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The CoS supports some people and not others. Although such distinction is a general fact of life, it is noteworthy how productive members are always ignored to the advantage of the assholes, the fascists, the bullies, the frauds.

TO BE INCLUDED HERE: Email exchanges between Rosa Wolf and Peter Gilmore. Rosa Wolf's ex husband had resigned from the CoS, but was still hosting a Web site with Rosa Wolf's work, running a fake grotto. Rosa Wolf had asked Peter Gilmore to remove the link to the grotto from the official CoS Web site, but instead of removing the link, Peter Gilmore let it point to the fake grotto. Rosa Wolf complained again.

Note how Rosa Wolf's experience is echoed in Amina's experience when Peggy promised she would help then did absolutely nothing.

The last message on this page suggests what people should do rather than relying on the CoS. (Amina did the same thing, eventually.)

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YES!I have been thinking of this option tonight, it's a free server, xoom if I recall right, [dunno the new URL, I go there via the links-page of the CoS now!!!] So I'll get dressed [duh, just came out of bed] and contact the provider HOW do you prove that YOU wrote all of it? anyway I'll bluff them into it if necessary.Lawsuits yessss. It's all printed out in the original "mamma's" that I used for the paperwork brochures. I FUCKIN GODDAMN SURE DID WRITE ALL OF IT!!! I did the translations on it! Everything! The illustrator is not online though - hasn't even got an email address. Yes yes, he's kinda weird but he's a genius in the underground zine culture hehehehe [maybe you know him, his real name is not Ebola ofcourse, but I don't know how many of these mags and zines you get to see] It will be of *some* help I guess that the website is about Satanism and filled with OTHER stolen graphics by Luis Royo, Hades was removed from a free server before "because of the graphics" It can be done! it will be done!

as quick as Peter was some weeks ago in reassuring me that they'd take my complaint serious, as little have I heard from them now.... I'm really PISSED of though! I told them this website is *outdated* [non-existing grotto,fake gm, non-existing snail mail address, dead link of the CoS link page] and what do they do? they update that link!!!! these are people who always are SO wary of CoS material being violated!!!! that stinks!!! and why would they update a link to a grotto that doesn't exist? is there some TRUTH in the rumours that CoS is almost dead, or what????

anyway I'll step into my own action thank Morena a lot from me! she obviously knows about how to handle these things! and thank YOU for forwarding it to someone with good advice! I'll let you know if xoom takes it down! [ofcourse of that fact I will not notify Central duuuh]

hey! I subscribed to the RedComrades elist, if all went right it's going to work one of these days right???


Rosa Wolf

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I don't know where the Hades web site is, but if Aragorn wrote the material, tell her(?) to get in touch with the service provider. If it is on a free site, like geocities, tripod, angelfire, or ANY free service, and she (?) can give them clear evidence that the work is being used without permission, that site will be erased within minutes. Those 'free providers' don't want to be involved in a law suit. Tell Aragon to threaten a law suit for copy write infringement against Hades, & the service provider.

How do you think Shitslinger does it to all the others? Now, if Hades PAID for a server, it is a little be more difficult, but I doubt it. Based upon the letter, he isn't competent at anything, so probably has not paid, or most likely is on a free server.

Tell Aragon to quite going to P, and go directly to where the stolen stuff is. If both the writer AND the artist send in a complaint on the same day, (tell them to CC each other) believe me, the site will be down with no delay.

PS: We do it all the time to people who steal our pride graphics who are NOT our customers. It works quite effectively.

P&P obviously do not care or are ineffectual, to say the least. Tell Aragon just to go to the ISP. Works best.