Rocio Pledges Unconditional Obedience

In this message to alt.satanism, [Rocio C] pledges unconditional obedience. One notes that the level of suckupery is comparable to that of a bona fide cult member. I've heard something similar to this from a Jehova's Witness, who had left all his friends behind, severed the ties with his family, and placed his will in the hands of his new priests.

From: [Rocio C]
Subject: You cannot bully me anymore!!
Date: 29 Jul 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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I have been watching this newsgroup from my little perch, and I see a lot of what I perceive to be "bullying tactics" by those who wail the loudest about "bullies" in the CoS. Ironic isn't it? I do not appreciate being referred to as a "Stepford Wife" or any of the other names you people label me, all the while professing great concern for my "dangerous naivete." Did I correctly read one female poster saying in a roundabout way that I ("these people") should be exterminated? Also quite ironic.

Because you care SO much, I will reiterate again for your edification and your reading pleasure:

I am 100% loyal to the Church of Satan, and to its officials. I will obey WHATEVER and EVERY proclamation and regulation that they set forth within the CoS as a corporate body, and within their individual areas such as IRC channels (the correct word is channel, not chatroom), message boards, and other services that they may provide. WHETHER OR NOT THIS IS "SATANIC," I DO NOT CARE...Got it? Get it!! And no, I do not "wonder," I know!

My motives for my loyalty are based on my understanding of one of the most important concepts in Satanism, which is stratification. I am a low-ranking member on the CoS hierarchy, and this affords me various responsibilities as well as protections. I do not speak for the CoS, but I KNOW that it is NOT CoS policy for certain, more seasoned members to bully lower ranking members by calling them "drones," "Stepford wives," "fools," "slaves," etc. because said low-ranking members profess loyalty to the organizational body and regulations. This makes no sense at all!! Of course, it makes perfect sense if these people are now working against the organization. But I am SURE this is NOT the case, in spite of appearances.

And again, I declare my loyalty AND OBEDIENCE not only to the CoS as a body, but also to certain officials such as HP Blanche Barton, Magister Peter H. Gilmore, Reverends Lestat Ventrue, Matt G. Paradise, and Andre P. Schlesinger, Magistra Peggy Nadramia, as well as to certain veteran members such as Ygraine and William Gidney, Jacqueline Davis, Chris Burton, Kevin Filan, IronWill, Sleepdirt, and some others I may have forgotten to include. These fine people have earned my respect and friendship, and in turn, they treat me with much respect and kindness. They tell me to do something, and I do it...This is rare, but I am more than happy to do whatever they say. Any order they give me would never be for my detriment, only for my good. If only you could engender such trust and, my...

I especially love the Gidneys and Reverend Schlesinger; <--- (I love you very much, and I look forward to meeting you and your friends in person some day in Florida and New York City, respectively.) These are bonds that are permanent, fixed, and that seems to disturb you so much. You are dedicating an entire "project" by -wolf- to it? Unless you are bitter that I am not in your respective little "factions," why do you care? If the people mentioned below and myself are so "bad" "evil" and "wicked," then leave us! I'll quit the CoS before I join ranks with crazies. Yes, it's shocking isn't it? Well, you people give that appearance, so what can I say? :)

Therefore, I insist, I demand that certain respected CoS officials and their acquantainces (allies) such as Nancy, Radu, -wolf- (man, I have always respected you, but are you too in on this?) and Tim Bleary (aren't you an FCoS magister??) cease mentioning me, [Rocio C], in derogatory posts intended to make me ashamed of my CoS membership. You people know absolutely jack shit about my life and about me as a human being. If I have attacked Nancy or anyone else online, it was because they chose to be treated as a jack ass. After all, I AM a Satanist, and I treat others as they choose to be treated. Any further attempts to deride me WILL blow up in your faces, as rational and good as you make me look upon further inspection with each derogatory post, you look that much more foolish. Your fake concern for me is NOT welcome!

I STRONGLY suggest that you people forget you ever heard of me, please.

Stay out of my way, and don't feign so much shock if I defend my own against any slander. I am not afraid of you people...You cannot hurt me...and you won't...

So far, Tim Bleary has accurately reposted my letter to him. I commend him for that enormous leap of honesty; I'm sure it left him severely damaged. I am again burning this letter to cd to ensure that Bleary and others are forced to take that oh so painful leap of honesty if they choose to re post this to further their silly cause.

I will not entertain debate on this issue, so leave me the fuck alone...

[Rocio C]

Hail CoS!
Hail CoS officials!
Hail Satan!!

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