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Saraswati, Sunyata
Jewel in The Lotus

This book teaches moving sexual energy in the body. Sunyata taught many late 20th century western Tantra teachers and is a master. JT

Schwartz, Bob
The One Hour Orgasm: How to Have More Fun by Lengthening and Intensifying the Orgasmic State for Yourself and Your Partner
Breakthru Publishing, 1988
ISBN 0-942540-03-4

This is an easy-to-read, non-religious self-help manual based on the masturbation techniques developed by Dr. W. Victor Baranco. The author, who has also written self-help works on dieting, has an infectiously upbeat style, but while this cheerful just-plain-folks kinda guy is ostensibly teaching his fellow married men how to "do" their wives, he also reveals the remarkable heart of a yoni-worshipper or devotee of Kali who surprises the reader over and over with sincere declarations that "women are the source of all sexual arousal" and "if a man is thinking about sex, it is because he has received a transmitted feeling that started in a woman." In short, Schwartz's basic premise is that guys will have more fun, get yelled at less often, and have more orgasms themselves once they are "trained" to assist their wives in proper management of "female tumescence" -- a novel and refreshing approach to life that will be greeted with enthusiasm by many gals, no doubt. This book is comparable to "ESO (Extended Sexual Orgasm)" by Allen Brauer. Some of the mapping and communication techniques taught in it are similar to those i have described in my write-up of the extended orgasm workshop at Sunrise Center. CY

Shaw, Miranda
Passionate Enlightment: Women in Tantric Buddhism

Princeton University Press, 1994
ISBN 0-691-03380-3 Trade Cloth

Simpson, Milton
Folk Erotica: Celebrating Centuries of Erotic Americana

HarperCollins, 1994
144 pp., colour illustrations throughout
LC 94-25800
ISBN 0-06-017108-1 Hardcover

This is a wonderful survey of vernacular sex-art in America, starting with Native American petroglyphs and pottery and continuing to the present day. The works depicted include erotic scrimshaw, folk paintings, primitive art, novelty toys, and good luck charms from the florid 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, in all their multifarious splendour. A cheerful volume, it will make you smile about sex. CY

Stockham, Alice Bunker
Karezza: Ethics of Marriage

Revised Edition, R. F. Fenno & Co., 1896

This Sacred Sex web site is in essense a tribute to the work and writings of Alice Bunker Stockham. CY

Stubbs, Kenneth Ray with Saulnier, Louise-Andree
Tantric Massage: An Illustrated Manual for Meditative Sexuality
The Secret Garden Trilogy, Volume I
originally published as
Erotic Massage: The Touch of Love
Secret Garden Publishing, 1989, 1993
112 pp., illustrated in b&w by Kyle Spencer and in colour by Richard Stodart
ISBN 0-939263-09-2

Kenneth Stubbs is a gifted teacher, and this book, beautifully illustrated by Kyle Spencer, will show you how to give a full-body massage, including massage of the genitals. A video version of the material is also available. CY

Stubbs, Kenneth Ray
Sensual Ceremony: A Contemporary Tantric Guide to Sexual Intimacy
The Secret Garden Trilogy, Volume II
Secret Garden Publishing, 1992
112 pp., illustrated in b&w and colour by Richard Stodart
LC 91-62590
ISBN 0-939263-07-6

Of the three volumes in Kenneth Stubbs' "Secret Garden Trilogy," i found "Sensual Ceremony" to be the most valuable to me personally. The simple, reader-friendly, well-organized text tells you how to plan and conduct non-religious equivalents to several traditional tantric puja ceremonies, including bathing, feeding, and massaging the beloved -- at home or even in a hotel room, if needs be. Practicality, thoughtfulness, and spiritual depth are evident in every word of the text, and i recommend this volume most highly. CY

Stubbs, Kenneth Ray
Sacred Orgasms: Teachings from the Heart
The Secret Garden Trilogy, Volume III
Secret Garden Publishing, 1992
80 pp., illustrated in b&w by Kyle Spencer
LC 91-62590
ISBN 0-939263-07-6

This is the philosophical and metaphysical companion to the author's "Tantric Massage" and "Sensual Ceremony" volumes. In it, he describes the personal insights, cultural traditions, and religious systems of thought that have gone into the development of the syncretistic practice of spiritual sexuality. CY

He uses poetry and illustration to capture the flavor of sacred sexuality and to challenge the western paradigm of orgasm. This is a great book by a great man. JT

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