Shane Margolin's Explanation

Here is Shane Margolin's explanation of why he was thrown out of the CoS.

This is what really happened:

This should prove rather interesting and insightful to my relationship or rather exrelationship with CoS. I did not join them for quite awhile even after the very nice letter from Ms. Bauer. Then online I found their website and loved what they wrote about individual freedom etc. Everything was fine when I was not in contact with their active members. Then after getting into irc I found the infamous #coscentral (currently #satannet) and its grand host Rev.Shitforbrains. I made him my personal hobby. Yes, we battled back and forth and I think he even has to admit we had fun. I quit the Fcos about this same time for my own reasons, basically their ethics were intollerable. I did continue to attempt to make Rev. Shitforbrains a better person but to no avail. Then one day I opened my mail box and found the expulsion letter you all can see now. All the charges are false except one. Yes I picked on Rev. Shitforbrains gee go figure; I'm a Satanist not a whinney lil bitch that goes screaming to his masters that, the big bad mad poet hurt his feelings and made him look like the fool he is in front of possible new CoS members. Well thats the just of it folks. In ending since I could not find the religion I was looking for, I made it.


Rev. Michael Shane Margolin