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> Are there any charms, spells or rituals I can perform to stop 
> nightmares? I would be very grateful if you can offer any help.
> Binky (

I am not aware of specific spoken or chanted spells or
incovations to stop nightmares (perhaps one of the
Psalms???), but i do know that certain herbs are reputed to
ease them. Some of these herbs affect the nervous system and
are taken internally as medical teas or powdered in
capsules. Ohers are burned as incense in the room where you
intend to sleep, both to affect the nervous system and to
produce magical results. A third, clearly magical, set of
herbs consists of those that are placed in a small cloth bag
and kept under the pillow to ensure good dreams. Two of
these herbs, broom corn tops and rosemary tops, are used in
a simple ritual.

I hope that others will add to these lists, but here is what
i have been told:

Medicinal & Magical Herbs to End Nightmares & Bring Good Dreams:

Class 1) Herbs to be ingested as tea: 

         valerian root *
         St. John's wort
* Regarding valerian as a tea, Shez wrote:

   It is actually a very sound sleeping aid, though 
   shouldn't be taken for more than a couple of weeks, 
   My own sleepy time tea Is 
      3 tsp of valerian powder 
      3 tsp of skullcap
      2 tsp of passiflora. 
   Pour just off the boil water on the herbs, leave one 
   hour, then sieve out leaves and powder and add honey. 
   Take one hour before going to bed. It tastes, looks 
   and smells awful, but it works.
Michael McCord (, Robyn James 
(, and Henriette Kress 
( noted that some people find Valerian 
acts as a stimulant, so one should try it out carefully 
before relying on it as a sedative. 

Class 2) Herbs to be burned in the bedroom before retiring:

         althaea leaves
         star anise

Class 3) Herbs to be placed under the pillow: 

         calendula flowers
         star anise, 
         broom corn **
         rosemary **
         althaea root
         frankincense tears
         poppy flowers
** Using broom corn and/or rosemary to dispel evil dreams: 

Get a small handful of fresh broom corn tops -- or, in a
pinch, cut some from a new broom -- and dip them in warm,
salty water. Use them to sprinkle the salt water in the
corners of the room where you sleep and also on your
bedclothes. When you have finished, place the broom corn
tops under your pillow. The next morning, discard them at a
crossroads. This will carry all evil away from your bedroom
and bed. Some people use whole fresh rosemary tops for this
ritual, or mix broom corn tops with rosemary tops.]

catherine yronwode (

© 1997 catherine yronwode (
© 1997 Shez



Place a glass of water out at your bedside before you go to
sleep. In the morning empty it into the toilet, using the
anti-dexter hand. Rinse the glass out three times.  Do this
every night, not just when you are having nightmares.

Burning Benzoin incense in the room will raise the vibration
of the room, and keep most negative spirit influences away.

If you were born with the Sun in Gemini, you are susceptible
to this kind of influence every lunar month. (Statistically,
you are more susceptible than the average person.)  You
should note what sign the moon is in when you have these
nightmares, and be certain to clean your room physically the
day before the moon enters that sign. This, using the night
water, and burning incense will be of some assistance to
Reference -- "Spiritual Cleansing" by Draja Mickaharic

© 1999 John M Hansen (
------------------------------------------ hushunjen wrote: > > do you know the sleep spell incantation ? In Europe and America, many people drink Camomile tea (an herb tea) and they put a holy book of some sort (for instance, the Bible) under their pillow, and this is said to produce sound sleep. It is not an "incantation," but it seems to work. (Another herb that brings sleep is Valerian root, but it smells so bad i don't recommended it!) Mothers sing their babies to sleep with various forms of lullabye -- such as: sleep, baby, sleep, your father tends the sheep. your mother shakes the dreamland tree, and down fall little dreams for thee, sleep, baby. sleep. A lullabye is a form of sleep incantation, although many people think of it as just a cute song. © 2002 cat yronwode (

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