaVey's wanting a "laides and gentlemen" attitude, you better adjust your attitudes before complaining about the way we REPLY to you and your serfs. So shut your fucking mouth before more of you puke drools out.

You said that what happens on-line is just an insignificant, small part of world-wide Satanism. FINE. Then follow your own advice about not bitching about something you don't need to look at. Oh, but Stewart's page was something you NEEDED to subject yourself to, and HAD TO comment on. Yeah, right. Like you didn't WANT TO. Uh-huh. You see, Peter, if you have a problem with the CoS members voicing their opinions, you are as free to resign as anyone else. If a fascist faction takes its bullshit on-line, the fascist faction has violated the dictum of bothering no-one in open territory already. In fact, when we counter-attack, we do nothing that isn't REQUIRED BY RULES of CoS conduct. And yet, you have the nerve to say WE are the ones behaving against the CoS, and use your CO9 membership to emphasize it. It is an appropriate pun that the principle of corporate employees rising to their level of incompetence is known as the PETER principle.

Better say it straight out, Peter, because that's what I hear anyway, no matter what amount of manipulation, threat, coercion, or whatever else you dream up: you want the fascist faction to speak up and if we speak up, they'll be shown to be the cruxtoids they are. This has nothing to do with not following rules, although you surely will try and find any excuse (or threats of excommunication) to make us shut up when we disagree with what they say.

Contrary to what you told Kaiden, Tani hasn't changed, and neither has Vad, Kaiden, Casey, me, nor whoever else you consider the clique (c'mon Peter, do use the word "gang" that the Setians used, it's much prettier and makes your thinking much more evident). None of us changed. It looks like we've changed through YOUR EYES, though. That's because what you see is determined by what you are, and if a person changes and doesn't know the first thing about his SELF, he will see it AS IF other are changing. You're using Tani et. al. as coat-hangers for the clothes you don't want to wear. You're flaunting your solipsism in front of everyone and even suggest to Kaiden he resign from the CoS because of it. He's not the one that changed (save for more self-confidence as he got his life back on track, but that's a long time ago now), neither did any of us. KEEP your goddamned ego in your OWN drawer, we don't fit your clothes. My God, you know NOTHING about us after all these years if you think we've changed.

REAL changes are observable, measurable. Take Julia, for example. All of a sudden, she was unable to remember what she knew and was unable to pay attention to simple chains of events. Rocio changed from someone with real interests into someone with a hang-up on her ethnical background and sexuality. Etc. These people went through objectively measurable changes. We didn't, Peter. Nevertheless, TO YOU it looks like we changed, because you, too, forgot what you once knew as you threw the baby out and kept the dirty bath water.

Enough is enough. You pissed me off this time. Do you really think you can lie to any of us? Hello? Earth calling Peter... You're talking to people of NON-Christian background here, everyone of us moreso than you. You're talking to people that have no difficulty accepting that there's no discontinuity between on-line and off-line behavior, parents and children and that what our families were for generations is what WE are, too, and that this goes for children of Christian parents, too. You see, you're finally showing your true colors now that LaVey is dead, and you're now going against what also Blanche Barton realized. Does she know? Has she revoked her statements of recovering what the Wiccans "took from us," has she revoked her statements of experimenting with the chakras, has she rekoved Anton LaVey's referring to Tani's and Phil's treatises as the ROOTS of Satanism?

Wiccans are generally easy-going people here in Denmark, as are pagans. The reason they don't like the 'S' word isn't because of fear but because they look at the CoS as nothing but a kinky sex club. Their reaction against someone who claims to be a CoS member is high suspicion. To them a CoS membership card is a fucking warning label against incompetent personnel with high delusions of themselves. One of them recently said straight out she was SHOCKED at the friendliness, openness, non-prejudice, and hospitality that characterizes my friends and me here, and needed to revise her view on the CoS because evidently there were SOME people in the CoS that weren't pure assholes. And you think ANY of US are forcing them to behave in a particular way or try to make them agree with the dark doctrines? Think again.

You see, Peter, it may fit your agenda very well to try and make everyone believe they must obey your every word and command. Problem is, WHO BENEFITS? I sure as Hell don't, not in the least. In fact, you're telling me to shut up and accept a clique of Cruxtoids renaming their brand of Christianity to Satanism while you silently condone their attacking US. What do you take me for, a moron or what? (Clue in case you don't know the answer: I knew what the Panthers were while you trusted them.)

Sure Rice and Moynihan and whoever only employ the fascist symbols for herding purposes. Sure they'd never think of being fascists for real. Sure. Like other people than you don't know what they are in private. Like some haven't seen them face to face or know a thing or two about them. And sure the previously picked on, fragile Brian Warner doesn't feel just a tiny bit bullied and that the trash he appeals to is rooted within him. Sure he doesn't. Who has the most influence, The Corrs or Marilyn Manson? (I'll give you another clue: it ain't Manson. Corrs' "Breathless" world-wide hit says more about the ecstatic feeling than Manson ever knew. And their lines in another international hit "with a full glass and an empty heart / I search for something to occupy my mind" says more about the akathartic state of being than any Satanic band has ever intellectualized.) The Corrs doesn't walk around talking about the 'S' word. They are MUCH MORE successful in their appeal to the herd than anyone using the 'S' word ever was.

We act "chaotically" with NO MASTER. You have a problem with us in that we're not TOOLS. We're BEYOND your Control. All you manage to do with your silent support of the fascist faction and open obstruction of those that speak up against them, is to LOSE RESPECT and LOSE the LAST INCH of trust any of us might have had in you. You gain an army of nothingness and get REJECTED by those who ARE SOMETHING REAL.

What is it with you? Like all the rest of them, you've become stupid. You told me (whose degree is Master of SCIENCE) to stick to science and didn't realize that what was right in front of your face WAS JUST THAT. Did you forget about Damasio, Axelrod, Lewontin? Did you forget that the Tree of Life is what science is rediscovering, that the dark doctrines ARE SCIENCE in "code language?" Who the Hell do you think you are telling Stewart off or telling me to stick to science for that matter? HOW DARE YOU declare what's right and wrong in science TO SCIENTISTS? THAT, I assure you, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE. You're a person with a title in an organization so obscure most people never even heard of it, an organization with no production and goal, no money, and you now denying the little historical justification it has. You have NO tangible authority to tell ANYONE ANYTHING, and *ESPECIALLY* not to curb their desire to learn.

You've been behaving exactly like what Wilhelm Reich called a "little man," the replacable person that can only HOPE TO BE considered creative when he makes contributions to those that TRULY ARE creative; he is intellectually gifted and emotionally stupid. You're like the one whose only worth he feels is the "thank you" he receives from those that HAVE worth, inwardly, the crumbs falling from the tables of the living. The one who dreams up the rest. The one who wants authoritarianism, dictatorship, CONTROL over others, not accepting what he considers the chaotic behavior of spontaneous, free people, the guy who wants control over that which makes them so god-damned happy that he cannot be that himself. You behave like you LOST your ability to create, or didn't truly have it before.

I showed a friend of mine, an Ophite Jew (no, not Jeff Gerber), what you had written. She just looked at me and asked if this guy (you) was stupid or just didn't know who he wrote this to. Then she asked me if you have any children. When I told her that no, this particular advocate of eugenics doesn't have children, she said (paraphrased): "Well, he should get some. It would make him SOMEONE, and it might direct his mind back to reality." That's IT, Peter. In raising a child, it is a relief to me to know I cannot control her every thought and move. She does all the things she should not do--she pulls the power cord out of the computer, pokes her fingers through the loudspeaker membranes, breaks fragile things she should be unable to reach, eats the paychecks, and endangers herself with hazardous material. She has a life on her own, outside of my control, BECAUSE she is outside my control, and for the love of life, I would never want to take that away from her. You don't know what this is like.

Your behavior creates Egans. He and the FCoS exists only because of you. He created it as retaliation against you and now makes trouble for the CoS (and cut the bullshit already, Peter, Blanche had to get a lawyer involved, which means Egan is NOT just someone you ignore). BECAUSE OF YOU, Peter. YOU are responsible for the existence of Egan, not anyone else, not even Egan. He is your child, your ONLY child, your REAL creation. He's what you nurture with your behavior.

That's it. The fascists ARE a faction with a one-true-way behavior bugging and harrassing others, doing EVERYTHING you accuse us of. Who threw the first, second, third, fourth stones? Not us. By every argument you gave Stewart, you tell the fascist faction to resign. As for yourself, CUT the bullshit. And next time you dress up for "Das Tierdrama," dress up like a WEASEL.