by catherine yronwode

The illustration on this page is a Native American phallic charmstone
from the pages of the Lucky W Amulet Archive.

My interest in sex worship dates back to my puberty, around 1961, when i first found a copy of "Hell Upon Earth Made Heaven or the Marriage Secrets of a Chicago Contractor" by George Washington Savory in my parents' antiquarian book store. Savory was to all appearances (including the "Chicago" reference in the title of his book) a follower of Alice Bunker Stockham, although i did not know that at the time. I set about trying to find more such books and soon acquired "The Karezza Method" by John William Lloyd and then "Karezza" and "Tokology" by Stockham herself. I was convinced that there was truth in these materials, even though i did not yet have a consensual sex partner of my own. They just felt "right" to me.

Sacred sex has been a strong element of my life since my earliest exposure to the subject. I first publicly broached my interest in these matters in 1975 in a series of articles my friend David Haenke and i co-wrote for an Ozark hippie zine called X-Press/Your Times. Shortly thereafter an article we wrote on Alice Bunker Stockham and other Victorian sex reformers was published in the New Age Journal.

When i embarked on a career in the field of comic books in the early 1980s, i thought it best to keep these arcane interests out of the spotlight, but since joining the internet community in the 1990s, i have found myself once again writing openly about sacred sex. After a few years on the net, i established this web archive to bypass what had grown into a steady stream of e-mail requests for reprints and repostings of my most popular essays on the subject.

Well, that's my story -- i'm just an average person who read a book on sex-religions when i was 14 years old and realized that i was looking my own future in the face. When i was in my twenties and thirties, i thought everyone felt the same as i did about holy sexuality -- or that they would feel that way once they heard about it or were given some simple instructions in how to achieve a state of sexual ecstasy. It wasn't until my mid-thirties that i realized that this is not the case, that some otherwise very intelligent, educated, creative, and sexually adept people not only have no desire to open themselves to any form of sex religion, but that they think that those of us who do are "animalistic," or "weird."

Why do some people recognize and then follow the path of sacred sexuality and others fail to see it or, seeing it, turn away from it? I don't know. Some theorists speculate that one's culture and religious upbringing play a large part in determining one's attitude toward sex. I guess i have to agree with these folks that some cultural groups, such as Euro-American Roman Catholics, seem disinclined to honour the sacred in sex, while others, such as American-born culturally-Jewish agnostics, tend to encompass sex-positive views with almost no trouble at all. But culture doesn't explain it all. I have known people born into anti-sexual Calvinist families who became yoni-worshipping tantrikas and people born into liberal neo-pagan families who did not. At this point, i can only speculate that the tendency to make a sacrament of sex "may be genetic." (And having said that, i know that my close friends and family will laugh when they read those words, for "it may be genetic" is my continual refrain when i am faced with any inexplicable variation in human behaviour and has been a gently self-mocking catch-phrase of mine for years.)

Culture, religious training, and genetics aside, no one has yet explained to my satisfaction why some people "get it" and others don't. For those who DON'T get it, this web site is a lot of fuss about nothing -- or worse, about something smutty -- but for those who DO get it, i am happy to set forth what little i know about sacred sex. I do this with the intent of helping strangers who are in search of information about this all too mysterious subject and in the hope that providing confirmation of their experiences through the mirror of my own will be of service.


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