Regarding Sir Chaos

Subject: More memories for Sir Disorder
From: "Corax" <>
Date: 2000/11/19
Newsgroups: alt.satanism

Who is Sir Chaos? Wolf asked me that several months ago when he had just begun to talk with Tani and the others, because he knows I've talked a lot with ppl in #coscentral when it was Ventrue's room. He only asks this question when Tani talks with ppl he doesn't trust. He asked me who Sir Chaos was because he wondered why Tani bothered to talk to that nobody and hoped he wouldn't get dragged into it. Since it looks like Wolf HAS been dragged into this, I want to say what I know.

I told him this: the only thing I KNOW about him is all the times I saw him try to enter coscentral/satannet. And everyone that ever visited those channels knows that. I think he got kicked more than once a day, everyday, for a year. He had made himself a pest in the room, and had become an enemy of Schlesinger and Lestat. He went there again and again, trying to enter the room when the service was down. He did that with theCoscentral/satannet room back then. It was no surprise to see him try to enter #satanmuse even when he knows he is banned. Same thing, different channel.

He has used less time bothering Tani than he used to bother Schlessinger and Lestat. He will keep on doing it until he find someone new he thinks is even more "evil."

Now Chaos tries to make up with his original enemies by attacking new enemies, pretending to play some game like the art of war, when everyone that saw his empty posturing considered him the master of the art of BORE.

Some months ago another user at #coscental asked me who the hell Sir Chaos was. He asked because Sir Chaos had been in the room and totally of the blue told about "how he was helping Tani," feeling oh so important and proven.

In the same way as Stewart's writing reminds me of how my fucked up ex wrote, Chaos' behavior reminds me of that guy. He was insincere to the core, he seemed as if weaving the image of a web of lies that anyone who dealt with him would fall into, and this web whirled around and was sucked down his throat, as if he wanted to swallow the spark of life in every living creature he met. That's who Chaos reminds me of, a person that no sane girl would want to stay with.

For a while I was living with that person, and was also loyal to the #coscentral ppl, because I was already sucked into that web of lies. #coscentral was a place where ppl would try to get innocent ppl to join the COS and to send in their personal info when they knew they would be kicked out immediately. I did this to some ppl as well, and it was awful. I did this because I thought this was what the COS wanted and others did it too. This is what the lies spun by Chaos' type does to a person, they make you do nasty things like that, all in the name of "us" vs. "them." Ppl were always trying to get personal info on others. When Schlesinger was after me, the officials told me that it was okay for Schlessinger to publicly trash me with no reason, because chatrooms had nothing to do with anything, and Schlessinger as a private person was just "having fun". Not related to CoS at all. But when others trashed Schlessinger and Lestat online they would be warned or thrown out of COS, Wolf was thrown out because of this and so was Margolin. So it the suck ups can do it and the true individuals cannot when they're attacked first. Sir Chaos is a suck up who can start more shit on alt.satanism when most others had stopped, and that's allowed.

Sir Chaos is a nobody in the real world who tries to be somebody in the chatrooms. This can be seen when he complained about his job on alt.satanism, compared to when Wolf just quit and found a better job when his boss wanted him to do the orders which Sir Chaos just followed and complained about online.

There you have Sir Chaos. Sir Chaos had to keep posting when almost everyone else had stopped bothering, even the Gidneys. He wanted to continue the shit-disturbing. He is a troublemaker, who attacks one party for a while, then finally when the party ignores him he finds another party to attack. He will never stop, his nature is to have someone to hate, to fight with, to attack, to use to stir up trouble. This is the kind of chaos he is, not in any magical sense but in the form of shit-disturbing, filthy disorder.