Example of Trashing Other Organizations

Here is ONE MORE example of what COS total suckups post, anonymously, in a feeble attempt to trash what another org is going. What is wrong, can't they take the competition? No, they can't. Lupo and his gang always slander Tani with that "bump on the head" shit. Tani had a car accident wherein she hurt her ARMS. She's fine now. This is another example of COS SLANDER.

From: No User <no.user@anon.xg.nu>
Subject: NO CONCEPT - LHP = Mongoloid 'Tard 'Tard Occultspeak - CoS is Not LHP
Date: 21 Dec 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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Receive the sacred bump on the head! Join the Satanic Reds!

The Nine Satanic Statements of Tani err, Wolf wrote them so don't blame her:

1) Buy the Dork Doctrines

2) If you don't buy the Dork Doctrines you are not a Satanist

3) Anyone who disagrees with Tani is a Klypoth

4) Real shit happens to people who go up against OUR GANG

6) If we don't like you we will zonk you

7) If zonk does not work then Jeff Gerber calls your house

9) Tani is not responsible for the past 10 years of her life as Peter and Peggy installed a mind control chip in her head (one theory on the origin of _the bump_).

You may have noticed that there is no 8th statement. That is because the ancient Mongoloid 'Tard 'Tards, who are Tani's 4th cousins and in-laws, didn't believe in the number 8. You want proof? WOOF WOOF! DUH! Are you stOOpid? Buy the Dork Doctrines. -- Visit #santasworkshop the Official Chatroom of Satanic Reds and HrVad's Dork Doctrine Web Site! http://www.geocities.com/satanickooks/ http://www.apodion.com/vad/dork/ Satanic Reds is a Council Member Org. http://www.churchofsatan.org


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And Circe Nancy replies with amazing insight.

From: "Circe" <Circe@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: NO CONCEPT - LHP = Mongoloid 'Tard 'Tard Occultspeak - CoS is Not LHP
Date: 21 Dec 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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Oh fuck off! This is exactly the type of behaviour that the CoS Files website describes from you so called "satanists"!

Everytime someone wants to bring their ideas and form a new group of like minded people you fucks get all scared and do everything you can to try to destroy their joy!

You suck no user, you see you can't do to Tani what the little "storm troopers" do to others who make their own websites etc. so you resort to the last thing you know, NAME CALLING!

If you don't want to see what Tani is doing don't read it! Tani has twice the education and knowledge you have,and it shows! You're just one of those little fucks from CoS thinking he/she/it is "doing something important for the cause" what fuckin' cause?? Tell us what you are personally going to get out of trying (note trying) to take away from what Tani is doing with her self now that she no longer belongs to some fuckin' org. wherein people can't even speak up in and say what they think? That type of shit is for kids or better yet the 30 something crowd who knows they are a short 10 yrs. away from the big 40 and want to try to "fit in" as long as they can! As you get older your priorities as far as who you want to please will change I gauran-fuckin'-tee it! The only person I care about pleasing is moi! And that "Oh big bad satanic one" is satanism!