The Amsterdam Whore House

To: <>
From: "Aragorn" <>
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 12:45:19 +0100
Subject: Re: [satanicreds] Digest Number 26

> The Amsterdam "Satanic Club" was a whore house with not all the hookers being voluntary. DID YOU KNOW THIS? Vad and
> Ole ran into some of these people who HATED the cos and told them what happened to them back then. But then they saw the
>Dark Tradition stuff and figured "oh, maybe cos changed?" No, it didn't; not in spirit.

So... finally other people seem to know... though these facts are STILL pathetically DENIED by a lot of the former "members" of Maarten Joost Lamers' brothel-church. The so-called Amsterdam "Kerk van Satan" in the red light district was nothing but a whore-house with some occultnic elements added [very clever btw, it SOLD] and some tricks to try and avoid tax-payments. Like the hilarious renting of an empty glass - they paid for the drinking glass and got their drinks "for free" - hence it was no bar and no taxes needed to be paid. I have some document of the court games that have been played by some of Lamers' hookers who were on social wellfare AND made a nice living being a "satanic prostitue".

Many fell for Lamers' occult games - the black masses, the "rituals" , the nuns playing with bananas on stage and the feeling of being ah so very special being allowed to follow studies in the "church". Over the years I've run into ex-members of the Kerk van Satan and it appears to me that most of them are quite insane and need heavy medication, if they're not on it yet. He attracted the instable, the wannabe's. the paranoids, the psychotics. AND THEY NEVER GOT OVER IT. It's been over ten years now and they are still trying to get it back. And never say anything negative about their god MJ Lamers for they get instantially mad. EVEN when Lamers himself openly declared [in a Playboy interview and last year in the Dutch "male's magazine" Panorama] that his "Kerk van Satan" had been a joke gone way out of hand - that his motives were mainly to make money [and he did - he owns a castle in France now, after doing his time in jail for fraud]

I have always been amazed about the approval of LaVey for the kerk van Satan as a big spearhed for the Church of Satan. It was not.

Rosa Wolf
the Netherlands