A Companion to
the Dr. Strange Comic Books

compiled by catherine yronwode
with nagasiva yronwode



      Introductory Notes published in "Return from Reality"

      A Dr. Strange Chronology by Lou Mougin

      "The Evolution of an Enchantress" by cat yronwode (from Heroine Showcase #15, 1978)

      "The Once and Future Dr. Strange" by cat yronwode (from Instant Gratification #1, 1979)

Introductory Notes
published in "Return from Reality"
(for APA-I)

Return from Reality #1 (1978)

cat {{sign}} yronwode,
Route One,
Willow Springs, Mo. 65793

This is my first zine for APA-I, but even stranger, it's my first zine since "Motorcycle Kidneys" way back in 1965. "Gafiated but not forgotten" has always seemed like a fitting epitaph on the tombstone of my fannish days. So now i'm back, resurected (but still making the same old typos) and ready to play. In case you wonder, i left fandom because it seemed so trivial in the light of the Vietnam War, the Psychedelic Revelation, the Immanent Socio-Economic Collapse of Civilization As We Know It, the Ravages of Pollution, the Need to Raise A Family, and so forth. I came back to fandom because deep in my heart there is an overwhelming love of triviality, after all. Maybe even a need for it.

So anyhow, this little thing you hold in your hands (or feet) is the first installment of "The Lesser Book of the Vishanti," a mammoth crazy index to all facets of Doctor Strange's reality. Part of The Lesser Book, dealing with alien dimensions, will appear in "Omniverse 3", if Gruenwald & Mullaney don't forget {{the much-delayed Omniverse 3 came out many years later, and my contribution was not included}} -- and, although i doubt the whole bizarre compendium will ever see print, further installments can be expected to surface in APA-I mailings from time to time.

Why Dr. Strange? Oh, i guess i just liked Steve Ditko's art -- and even after he left I stayed attached to the concepts.

Why index? Well, frankly i don't know. My mother was a librarian, -- so maybe it's genetic.

Return from Reality #3 (1979)

This is Return from Reality 3, presenting Chapter Two {{actually the Intermezzo between Volumes One and Two}} of The Lesser Book of the Vishanti: an index to the various deities, interdimensional forces, supernatural agencies, preternatural entities, and power objects invoked by Dr. Stephen Strange and his enemies and allies who practice the Mystic Arts in the pages of Strange Tales, Dr. Strange, Marvel Premiere, and a number of other titles. This index does NOT cover any material from Defenders for the simple reason that the author is lacking a few early issues of that title. Because the character of Dr. Strange is handled quite differently in his "non-team" appearances than in his own book, the loss is not a serious one. Invocations in Defenders are usually limited to simple epithets involving the half-dozen most common deities. However, should any reader care to loan me the necessary material, future editions of this work will include all Vishantist references from Defenders. The cover of this index is from a drawing by Denis McFarling. Typesetting (and errors) are by cat yronwode. Printed in the basement by Fly By Night Grafiks (that's us). Additional copies may be had for 50 cents each from Route One, Box 287, Willow Springs, MO 65703.

Characters © 1979 MCG

All invocations are by Dr. Strange unless another's name appears in parentheses. The wise reader will note the steady deterioration of recent Doctor Strange comics by paying heed to the extinction of many old forms of address, the overall lessened frequency of invocations, and the disturbing tendency of late to substitute Judeo-Christian deities for the more magical Vishantist ones.

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