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"Pacts with the Devil" by Chrisopher Hyatt, PhD, and Jason
S. Black is, IMO, the best book on the matter for the modern
times.  Included is the history of people who made pacts
with the Devil, personal accounts, and descriptions of
methods one can use to attain results.

© 1997 (Boris Yazlovitsky)



John Unknown wrote:

> I need information because I want to make a pact (in order
> for exchange of something). Do you think you could help me?

For complete and extensive information about the
African-American custom of summoning "The Black Man" (or
"The Devil") at a crossroads and gaining skills and talents
thereby, see my page on The Crossroads Ritual:

My partner, tyagi, has some experience with Satanic Pacts
and so I will also refer you to his files on the subject as
he has provided his URLs below:


History and Methods


You might also check out the TOKUS Archives on the subject,
currently under construction but you can access them via the

Good luck!
© 1999 catherine yronwode (



Items Needed:

Altar Candle
Day candle
Offertory Candles
3 Violet candles
3 White candles
Crystal ball or glass of water
Anise, cardamon, or corriander incense
Jasmine, lemon, rose, or sandalwood oils
Cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, or sandalwood bathing herbs


Breathe deeply and build a ball of protective light around
you. While soaking in your ritual bath, meditate on the
whole ritual: the steps you will take and what you wish to
say to your spirit guide when you make contact.


Enter the circle and light the incense. With the oil, dress
the altar candle and the day candle while concentrating on
the purpose of the ritual. Light the annointed candles and
state your intent:

     I am here to make contact with my Spirit Guide,
     And to acknowledge him or her

With a sharp instrument (perhaps and athame), inscribe
violet candle #1 with the word "Spirit". Dress it with oil.
Light it, direct your energies into it, and say:

     Here do I light the first Lamp of Spirit.
     May its light reach out across the barriers
          from this world to the next.
     May it make contact with that World of Spirit
          into which we will eventually enter.

Take your censer or incense wand and swing it around censing
the whole area around the altar, while rhythmically
repeating the word "Merge" and building up energy to focus.

Replace the censer and pick up violet candle #2. Inscribe it
again with the word "Spirit" and dress it with the oil. Put
it back on the altar, light it, direct your energy into it,
and say:

     Here do I light the second Lamp of Spirit.
     May its light also reach out across the barriers
          from this world to the next.
     May it make contact with that World of Spirit
          and help spread the light,
          illuminating the passageway between our worlds."

Again, take the censer or incense wand and cense the entire
area around the altar while chanting the word "Merge" Build
up your energy to focus.

Take violet candle #3, inscribe with the word "Spirit",
dress with oil, charge with your energy, light it and say:

     Here do I light the third Lamp of Spirit.
     May its light also reach out across the barriers
          from this world to the next.
     May the light from these three lamps blend and grow,
          dispelling all darkness and lighting the way
     That my Spirit Guide may come to me
          and speak with me here today.

Inscribe the 3 white candles with the word "Truth" and
anoint each candle with oil. Light the 3 white candles in
order of 1, 2, 3, and say:

     Here do I build Truth.
     As these candles burn throughout this ritual,
          their power generates nothing but truth
     In all that transpires between this world and the next.

     Through these candles there is truth
     In all communications that come to me".

Again, cense the entire altar area while chanting the word

Replace the censer and continue chanting. Sit comfortably
while chanting, and gaze into the crystal ball, or the clear
glass of water. Continue chanting until you feel it is right
to let the chant taper off.

Continue to quietly look into the crystal ball or glass, not
trying to picture anything. Keep your mind blank, so
whatever comes will appear in its own free will.

Gaze into the center of the crystal. There is no need to try
not to blink. Look into the crystal and blink naturally. Try
not to notice anything in your peripheral vision, just the
center of the crystal. 

Eventually a face or figure will appear. This may take a
long time, or it may appear almost immediately. If it
doesn't come at all within approximately 20 minutes, abandon
this attempt, extinguish the candles in the order in which
they were lit, leave the altar set up, and try this ritual
again in three days. You should have results within a month
at most.

When a figure does appear, ask if he/she is your Spirit
Guide. You will hear an answer. You may not hear it out
loud, or even see the figure's lips move, but you will be
aware of the answer. This is how most of your conversation
will proceed. You will ask your questions mentally (or out
loud) and the answers will be clear inside your mind.

Ask if you have more than one spirit guide. If yes, ask the
others to appear also.

You may ask anything you wish to know, but it is suggested
to establish a connection first where your Spirit Guide may
appear to you at any time, or at specific times, so that you
can converse with other spirits through him/her.

When you have finished speaking with your Guide, thank
him/her, then sit for a moment with your eyes closed,
meditating on all that you have learned.

Extinguish the candles in reverse order to clear the circle.
© 1997 Mystic~Angel



An herb jar to enhance your powers, physically, psychicly,
and mentally. It may be used before commencing rituals
involving scrying, mirror evocation, summoning, trancing, or

Fill a jar with a mixture of the following: 

   Cinnamon (for dream magick) [also draws money] 
   Nutmeg (for good luck) [also draws money]
   Allspice (healing) [also draws money] 
   Ginger (lunar magick) [also increases energy] 
   Basil (protection) [also for a happy home]
   Fennel seeds (spiritual healing) [also for psychic abilities]
   Garlic (spiritual purification) 
   Marjoram (protection)
   Sage (spiritual purification) [also for wisdom]
   Cloves (protection) [also draws money] 
   [White or Yellow] Mustard seed (protection) 

Before you do any scrying -- of any kind -- inhale the scent
deeply and shake the jar gently.

© 1997 mona ( a.k.a.
[comments in brackets by relate to hoodoo magic]



I quote this from one of Denis Lindbohm's books: 

"How to make a deal or a pact with a tree:

"You can ask a tree for help; this is age-old magick, known
within different cultures.

"Preferably you should seek a powerful, long-lived tree,
'cause when the tree dies, the  power of magic ebbs away.
Find at least a fairly wild wood and seek there the right
tree late in the evening.

"Wander about without straying thoughts. You shall feel a
harmonic stillness and at the same time be attentive and let
yourself be led in a mystical way. Let it take its time, no
slipshod piece of work. The right tree is the one you simple
feel is right.

"You sit down close to it, in close contact, and sink into
peaceful harmony, be concerned about establishing a
connection on the empatic level.

"I have experiences which have given personal convincing
proof that we humans can communicate with plants.

"There is an interchange on the psionic level. It can be
called telepathy or empathy, sympathy, affinity, or
resonance. When the empathy is perfect you ask the tree for
help, and explain carefully that you have no hostile
intentions. If everything is right, you shall feel an
established contact. It is a very peculiar feeling of not
being alone, a clear impression of presence.

"You don't only reach contact with the tree you have chosen
but also, through its roots, connection with all the other
trees nearby. Actually, if you make an alliance with a
seperate tree, you should get in addition power from the
whole wood. No matter how alone you felt before in the
darkness of the night, you are absolutely not alone any
longer when you have established contact. It is a lovely

"You bespeak the tree with words. The consciousness of the
tree understands the meaning behind the words.You speak to
an understanding friend, it is _just like that_.

"The best is if you ask the tree to be its brother/sister

"To give maximal strenghtning to this you can uncover a piece
of its root, and drip your own blood on the root. You offer
thereby yourself in a very intimate way, actually a
sacrifice of blood.

"If it is a _very_ old tree, you can ask for becoming its

"How can you explain the above in human terms? There is
powers of spirits in everything. Eveything is  animated. The
sheer physical relation between all individuals of both
animal and vegetable kind is corresponded to an even closer
relation on the unbonded spiritual level.

"Behind the  physical surface, as we perceive it, it is two
unique spirits which ineract on a deeper level. We humans
are powers of spirits ourselves, bounded to our fleshy shape
during our whole lifetime.

"Is this spirit of power in the bodies of humans higher or
lower than that in  trees?
"So you shall not think, 'cause that is only human values.

"When you ask a tree for help, this mustn't be understood as
one higher species asking a lower for help. A true magician
cannot think so. It is instead an interaction with two equal
species. It is a matter of cooperation and communication, an
interchange, with giving and taking.

"When you offer a sacrifice to a tree, it must _not_ be a
bribe with the meaning: "I give to get." The sacrifice shall
be a gift without demand for service in return.
Fundamentally, it shall always be devotion, to offer
yourself, so it is the the highest of sacrifices. If you
understand this, the powers of magic will move freely."

posted by Lars Hedstroem (
© 2000 Denis Lindbohm



[Reposted from; original author
unknown but supposedly it resides on a web page findadble
through Yahoo when you search on the keywords "Yahoo ranking
help" -- cat]


On a cold day in December, a young webmaster approached me
with a very serious problem. He could not get his site
listed in Yahoo!. It was that very day that I exposed my
innermost secret: my ability to add sites to the Yahoo
directory.  My young friend looked on, with enough willpower
to move a steamboat made of solid steel. I revealed the
following method...

BE WARNED: Not following these steps exactly can cause more
problems for you than you might expect. Your site can become
deleted from other search-engines as well as never being
added to the treasured Yahoo directory. This is NOT a joke!
You must seriously devote yourself to this procedure.

Note: the entire process is 5 days long. The first day is the
most rigorous, the rest fairly subtle and devotional.

Step 1 - Physical. 

Within day 1, submit your site to the Yahoo directory
following their exact instructions. If you have already done
it, that is OK! You will be doing it again. Pay close
attention to all of the instructions and guidelines they
present to you, follow them exactly.

Step 2 - Vocal. 

Recite the following chant exactly 10 times while facing
toward the Yahoo submission result screen. This is the
screen that thanks you for suggesting your site. The chant
MUST be said at volume; using roughly 60% of your vocal
capacity. ALSO: place your LEFT hand on your mouse, and hold
your right hand high in the air.

   yahoo yahoo cyber yahoo click
   cyber click click submit click yahoo 

   click input meta meta null null null null
   cyber go no request meta submitty submitty submitty

   http http http yahoo yahoo cyber
   cyber yahoo click click click 

   add html add html add html add cyber
   go go go go yahoo yahoo yahoo submitty

   read read read read

   feel my thoughts and words, all mighty yahoo
   feel my pain
   feel my thoughts and words, all mighty yahoo
   feel my pain
   feel my thoughts and words, all mighty yahoo
   feel my pain
   feel my thoughts and words, all mighty yahoo
   feel my pain

Step 3 - Days 2 through 5

Every morning for the next 4 days, when you wake chant the
following beside your bed:

   All mighty Yahoo, all mighty Yahoo, 
   I love you, mighty Yahoo.

You're done. I give this information to you with kindness,
and hope you will return that kindness when you have

(c) 2000 (


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