Introduction and Table of Contents

Indexed by Cat Yronwode
Htmlized and Updated by Wes Tumulka

The Spirit © and TM 2001 WIll Eisner
The Spirit Checklist © 2001
catherine yronwode

A downloadable copy of the whole of The Spirit Checklist, formatted by Steve Meyer, is available in either Adobe Acrobat (247KB) or as a zipped rtf document (139KB).

The Spirit Checklist is a portion of the (as-yet-unpublished) Complete Spirit Index compiled by Cat Yronwode during the late 1970s. It was printed in sections in The Spirit Magazine #22 - #28 inclusive, published by Kitchen Sink Press, and was the first comprehensive listing of all appearances of The Spirit.

This html version of the checklist is based upon Cat Yronwode's original index, with these alterations by Wes Tumulka:

  • The online Checklist now only includes appearances by The Spirit in media published in the USA
  • The online Checklist only includes complete stories that have been reprinted - it no longer includes single panels or pages that have been reproduced as examples of the strip or Eisner's work in books or articles.
  • Differences between the reproduction techniques used in the reprints are no longer noted
  • The story titles listed are taken from the Kitchen Sink reprints in the first instance -- if the sections are also known by other titles, then these will also be listed

Because of the size of the Checklist, it is split into sections:

Abbreviations of Comics & Magazines

Definitions of Terms Used

aka - also known as

B&W - black & white (no differenciation is made between halftone, line shots, proof, flat tones, wash tones, zipatone or photostat)

COL - color/colour (no differenciation is made between color that is the same as the original sections or stories that have been recolored)

Framed - A reprint that has a new framing sequence & some original panels deleted

Retouched - Minor changes in artwork from the original section

Redrawn - Major changes in artwork from the original section

Refried - Same story, much dialogue same, names may be changed, new art.

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