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Meaden, George Terrence
The Goddess of the Stones
Souvenir Press, 19--


Meaden, George Terrence
The Stonehenge Solution: The Secret Revealed
Souvenir Press, 1992
224 pp., b&w and colour illustrations
ISBN 0-285-63057-1

natural sacred sites, megaliths, mounds, houses of worship, funerary-cemetery-burial sites, archaeoastronomical observatories, labyrinths, symbolic landscaping, religion, myth, folklore, cosmology, religious iconography, prehistoric, Europe

Meaden is a professional meteorologist who proposes a novel theory to explain the 50 known neolithic British cursus monuments, low double-banked earthworks up to several miles in length, most now only visible through aerial photography. These, he says, memorialized the paths of tornados, which were seen as matings of the sky god with the earth goddess. He backs up the hypothesis with artifacts and with statistics on the orientation of tornado-paths in present-day England. This is sufficiently radical to recommend the book, but there is more: It is the author's contention that the solar alignments of British megaliths were used in "divine marriage" ceremonies whereby the shadow of an upright "god stone" would touch upon a "goddess stone" or the sun's directed rays in a passage grave would penetrate the recesses of a "womb shrine." Therefore, he contends, archaeoastronomers have been looking at Stonehenge backwards, trying to view the rising sun over the heelstone when they should be viewing the shadow of the heelstone as it falls onto the altar stone at the summer solstice. Meaden also discusses holy springs, with particular reference to the sacred source of the River Cunnt (now called the Kennet, alas) and he presents otherwise hard-to-find illustrations of a number of chalk phalli found in British barrows and cursus monuments. Had he refrained from mentioning crop circles, his presentation would have been more credible; even so, he has pried the lid off a very full box of wonders. Ignore the crop circle crap and read this book in conjuncton with Gimbutas' "The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe," Mohen's "The World of Megaliths," and Ritchie's "Scotland B. C." See also Howard's "Sex Worship" and Jennings' "Phallicism" for 19th century views on the "divine union" as a theme in shrine and temple architecture. CY

Miller, George Noyes
The Strike of a Sex and Zugassent's Discovery or, After the Sex Struck
Stockham Publishig Co., 1905

This is a work of fiction, and like the Greek classic Lysistrata, it is based on the idea that if wormen were to call out a general strike against sexual intercourse, they would be able to make great gains in terms of social, legal, political, and sexual equality with men. The fictive "Zugassent's Discovery" refers to what in non-fiction is known as the Male Continence method of John Jumphrey Noyes, which is related to The Karezza Method propounded by Alice Bunker Stockham and J. William Lloyd. CY.

Miller, Naomi
Heavenly Caves: Reflections on the Garden Grotto
George Braziller, 1982
142 pp., b&w illustrations
LC 81-18159
ISBN 0-8076-0967-8

natural sacred sites, houses of worship, funerary-cemetery-burial sites, vernacular architecture, symbolic landscaping, religion, myth, folklore, prehistoric, ancient, medieval, renaissance, modern, Europe, Greece, Rome

The only book of its kind; traces the development of the "grotesque" in landscape architecture from the genre's ancient roots in the Mediterranean and Adriatic regions, where natural sea-grottos were used as holy sites, through the cryptoporticus or architecturally-facaded grotto of the Romans, to the late Renaissance and early modern period, when the grotto spread northward into land-locked areas and became a garden feature. The emphasis is on the grotto as Nymphaeum, especially with reference to Greco-Roman classicism during the 16th through 18th centuries. Numerous examples of garden grottoes no longer in existence are depicted via period engravings and paintings. Only grottoes in which water is a feature are considerd, and short shrift is intentionally given to those with a chthonic or Hadean motif. Having deliberately shied away from the Hadean grotto, the author draws no connection between humanist garden grotto architecture and the contemporaneous religious tradition of ossuaria. This is unfortunate because the similarities between shell-encrusted French grottoes and bone-encrusted Austro-Hungarian ossuaria is striking to those who have studied them both. The Hadean garden grotto may supply a "missing link" between the two, but in the absence of examples, one can only guess at the distribution and appearance of the overlap in development of these seemingly divergent follies. Still, the text is excellent and the work deserves to be reprinted in a revised, colour-illustrated edition. CY

Moffett, Robert
Tantric Sex
Berkeley Medallion, 1974

A useful introduction, albeit dated; for a selection of quotes from this book (and commentary on the quotes) see the page in which Alice Bunker Stockhams' Karezza is compared to John Humphrey Noyes' Male Continence

Mookerjie, Ajit
Kali: The Feminine Force
Thames and Hudson/Destiny Books, 1988
112 pp., 86 b&w illustrations, 18 colour illustrations
LC 88-14872
ISBN 0-89281-212-5

A well-photographed picture book on the worship of the goddess Kali as practiced in India. CY

Mookerjie, Ajit
Kundalini: The Arousal of the Inner Energy
Thames and Hudson, 1982; 3rd edition: Destiny Books, 1988
112 pp., many b&w iand colour illustrations
LC 81-5466
ISBN 0-89281-020-3

A beginner's picture book on Kundalini yoga as practiced in India, with some reference to tantra yoga. CY

Mookerjie, Priya
Pathway Icons: The Wayside Shrines of India
Thames and Hudson, 1987
80 pp., 76 colour photos
ISBN 0-500-27428-2

houses of worship, vernacular architecture, religion, folklore, religious iconography, modern, Asia

A well-photographed picture book of vernacular shrines to Shiva, Kali, and the rest of the Hindu pantheon. The sacred sites range from simple rocks painted red with a square of tin foil and two eyes appliqued to kitchy plaster figures in garish "naturalistic" colours. Notable are the many Shiva linga and goddess stones. CY

Muir, Charles and Muir, Caroline
Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving
Mercury House, 1989
134 pp., colour illustrations
LC 88-7854
ISBN 0-916515-55-9 (cloth); ISBN 0-916515-86-9 (paper)

A fine beginner's book and a compelling argument for Tantra. Their workshops are highly recommended. They have a lovely new video out. JT

This is a good example of the current tendency to combine marital self-help with neo-tantra yoga; i recommend it for couples who may be a little put off by Hinduism but want to explore sacred sexuality. It is well written, kind-spirited in tone, and may be the best introduction to the subject that an interested person could give to a reluctant mate. CY

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