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First, gather your energy (through meditation). then, go to
the main entrance and put your hands straight out about 2
feet from your body, palms facing each other, in fists, with
the line between them straight up and down, left hand on
top.  Now, ready to Cast, bring your energy into your hands
(that which you gathered earlier). Then, while saying once
"I hold this door from intrusion, so that the will to attack
may be lost," rotate your hands at the same distance apart,
counter-clockwise, until they have switched places. next,
bring your hands together and then to the left side of
(approx.) the bottom of your ribs (still closed, right on
top), and cast them forward while opening your hands.

The spell is now done.

This spell will prevent the building from being a random
target (although if they know you have more of what they
want, it will be much less effective). If someone plans on
invading the building, though, this spell will not work.

If you get good at gathering energy quickly, it is a good
idea to cast this spell once in a while(I just cast it my
first time the other day, so I don't know how long "a while"
is yet, but it is still there, so check before you recast

I personally tried a simplified spell of holding(holds a
specific opening from anything passing through, and is much
easier to test), and then created this one(I also have a
Talent for gathering energy), so it shouldn't take much time
to get strong enough to do it daily(or hourly, for that
matter, since it doesn't use much energy, also it is hard to
find without testing or trying to cast again, so even a
magicker would have trouble with it)

I just tested it; knowing there was a spell, and planning
burglary (of my own house, mind you), I still had trouble
keeping even the notion of ill intent while heading for the
door; my plans scattered like dust.

Who was it who said sometimes simplest is best?

© 1998 Entari (



Modified Assyrian Protection Spell 

This should be performed on the night of the full moon, and
is a very intricate spell. All portals and doorways should
be open, including closet doors and windows, Then, as 
you start, close every closet and cabinet door, making the
sign of the banishing pentacle with your wand, your athame,
or your hand (a stick of patchouli incense may be
substituted). Music should be light. Use a goodly amount of
Commanding Incense as well as patchouli and sandalwood.
Once you have done the closets and cabinets, go from window
to window outlining the banishing pentagram on  each one,
and close AND LATCH each window. Remember to close  and
latch your fireplace, as well, perhaps burning some incense
there. Once the windows are secured, do inside doors, 
then when you reach the entry ways, state the last ten
lines. If performed correctly, you will notice the 
difference in atmospheres from the outside compared to the
inside, the moment you walk into the house or apartment.
Ban! Ban! Barrier That None Can Pass,
Barrier Of The Gods, That None May Break,
Barrier Of Heaven and Earth That None Can Change,
Which No God May Annul,
Nor God Nor Man Can Loose,
A Snare Without Escape, Set for Evil,
A Net Whence None Can Issue Forth, Spread for Evil,
Whether It Be  
	Evil Spirit, or Evil Fiend,   
	Or Hag-Demon, or Ghoul, or Robber-Sprite,
    Or Phantom, or Night-Wraith, or Handmaid of the Phantom,
    Or Evil Plague, or Fever-Sickness, or Unclean Disease,
    Or That Which May Do Harm in Any Form or Fashion
Which Hath Attacked the Shining Waters of Ea,
	May the Snare of Ea Catch It;
Or Which Hath Assailed the Meal of Nisaba,
	May the Net of Nisaba Entrap It;
Or Which Hath Broken The Barrier
	Let Not the Barrier of the Gods,
    The Barrier of Heaven and Earth, 
    Let It Go Free;
Or Which Reverenceth Not the Great Gods,
	May the Great Gods Entrap It,
    May the Great Gods Curse It;
Or Which Attacketh the House,
	Into a Closed Dwelling May They Cause It To Enter;
Or Which Circleth Round About,
	Into a Place Without Escape May They Bring It;
Or Which is Shut In By the House Door,
	Into a House Without Exit May They Cause It To Enter;
    With Door and Bolt, a Bar Immovable,
    May They Withhold It;
Or Which Bloweth In at the Threshhold and Hinge,
Or Which Forceth a Way Through Bar and Latch,
	Like Water May They Pour It Out,
	Like a Goblet May They Dash It to Pieces,
	Like a Tile May They Break It;
Or Which Passeth Over The Wall,
    Its Wing May They Cut Off;
Or Which Lieth in a Chamber,
    Its Throat May They Cut;
Or Which Looketh In at a Side Chamber,
	Its Face May They Smite;
Or Which Muttereth In a Chamber,
	Its Mouth May They Shut;
Or Which Roameth Loose In an Upper Chamber,
	With a Basin Without Opening May They Cover It;
Or Which at Dawn is Darkened,
	At Dawn To a Place of Sunrise May They Take It.
Out With You! Spirits of Fear, Spirits of Death!
Give Way to the Sun and the Moon!
For This is a Place Made Safe!
Bright Blessings and Peace Upon Us!
And All Who Reside Here,
Let None Enter Here Unbidden,
Keep Harm and Fear Far from This Place,
May God and Goddess Bless Us!
	So Mote It So!
	So Mote It Be!
 -- Avon, Sysop, Sanctuary BBS

The following commentary on the above spell was written by
someone who used it:
"Here's what happened when we performed it.

"I had pulled one of my partners into this with me, and we
did it the night after the full moon, being as how we didn't
get home in time the night OF the full moon (being across
town and having to stay the night as our friends were very
tired). We also didn't use patchouli incense, as I dislike
it, opting for sandalwood instead with the commanding
incense. Several times, though I had talked to said partner
about what to do when I was speaking, I still had to pause
in the recitation to tell him what to do. So there were
breaks in concentration. WITH ALL THIS, we still got an
apartment that feels much happier. This building, just since
we moved in a year and a half ago, has seen  an axe murder
on the lower floor, a shooting on the upper floor where we
are, two police break-ins on drug raids, several shootings
in the back alley, and two stabbings on the sidewalk near
the building. Bad vibes. Now it's better.

"Here's the downfalls -- if you can call them that.

"This is supposed to, at least how I interpret it, clear out
EVERYTHING in your house to start fresh. We had a ghost cat
before. We still have her now.

"Also, we now have two dark brown, heavily fanged ... THINGS
... hovering in my kitchen, worshipping my fridge. You think
I'm kidding. I'm not. Scared the hell out of me when I first
noticed them; eventually, I broke down and went into the
kitchen. When they didn't attack, I moved near the fridge.
"It's a refrigerator," I said. They gave back a sort of
sub-vocal "Wow ..." I opened said fridge. "It's still a
fridge," I said. They looked in; seemed even more impressed.
I have NO idea why.

"Also, once I looked down from my computer, feeling watched,
and noticed  another dark brown thing, all rags and big feet
and big eyes. His whole being radiated shock and surprise
when I looked down; again, I caught a sort of sub-vocal
"WHAT??!!??", and he vanished. Poof. That's been it, but
it's interesting. Did these slip in due to the changes or
due to our lack of concentration?  No harmful thing is in
this apartment now; of that I'm sure. So how are these new
residents explained?

"Anyway, that's it. Hope you have fun with it... :>"

-- anon., archived at


Here are two protective affirmations, which surround you
with powerful protective influences while traveling.

Say these words, three times, before leaving on a road trip:

    Susabo, Come, and Follow, 
    and Stay With Me On My Journey.

The angel's name is pronounced: Soo Sah Boo. Susabo is the
angel governing land traveling.

For ocean voyages, say these words, three times, before
leaving the shore:

   Lehahiah, Come, and Follow, 
   and Stay With Me On My Journey.

The angel's name is pronounced Lay Hah He Yah. This is the
angel governing ocean voyages.

These names appear in Franz Bardon's book about magical

© 1998 Bogg (


Take a piece of Comfrey Root with you in a red flannel bag
on your travels and you will always find pleasant situations
along the way, meet helpful friends and strangers, and
readily locate good food and safe places to sleep.

This talisman appears to me to be derived according to the
Doctrine of Signatures, as Comfrey Root will sprout and grow
wherever it is tossed on the ground and needs no special
treatment -- it finds a safe home anywhere.

© 1997 catherine yronwode (

If you are trying to avoid a bully, try candle magick in
this way. This is a very old binding, a ritual, really. 

Use a black candle to display the person's anger. Calling
the elements, tie a cord (obviously short) around the candle's
base or feet:

    By three and nine your power I bind. 
    By Moon and Sun my will be done." 

Tie the candle's waist now: 

    Sky and Sea, keep harm from me,
    Cord go 'round, power be bound.

Tie cord around the candle's neck:
    Light revealed,

Snuff the candle:

Carry the candle, unlit of course. See if this works for
you. BB!

© 1999 Autumn Bad Lands (



meditate. if you are not a regular practicer of spell-
casting, this would be a beginning spell / ritual /
learning and a helpful experience for later when you are
ready to start off.

meditate, relax put yourself into a state of calmness, start
to picture this/these people, and feel nothing, this may
take some time to complete. you may have to do this over and
over till you feel no fear or anger towards these/this
person whenever you picture them and being relaxed and open
at the same time.

picture a white light around you... feel the white light
emanating like an energy field around you from you.  yes, it
sounds corny but tis the best way to put it now.... keep
practicing this... then picture those troublesome people
around you...

you can either do one of two things now... it's your
choice... you at this point are altering your own aura, and
energies. whenever you pass this person or these people, do
not picture any fear or anger, but rather a white light
around you... and this light eventually you can either use
to push their colours away from you or help you change their
colours to be white as well.

you can also do this on your own without them around; keep
trying it before bedtime, in the morning, etc., whenever
you get a chance or feel upset for some reason or other.
This helps to focus your energies, and changes peoples'
'fields' of energies, in turn altering their own feelings...

some people have a tendency to really perk you up just by
being near them and other people you can feel the
'draaaaaaaiiinnnnnn' of nothing from them... they are
altering you... take this into your personality and start
using it to your advantage... peoples' shadows should not
take over their lives but be brought into the forefront and
made to be a strength.

Fear may be your shadow... change it...

hope this helps....

© 1999 "dirtybird..." (



Tape a recent, full length color photograph of yourself
behind a hardware store style, one foot square mirror,
facing inward, toward the painted [unreflective or back]
side [of the mirror].

Hold the mirror over your heart, with the reflective side
facing outward. Say one time:

	Mirror, mirror, work for me,
	From all slings, and arrows, keep me free,
	As I will, so mote it be!

Turn right, and ninety degrees, and repeat the spell.

Turn right, and ninety degrees, and repeat the spell.

Turn right, and ninety degrees, and repeat the spell.

Return facing where you began, and point the mirror upward,
and repeat the spell, and then downward, and repeat the

Close by pointing the mirror forward, and say one time:

	Mirror, mirror, come with me,
	Wherever I go, follow, and stay with me.
    As I will, so mote it be!

Place the mirror in one of your bedroom windows, with the
reflective side facing outward, where your believe your
troublemakers are passing by, or on the ground, inside your
bedroom, or outside behind some bushes.

Repeat mirror spell every five days, until the danger has
past. Note, this mirror spell does not cross bodies of
water, so you may want place a mirror on the floor, inside
your car.

© 1998 Bogg (



I have used mirror-spells to deal with those who do harm and
seem to refuse to learn better.  You will need the following

     a glass bowl or jar
     4 items that will represent the elements 
            I use crystals and gemstones myself;
            I know others who use candles of the 
            appropriate colors, or goddess images; 
            use what works for you)
     something personal of the person you wish to place the 
            mirror spell on, such as:
            a picture, a piece of hair, a drawing, 
            or something simular;
            if you cannot get those,
            then write out their name 9 times 
            (it's not as efective as having any of 
            the above, but anything in a pinch)
     something to symbolize what you need reflected back at
            the subject.  I like tarot cards or runes, 
            but use what seems natural; if he or she does a 
            lot of harm verbally, it might be appropriate to 
            find a symbol for speech and add it in.
     a large enough mirror to hold the above
Take the picture and/or personal item of the subject and lay
it on the mirror. If you wish, you can explain to the item
why it is what they are doing is wrong and let them know you
will help them overcome this fault.  Then lay the symbol of
what they are doing wrong over them and cover with the glass
bowl. Place the 4 items representing the 4 elements at the
appropriate points of the compass, asking each element or
symbolizing entity to help the subject realize the error of
his/her ways by returning the ill to his/her doorstep.

Take the mirror containing all the items out in the sunlight
for a couple of hours, or in the moon/starlight all night.

After that is done, thank the spirits of the stones, mirror,
and glass for helping you and disassemble the spell, you may
want to cleanse things to remove any negativity they picked

Wait a few days and see if the person isn't starting to
learn.  if not, repeat the spell again in a month.  Some
people need the spell renewed several times before they
start to see the patern and want to change.

© 2000 Sharree Carter (



So That The Husband Treats You Well and Does Not Hit You 
(An Offering to Chango)

[I've translated this Santerian spell from a Hispanic pulp
publication titled "Presagio", by Carlos Canet. There is no
clear publication date but "#172 & 173" of Year 9 were
published in 2000. Please note: the language may seem a bit
stilted and awkward, and sometimes the instructions are
somewhat incomplete, but I have translated them verbatim
from the Spanish, keeping the sense as much as possible. 
-- VoDuWoman]

You will need:

   12 twigs 
   red dental floss
   a picture of the abuser with name and date of birth
   a plate 
   the powders "Tame the Bully" and "10 Powers" 
   a bucket of water

Tie together 12 twigs with red dental floss so that you have
six bundles, place the bundles in the center of a plate,
sprinkle with the powders "Tame the Bully" and "10 Powers"
and with the brandy, light it all on fire and when it is
burning, place in the picture of the abuser so that it too
is burned. It is necessary to do this work with great
caution against catching the place on fire, so before
beginning have a water bucket at hand, in case Chango
becomes infuriated that his children are mistreated.

© 2000 Carlos Canet, "Pesagio"
Translated by Debbe Evins (



What you need: 

* three sticks of incense, 
    preferably ones formulated for enhancing
    magick energies and for protection 
* a ceramic bowl full of water 
* a candle
* some copper wire
* a piece of obsidian 
     (either use raw obsidian, or a piece 
     carved with protective symbols)  
First, create a circle.  Light the candle and
light the incense with the candle, wrap the
obsidian in the copper wire, but don't use all of
your copper wire.  Use the following diagram to
set up your work space:

Candle   Incence    Bowl full 
         sticks     of water

   ^        !       U~~~U
  {_}      ! !       UUU

Put the obsidian into the flame of the candle and
     "Through fire I cleanse you." 
Repeat until the copper wire gets hot enough that
it begins to glow red. (It is advisable to have
something between the wire and your hands when you
do this).
Then move the red hot wire-bound rock through the 
incense and say, 
     "Through air, thrice I charge you."

Finally, place the stone and wire into the ceramic
bowl full of water (it is best if you made the
bowl, or if not that, it is at least hand-made, but
if neither is possible, then a commercial bowl
will do provided that it is ceramic; plastic will
not work) and say, 
     "Through water, I purify you and
     through Earth I ground you."  

Remove the stone from the bowl. If you intend it
to be carried in the pocket, or if it is to
protect a specific location, proceed to the next
step. If you are planning to wear it around your
neck, however, the wire will probably be too
damaged to use as a hanger for the talisman, so
remove it and bury it, using fresh wire from the
same source to make a new binding.

Hold the bound stone in your stronger hand (if
left-handed, left, if right-handed, right) and
breathe upon it, then saying    
   "I link this stone to 
        (the name of the person or place in need 
        of protection -- if the stone if for your 
        own protection then say "myself" or "me") 
   that (he/she/it/I) will suffer not 
   the attacks of dark things."
Then seal your spell with whatever closing
statements you use (i.e. "Through my will be it
done," or "Thrice times three, so mote it be," or
"Abracadabra," or whatever else works in this
capacity in your tradition).  

Feel free to share this around to anyone who wants
it. Of course, this is just how I did it, any
adaptations or modifications wich you need to make
it work would probably work fine.

© 1999 Simon McNeil ( 
Charles McNeil (



a correspondent wrote:
> i was wondering if you knew of any charms, symbols, or 
> anything that would help keep snakes away.

Yes, in fact I do! It is said that offerings to St. Patrick,
famed for having driven the snakes from Ireland, can effect
the banishing of slithering serpents. Use a St. Patrick Holy
Card, featuring St. Patrick driving away snakes; burn a
candle before the Holy Card and pray to St. Patrick for
protection from snakes and snake bites.

You may also carry myrtle while walking in the woods to keep
snakes away during your travels (myrtle is used as a love
herb also ;>).

A White Clover Flower bath is reputed to safeguard the
bather against the serpentine, and one tablespoon of White
Clover Flowers in 4 oz. of Four Thieves Vinegar makes a
valuable banishing formula. Just sprinkle it around your
room or house, and snakes are supposed to afford you a wide

For an informative, free, illustrated article on the use 
of ritual baths and cleaning products in hoodoo, go to
and for an article on the use of saints and deities in folk 
magic, go to

Good luck!

© 1999 tyagi nagasiva

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