A CoS Old Timer's Comments

From an OLD OLD timer - names withheld.

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Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 06:44:49 EDT
Subject: Re: Some Analysis -- Albeit Brief
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One of the biggest beefs I've had with the CoS is all the nutjobs that have been joining since about '85 -- perhaps a little earlier too. I told my fiancee at the time that Blanche (her friend) reminded me of some wierd neighbors I had when I was a kid. Most of the CoS newbies at that time were either LaVey clones (shaved head, goatee) or inversion types. They all had one thing in common: They reminded me of my neighbors who were Fundamentalist Christians. Instead of "Jesus told me to do this" or "God has blessed me with that" it was "Anton told me to do this" or "Anton showed me that."

I knew you were for 'real' when you wrote to me about LaVey's reaction to your scathing analysis of why he liked "pale blondes." Some 80's people in his circle were sycophants and assorted ass kissers which he toyed with for his own amusement. When he was confronted with your honesty (no matter what the cost) you gained something he rarely gave: genuine respect.

It seems to me that the current CoS cannot see the advantage of attaining some legitimacy by the work you and Phil have done. LaVey obviously valued your work, but these people are just riding on his coattails and not adding anything of value. They are doing exactly what they accuse Egan of doing. Really, I could care less what happens to the CoS, ToS, FCoS or any other of the orgs. I'm fortunate that I can write to someone like you and a few others that have a good grip on reality.

This I didn't know either, but suspected: Peter's own email being outed proving that Egan was on the money with that "storm trooper" idea; and it proves that Peter is a bald faced liar.

The only dealings I've had with Andre was when he got pissed when I suggested that if the CoS had a beef with Egan they should run a NCIC on him and use the info. He didn't know what this was until I told him. Either he was a little embarassed that he didn't know what NCIC was or felt that I compromised his "security" in some way. Who knows? Any half witted detective would know what NCIC is.

The whole 'serf' and 'boss' thing pisses me off too. The last thing I'm gonna do is kowtow to some bonehead I don't respect no matter what their position. I don't understand people who act like peons.