Stewart's Selective Amnesia

After receiving Peter Gilmore's email, Stewart was so scared of losing his membership of the CoS that he suffered selective amnesia, and claimed that Tani had told him to make certain changes. This is Tani's reply to Stewart.

check paragraph on aristocrats and herd...and proper ROLES. LOL....

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Here it is, the email. My reply to you is on it. I had to reconstruct it since I did NOT save it. Fucking IDGAF. That he'd even THINK to think we are different is a JOKE, a LIE.

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I wish this to be kept between me and you


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Peter wrote: Dear Mr. Epperhart:

HOW DARE he say that? HOW DARE he even assume it? Everything has to be someone USING someone eh? He is EGO PROJECTING. See below, he almost comes out with it: his aristo-serf bs. Casey took what you wrote, NOTHING BUT that, and extrapolated clearer sentences from it and fixed the grammar. YOU don't wanna even see what you wrote. It was LONG, and STRONG. You also claim you knew all about these "fascists" YEARS ago - long before I ever was online.

Stew said (oh BOW DOWN): I was obviously mistaken and thrown off by your large and informative e mail to me explaining the Church of Satans policy it has on members of the organization: Currently a re-make of the Project is underway and should be released some time next month. I trust that you'll see the changes that will take place over that time.

OH, he LOOKS FORWARD to seeing some "irrelevant online stuff?" Yeah, he wants to approve it. I think what you wrote proves project one to have been valid. Why? "NO one is saying to do what I say or else..." That's just what Tani's clique thinks.... Now take it down or I'll kick you out of the COS. LOL LOL LOL. For hell's sakes.

Peter replied: I look forward to seeing them.

Stew said: I too have been the subject of the childish games that go on via chat rooms, more recently one where our Reverend Schlesinger makes the accusation that I'm a 'spy' an accusation which is completely unfounded by the lack of evidence of the claim, it seems to me that was just a way of promoting his agenda but I've said it before, and I'll say it again I respect the mans title, doesn't necessarily mean I respect the man as he has not returned the deed.

Here it comes, the EXCUSES made for Ventrue et al, Schlesinger, and of course, Ygraine's gals who can threaten with impunity:

Peter replied: As said numerous times: we don't force our members to like each other, but we do expect them to behave as ladies and gentlemen towards each other when they have to interact (though really, there is generally no reason for interaction between members who dislike each other). Our members online have behaved badly towards one another.

There has been plenty of "bad blood" between Tani's Clique and the people on Satannet, so your association with Tani would certainly make you unwelcome in Satannet, and they have the right to exclude you, as it is a private chat room (as well as message board). It is their lair, and they can do as they please. That doesn't make them "fascists."

And as I have PROVEN behond a doubt: THEY CAUSED that bad blood, not only with me - but with EVERYONE ELSE.

Stew said: However in any case you've shown that the 'Stewarts commentary' part is incoherent and should not have even been said: And this I will not decline, this, you are right. Since I am quite new to this organization and I was not around 'Phase one' and could not view the articles which you've mentioned, as I said before this came as news to me. Sure, I do have a lot to learn: I think that it is wise for Satanists to learn from their mistakes, as I said before you sure won't see me in confessional any time soon.

Peter replied, OFFERING sagely advice here...: The wise person always learns from errors, and thus gains additional wisdom.

Stew said: As for the rest of your statements on the project I'll just leave them the way they are, as they do not concern me but those Church of Satan members involved in the project itself. I will say one thing though in defense of my project. I tend to think that more Satanists decline fascism because it is counter individualistic

Peter replied: I said that to you.

Stew said: and based on what Tani referred to as a 'Fasces' metaphorically representing a group of sticks bundled up together to form a club.

Peter has to wax eloquently on the Roman tid bits. In fact, the Huns had the symbol used with arrows to unite the tribes.: This is an ancient symbol used in the Roman empire and it is actually - not metaphorically - a bundle of sticks surrounding and thus strengthening a single axe. The metaphor is that in this unity, there is strength (the common sticks do support, strengthen, and protect the aristocratic axe - the emblem for the power and unity of purpose of heir empire). Mussolini used this symbol for his political movement. There is one axe but many sticks.

Peter continues, revealing a WHOLE LOT about this "fascistoid" thing which is not poltical (except in what they TELL YOU to read): Some Satanists might see themselves as the axe and the sticks to be the herd used to support themselves - that is another point I was trying to get across to you. Some Satanists may view themselves as aristocrats, and thus feel that having themselves served by the herd is a proper goal (and it is a fact that many in the herd find it quite satisfying to serve the right kind of master, as also explained in my email to you).

AH. Peter is the aristocrat of course. Schlesinger is his loyal serf but he has a rival in Ygraine and her clique that try to be even MORE serf like in their actions. They don't get it: the "Tani clique" are a bunch of UNRELATED PEOPLE who HATE that shit and hate it when they are ATTACKED for not acting like serfs. I sure the hell would NOT play "aristocrat" to Jackie's SICKENING serf like bow down attitude when she first approached me. UH, that is why I kept emailing PEGGY and telling her to KEEP HER DOGS ON A LEASH or I'd strike back at them. They would NOT relent, they KEPT fucking with me. FINE! I'm different. NO. When anyone attacks me - like Red or anyone else - I STRIKE BACK and no, no one will hear about it or know where it came from. NO ONE.

Stew said - this is you trying to show the "CO9" your work for approval?: It makes no difference if they were self proclaimed Satanists or part of the Pat Robertsons Christian Coalition: same goal by the same means. Am I close?

Peter replied: I think that your respondents think it is the same goal, but I know some Satanists would argue that it is quite a different one. That issue has not at all been dealt with in your project - which is very "one-sided." I explained this in some detail in my initial email to you, so you might want to reread and think about certain passages (those concerning people to whom total freedom is natural, and those to whom it is a burden - even though they want to think they are "free").

Well, they had their chance to argue it - and still do. YOU said the project was open to more additions. Those to whom total freedom is a burden eh? I remember a time when Gilmore would have told them to GO BACK TO CHURCH - the XIAN ONE. The respondents only wrote down what they personally experienced and/or perceived with their own 5 senses and feelings and logic. PETER has changed. Mid life crisis maybe? We were ONLY trying to do our own thing - as USUAL! THEY fucked with us.

I have NO IDEA what prompted YOU to put your mind on making Project One. You certainly did NOT get the idea from anyone I know cause they'd NEVER HAVE TOLD YOU what they thought. You were seen as an SCS ASS KISSER - and everyone KNEW what John Davis was. NO ONE was fooled - AS YOU WERE.

Stewart signs off: Until next time

Lets Make History

Timothy Stewart
Wolf At Hart

Peter signs off: Rege Satanas!