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The sacredlandscapelist is a public forum for sharing ideas, research and resources on a broad range of topics that fall under the heading of "interdisciplinary studies." Discussions comprise a lively interplay between students, scholars, and serious amateur students of mathematics, geometry, art history, comparative religion, astronomy, archaeology, and social history in the following subject areas:

The above subject list is by no means exhaustive, and we often wander into only vaguely related areas that we hope will throw light on our interests. However, despite the metaphysical, cosmological, and mystical underpinning beneath much of what is known as sacred geometry and sacred site architecture, we do have a special focus on how scientific understanding, as well as religious belief, informs our research into "sacred spaces," in both historical and contemporary contexts.

The tone of discussion on this e-list is informal and unmoderated. However, list members in general approach their subjects with an objective and scholarly attitude. The sacred landscape list accepts and acknowledges the value of subjective insights regarding some of these topics but also urges participants not to let mystical excess overwhelm their contributions to the list.

Common courtesy should prevail in all exchanges on this list, especially during disagreements. The list manager will intervene only if disagreements become excessively heated or sink to personal attack. Members should bring any inappropriate behavior that cannot be remedied by consensus to the attention of the list manager, Barrance C. Lespine, at his private e-mail address:

Because the sacred landscape list is a public forum, open to anyone, any messages posted to it may be cross-posted or re-posted into (and out of) usenet newsgroups. Furthermore, in addition to the short-term posting archive that is maintained by our host organization, egroups, posts of substantive quality may be archived for future reading at the web-based Lucky Mojo Esoteric Archive -- where most of them will be found under the general heading "interdisciplinary studies."

See you in..."the sacred landscape"

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