Morena Faust
about the Satan2000 Web Site

This letter Morena writes to Tani. Morena and Audey Morgan has the satan2000 website. Ventrue start trouble. Audey Morgan fight back. Peggy gets involved on Ventrue side. Audey go after Peggy and out bid her on eBay. Peggy thinks this is big deal in real world. Peggy does not have broken knee caps so it's no big deal. eBay is auction so anyone can outbid. She is now dictating who can buy things on eBay? Peggy and Peter are making real enemies. Eventually someone going to do something to them. Is only matter of time.


Thank you for letting me in on this.

I am much saddened by the turn of events. It appears hopeless, if Blanche is taking such a position.

I am sorry that you are in the middle of all of it. I admire your tenacity, and your fearlessness. It is too bad that Blanche is blind to what is going on, and listens only to the NY clique'.

Rev Boe & I were trying to resurrect his publication, "The Raging Sea". He spoke with P&P about it. He was told that I am on their shit list still, because of the eBay thing that Audy did, and Peter said it was an out-right LIE that we sent her the bra. Well, I don't lie. I sent it. Now, if she didn't get it, that is another story. But I can prove that I paid for it. It was salmon colored, size 44D if I remember correctly. You can ask Rev Boe - I am NOT that size, and I do not wear a bra at all.

Rev Boe 'suggested' that I apologize to P&P, just to make life easier for HIM to be in touch with me, and not incur the wrath of P&P. I asked, "What about the public apology we BOTH made?". He told me that they want a private apology. I have batted it back and forth in my head for about a month, and cannot bring myself to HONESTLY do what he wants me to do - besides the fact, that I think it would NOT solve any problems. If Blanche will not even acknowledge a gift YOU sent her, how in the hell do I expect P&P to acknowledge any attempt at reconciliation I might make? I am only a peon, you are a Mag.

Rev Boe said that he has permission to interview Blanche for The Raging Sea, (when he can afford to come back to California) and that I can go with him to film it, or photograph it. (My daughter is a professional photo-journalist & I started her down that path). Unfortunately I have to 'make peace' with P&P before that can happen. I really don't know how, or even if it is possible to do so, at this late date.

Again, I did not do anything. My mate did, after being thoroughly insulted & disgusted by the NY crowd.

Oh well, I have a lot more work to do. Every day, we get more & more orders. I think I may have some time this weekend to design some of my Satanic Witch line of jewelry that I have been 'composing' in my mind, and be a little creative. I will try to catch up with you in #satanmuse this weekend.

Oh, by the way, I think that Peggy's real name is Margaret. I 'picked up' an old copy of some 'zine she did, back in the 80's and it says, "Make checks payable to: Margaret Nadramia." So she must have had some ID or a bank account with that name on it. I doubt that her real last name is Nadramia, but I can't figure out what Nadramia means, or where it comes from. I know she works for UPS in New York.

We are getting ready for our Renaissance Faire, the first weekend in Oct. We are also gearing up for xmess sales, and putting new products up on the gay web site. The internet has been very kind to me. Audy bought me a new, sparkly blue Mercedes Diesel Turbo sedan on Sept. 13th. I thought it was a bit much, but after driving it to the coast, I love it. Next, he gets a Rolls - an old one of course. They are the best. (But we have to clean out the garage so he has a place to put it safely).

Will send you pictures of the car flying baphomet car flags, just like the Arabs do - or the Nazis for that matter! :-) (that was supposed to be sarcasm)

I wish I could have seen what Blanche (supposedly Blance?) sent you. I am sure it was by snail mail, so that you COULD NOT send it to all of us. I really DID respect her, but it is starting to slip a notch. Hope what you sent her gets to her, and that she 'digests' it.

With all due respect,


As it stands, Boe never contacted her and proved to be an obeying little puppet. Imagine them demanding such things! Unbelievable. People should DEMAND their $100 bucks back. Oh, it's been done! Morena and Audey are the satan2000 people, they love LaVey and the Addams Family type old style outrageous LaVayen Satanism, with the 9 statements as a good foundation - they are good statements.