Peter Gilmore's Storm Troopers

Here is Peter's email virtually saying "come to us for the dirt, we know all about these people, then YOU can go out and flame them." Also is Ole's letter to Egan.

From: "hpoelzig" 
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 16:51:52 +0200
Subject: Attack/Counter-Attack?

To our gang of regular alt.satanism posters:

I've noted a disappointing trend of late, and was curious as to why it has arisen. Aside from the usual attacks on our organization/philosophy, our detractors seem to delight in ad hominem attacks on the acknowledged leaders of the Church of Satan.

This is nothing new, but they have been increasing in frequency. Anton LaVey naturally gets the bulk of them (as founder and long-term leader), but we have seen a spate of attacks on our High Priestess Blanche Barton,

Online Representative (and frequent defender of our supportive members when they are attacked) Magistra Peggy Nadramia, Magister Boyd Rice, and also myself.

Since neither Peggy nor I assiduously keep up with this forum for spewage, we don't follow these snipes directly, but many of you do forward them to us. What we don't then see are forwards of your responses to these shabby posts. When we go to look, we often don't see many responses, if any, while the peanut gallery chimes in with a litany of abuse that largely goes unanswered.

If the forwards are meant for us to compile a list of creeps who, if members, will be eventually terminated--we understand. But it appears to me that, when these comments go without response, it looks like there is some kind of tacit approval by all of you, who are clearly seen as voices and thus representatives of the Church of Satan (and several on the list of folk getting this are in the Priesthood, and a number of others may yet achieve official public spokesperson status).

To be specific: Recently we have seen "Raw Scent" (aka Audey Morgan, "Cameobuyer," "Belphagor," etc.--overweight homosexual and eBay shill-bidder), YRabishu (no info), and David Cromwell (a wannabee writer who sent a crappy article to TBF and when we didn't respond soon enough sent a snotty email claiming we were stealing his material. I responded that he's on my shit list for this behavior [and his writing really does, by objective criteria for such things, suck]. He has since crawled back with an apology and has not been favored with any response.). There are others (the variably present Paul Valentine comes to mind). If you haven't found enough info on these creeps to do a fair-play turnabout, I'm certain that you have enough information on the individuals being attacked to simply point out their many achievements as a counter. Also, the very nature of these attacks are clear signs to anyone with even a modicum of cold-reading ability to provide ammunition for a surgical-strike response post.

We constantly see both Blanche and Peggy being accused of being fat when in actuality neither of these ladies is obese, simply full-figured, which is only a crime to those who follow herd values (and something of which homosexuals are often jealous). Any who know these ladies personally can vouch for their command-to-look powers. They also try to couple "lazy" with this. Gee, our High Priestess is now a widow who is also raising a child and running an international organization (and just recently released a bang-up issue of "The Cloven Hoof") Peggy is accused of holding back TBF (which is really my fault as I've spent too much time on the official website--basically a single-handed creation), when she just released another issue of her World fantasy Award-winning magazine, "Grue." That these people are sitting at their keyboards, contributing nothing but vitriol and waiting like the sucking black holes they are for our products to fill their empty lives--products which they clearly can't live without, should be obvious and easy to point out.

So, I know that all of you lead productive and very busy lives, and that you all know what a cistern usenet is, but since you have made a presence there (of your own free wills you have put on the hip-waders and gas masks) and are looked to by those who merely lurk, it would certainly help to preserve the image of the Church of Satan as one of a den of rattlesnakes, extremely dangerous and loyal to the death in defense of each other (an image Dr. LaVey wanted projected) if you pointed out the nature of these blatherings and what it demonstrates about those who post them.

Peggy particularly has worked to promote projects by many of you--both online and in print, and HP Barton does the same in "TCH." Anton LaVey's laurels are there for all to see. Boyd Rice also has quite a public body of exemplary material, and you all know something about myself, I trust.

I haven't addressed this to any individuals specifically, and many of you haven't ignored these attacks, and responded properly. And we note these responses and they do mean something. But lately the guard has been let down, and the image that comes to my mind by the resounding silence is that of those faithful awaiting the arousal of the distant Gods to strike the utterers of blasphemy.

We aren't theists, waiting for someone else to "Make it so." As Satanists, we must take the bull by the balls and shatter all who oppose us. That is, if you really do respect those who are being attacked.

You are all our shock troops, our special forces, our Waffen SS, and we'd like to see you perhaps interact with one another and coordinate your attacks on those who dare to try to besmirch our organization, and those of us who I think have earned your respect as your leaders.

There are some out there, like Paul Valentine, who desperately seek attention, particularly from those whom he attacks. But you can turn his eustress to distress when armed with the proper ammo. Come to us for the information if you need it, but I know that you all have enough savvy and skill to work amongst yourselves to come up with tactical responses that would make us proud.

So, here's to swatting the flies (it may not take that much effort) so that we can continue with all of the real business of moving the world in our chosen directions.

Hail Satan!

Peter H. Gilmore

No need to keep the following private anymore.

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From: "Ole Wolf" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, October 07, 2000 1:32 PM
Subject: Yourself


I'm not trying to piss you off here or trying to talk you into abandoning the FCoS or whatever. I just want to speak my mind about what you've been doing with the FCoS.

Contrary to what you may think or want, the FCoS is NOT separate from the CoS at all. It's all part of the CoS, and the worst part of it to boots. Consider this: You know Tani. She was the one that did the impossible when Peter Gilmore asked her to do the job--she severed the ToS from the CoS. Prior to her intervention, no-one could mention the ToS without thinking about the CoS and how either (1) Aquino really understood the essence of what LaVey later abandoned or (2) was a wanna-be high priest who couldn't cut it. Whatever they thought of him, they thought of him in CoS terms. But, that isn't so anymore! When you hear the ToS mentioned nowadays, you don't think about the CoS. The ToS has even changed its doctrine; if you've read Balanone's FAQ, you'll see that Don Webb has "enhanced" Aquino's bullshit with the notion of Set as that which motivates (SAT) and Xeper as that which is becoming manifest, expanding (TAN). What the ToS says makes SENSE now.

It was just Aquino that fucked up with his constant obsession with the CoS and LaVey that KEPT the ToS closely linked to the CoS. Every word he said, every thought he put to paper, had LaVey hiding within the words and letters. Aquino's obsession with LaVey kept the ToS on the coat-tails of LaVey, but with Tani's severing it from the CoS, the ToS had to find a reason for existing--and Don Webb did the impossible, he GAVE the ToS a root, although not necessarily a historical one.

You do with Peter Gilmore what Aquino did with LaVey, basing your organization on his existence. Every post of yours about the CoS is about how terrible Gilmore (and occasionally Blanche) is, and it doesn't matter whether you're right or wrong. It's a fucking OBSESSION of yours. Not everyone knows what you know about Peter Gilmore. It's VERY FEW people that know it, actually. I knew you were right although I kept quiet about it; I've seen the emails Peter has sent to me and others in the past (the Waffen SS post, for example). I told Peter I didn't like that post of his up front. What are people to think if they bump into you and hear DIE DIE GILMORE all the time you say something and they never caught him acting like the backstabbing, sniping, biting, sniping asshole he is? They won't believe you when it turns out the CoS isn't the exclusively fascist organization you've tried to make it to. I'm RED, and I don't keep quiet about it. Same with Tani and others, we DO NOT TOLERATE fascist bullies in our neighborhood. It's almost a JOKE that I'M the one that owns a copy of _Mein Kampf_ that is signed by Hitler! People see us and when they note that this implies the CoS isn't the fascist organization you make it out to be, they'll think you're bullshitting them.

I don't know what Peter did to you, and I certainly know you'd want to get even if he stabbed you in your back the same way he stabbed the entire "dark doctrine" crew in the back, the only ones that weren't into the CoS for power games or sex (same thing to such people). Kaiser Gilmore is one of those that the CoS bunco sheet WARNS against. And no, I'm not going to tell you what I told him. He lost my support and won't regain it. I'm patient in matters of revenge--if I happen to be in a position to get revenge, I'll take it. Until then, nothing, no hurry.

But, you know that the opposite of a profound lie is also a profound lie, right? Your obsessing with getting even with Peter is CREATING a link to the CoS where none should have existed. You've become inextricably joined with the very person you wanted to get even with; the FCoS has become THE SAME THING as Peter. Hence you find good people LEAVING it. Les Masters apparently thinks you're a certifiable idiot. I don't! In fact, I admired your ability to turn a direct attack I made against you to your own advantage. That takes CUNNING and SKILL, and I noticed the way you did it didn't "drain" me like when a shit-disturber tries to do it. But I do think you fucked up royally by being so focused on Gilmore Gilmore Gilmore. Your other antics (baits) that got the Christians in the CoS falling over each other's feet on their ways out of their moral closets was without shame, without guilt, without fake pride. It doesn't make sense that you'd be so obsessed with Peter, but YOU ARE nonetheless, and your organization becomes the very thing you wanted it to NOT be, because of it. The problem with your organization is firstly the name of it, and secondly the connection with the CoS due to the fights. You REALIZE this, don't you? Your posts and the flames that resulted from them created a connection where none should have been--for YOUR good, not for the good or bad of the CoS.

I don't know what you'll think of this, but let me know if you read this so I KNOW you received it, will you?


"Lord Egan" <> wrote:   


I'm not going to argue. I'm just going to tell you that you have no idea what is happening behind the scenes...

Court evidence will be surfacing soon and YOU will be the one shouting, "Gilmore, Gilmore, Gilmore!" I'm going to tell you this once more so listen very carefully;

The group in New York (Gilmores, Schlesinger, etc) are involved in HARDCORE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. This has nothing to do with "infighting" - one of our Council Members is under police protection RIGHT NOW, no longer living at home... this isn't an internet game because REAL PEOPLE ARE BEING PHYSICALLY HURT. I wish you would wake up, pull your head out of your ass and realize there IS a difference between petty squabbling and drug smuggling, destruction of property, murder and vicious beatings.

Perhaps because you live in Denmark, you feel "safe" from the Gilmores? Well, I live a 6 hours away from them by auto. I suggest you wait and see what is about to happen...

From: "Ole Wolf" 
To: "Lord Egan" 
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 13:38:08 +0200
Subject: Re: Yourself


There's no need to argue what Kaiser Gilmore and the rest of the NY clique are doing off-line. That's not what I was talking about. If you can get Gilmore et. al. behind bars (or worse), then GOOD, and better yet if you expose it. I really mean it!

I'm hardly going to shout "Gilmore Gilmore Gilmore" anymore than I'm doing right now. He has NO support from me. NONE. He hates my guts, too, after I basically told him to fuck off. Ask around among people what they think I think of Gilmore--you might talk with people that know what I told him. I know he's an ass. I'm not easily scared, Egan. Peter has tried to scare me, cult-style, but rather unsuccessfully.

When the on-line bullies started to get exposed, off-line bullying also surfaced. As it turns out, I *do* have an idea of what's going on behind the scenes, although I haven't witnessed any of it personally.

What I'm addressing in my email is the connection you're making with the Gilmore crew; if you can sever it by destroying Peter Bonaparte and his lackeys, then good. But otherwise, outsiders who don't know what's going on behind the scenes will see nothing beyond your having a personal score to settle. That's what it looks like from the outside, Egan. You DID start an organization called the Church of Satan (And yes, one that's more Satanic than Peter's ditto. With his recent rejection of the dark doctrines, there's NOTHING in the CoS that's Satanic save the few of us who joined it only because of the dark doctrines.) You DID claim as reason that it exists because of Peter's corruption of Satanism, you know. That's a direct link to Peter that might cause good people to stay away. That's what I'm saying. You could have battled Peter without starting an organization that's so closely connected to the very Peter Gilmore you hate.

If you prove that the CoS top is corrupt to the core, don't you think the smarter people would think again to join an organization called the (First) Church of Satan? I'd rather not join an organization that has the same name as another, criminal organization.

Other people might just think you're a shit-disturber who "couldn't cut it" and wanted to be yet another high priest, and stay away because of that.

THAT's where you fucked up. Not in your going after Peter. I think you should just have kept your organization separate from Peter.

I hope you'll find conclusive evidence of their off-line behavior. (Cross my heart--I'd pass a lie detector here.) But are you ABLE to do that? Promising that evidence will surface, or stating that people have been beaten when the supportive evidence isn't presented won't help anyone, as Kevin Filan doesn't hesitate to tell you. I neither believe nor disbelieve your claims; I simply lack information--except that Peter's behavior does give you credibility.

You're not an enemy, Egan. PETER IS.