Vad Is Expelled from the CoS

Hi All,

I'm sending this letter to inform you that I am no longer a member of the CoS. Blanche Barton has revoked the title Anton Szandor LaVey granted me back in the late nineties.

Enclosed are three files. Two Word files (copies of letters to Blanche) and a scanned image of her excommunication letter.

The short version is that I ask many questions in my letters, among them questions like "if you want the CoS to be a cult-like organization with fascism and Al Bundies for Priest, please kick me out" and "If you really mean that the CoS membership must consider clergy members as their bosses while worshipping LaVey's writings like scripture, please count me out". Obviously, Blanche was able to confirm every fear I had about what the CoS have become, hence her letter of excommunication.

Basically, I do not have many disagreements with what Anton LaVey wrote, or the way he lived his life. Some of his writings dealt with Satanism, some with fun and his personal tastes. I doubt he wanted it to become "scripture" in the hands of zealous followers.

I have, however, issues with the _fascist leadership_ of the organization called the _Church of Satan_. And as an extension of that: with the way the leaders practise Satanism. In the view of the last 6 months this break seems inevitable: the CoS no longer represent Satanism and it is not an organization that follows in the footsteps on the Left Hand Path tradition. The CoS, today, has no tradition and no history beyond the Personality Cult of Anton LaVey that it has become.

I apologize if my site has given the impression that the Dark Doctrines (The Left Hand Path tradition) has anything to do with the CoS. They have not. The CoS and its Satanism has no history beyond what Anton LaVey wrote, they are part of NO tradition before 1966.

I will make some additional information available on my homepage during the next week or so. Please contact me if you have any questions this.


Hr. Vad

PS: You are welcome to pass this letter around.