A Companion to
the Dr. Strange Comic Books

compiled by catherine yronwode
with nagasiva yronwode


by Lou Mougin

Pre-1963: Strange Tales #115 (expanded in Dr. Strange #169): Stephen Strange, egotistic but skilled brain surgeon, loses the use of his hands in medicine and reforms to become the Master of the Mystic Arts, Dr. Strange.

July 1963 Onward

Strange Tales #110: Dr. Strange meets (or rather, re-meets) Nightmare.

Strange Tales #111: Dr. Strange saves the Ancient One from Baron Mordo in the latter's first appearance.

Strange Tales #114: Mordo attacks Dr. Strange again, but the Mystic Master enlists the aid of Victoria Bentley.

Strange Tales #116: Dr. Strange duels Nightmare again.

Strange Tales #117: Baron Mordo traps Dr. Strange again, but only for a time!

Strange Tales #118: Dr. Strange battles a horde of extra-dimensionals.

Strange Tales #119: Dr. Strange goes "beyond the purple veil" to save two hoods from Aggamon.

Strange Tales #120: Dr. Strange rids the Earth of the Haunted House before it returns to face Rom.

Strange Tales #121: It's Strange vs. Mordo again in a body-snatching story.

Fantastic Four #27: Dr. Strange meets his first superhero cohorts for the first time -- the Torch and Thing -- and, ironically, helps them evade the Sub-Mariner, his fellow-Defender-to-be.

Strange Tales #122: Nightmare captures Strange, but a sleepless monster interferes.

Strange Tales #123: Dr. Strange almost gets clobbered by Loki, until Thor intervenes. And just wait....

Journey Into Mystery #108: After an unchronicled battle with Mordo in which Strange saves New York City, he is in turn saved by Thor/Don Blake, and, in turn, Dr. Strange saves Jane Foster from Loki. (Gettin' back at you, babe! So -- how could Thor believe Dr. Strange could turn evil in the Avengers/Defenders clash?).

Strange Tales #124: Dr. Strange saves Cleopatra (Richard Burton couldn't make it this time).

Strange Tales #125: Dr. Strange and Baron Mordo play catch-as-catch-can.

Strange Tales #126: Fighting for the Ancient One (and Earth), Doc first encounters -- The Dread Dormammu! (And Clea!).

Strange Tales #127: It's Dr. Strange all-out against Dormammu, with Clea as official cheerleader and deusette ex machina.

Strange Tales #128: Dr. Strange vs. The Demon. (Jack Kirby, take note.)

Strange Tales #129: Dr. Strange almost makes a TV debut and takes on Tiboro, Tyrant of the 6th (Count it, 6th) Dimension.

[page 2]

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2: Dr. Strange first meets the amazing Spider-Man as they face the merciless menace of Xandu!!

Strange Tales #130: Beginning the longest-running series of all as Dormammu and Baron Mordo join forces to put Dr. Strange to flight.

Strange Tales #131: The chase goes on.

Strange Tales #132: Dr. Strange discovers the truth of Baron Mordo’s new power as he escapes to another dimension.

Strange Tales #133: In another dimension, Dr. Strange defeats the sorceress Shazana.

Strange Tales #134: Dr. Strange returns to Earth and leads Mordo into the heart of the sun, almost.

Fantastic Four Annual #3: Still on the run, Dr. Strange makes a brief appearance at Reed Richards’s and Sue Storm’s wedding to blitz the Red Ghost and his Super Apes into another dimension, temporarily.

Strange Tales #135: Doc decides to hound Sir Baskerville for the secret of Eternity.

Strange Tales #136: The Aged Genghis and Rama Kaliph appear and Dr. Strange battles a nameless demon in another dimension.

Strange Tales #137: Dr. Strange wrests the secret of Eternity from the Ancient One’s brain.

Strange Tales #138: Dr. Strange meets ETERNITY! Fat lot of good it does him!!

Strange Tales #139: Dr. Strange beats Baron Mordo and Dormammu decides to enter the ring himself.

Strange Tales #140: Round two; Dr. Strange and Dormammu in hand-to-hand combat. (Pretty tough for a concept, isn’t he?)

Strange Tales #141: Dr. Strange beats Dormammu for the Dimensional Wrestling Alliance belt, gets a pledge from him never to invade Earth again (HA!) and sees Clea and learns her name. Meanwhile, the bad guys plant a bomb in his brazier.

Strange Tales #142: The bomb fails, but three bad guys beset Strange.

Strange Tales #143: The baddies are bested at last.

Strange Tales #144: Dormammu strikes again through Tazza and tosses Clea into a sidereal dimension. She gets that done to her a lot.

Strange Tales #145: Mister Rasputin makes his first-last-and-only appearance.

Strange Tales #146: It’s Dormammu vs. Eternity, Clea back in reality (my mistake! Her name’s revealed in this story!), and all well... but Mordo is back.

Strange Tales #147: Prelude to a fracas with Kaluu.

[page 3]

Strange Tales #148: We learn the origin of the Ancient One (circa 1300?) and Kaluu gets ready to fight.

Strange Tales #149: Kaluu finally gets together with Strange.

Strange Tales #150: Kaluu is dispatched forever, but here comes Dormammu’s sister, and if you thought the Dormammu/Mordo series was long....

Strange Tales #151: Umar begins her war on Dr. Strange.

Strange Tales #152: Dr. Strange renews old acquaintances with the Mindless Ones.

Strange Tales #153: Well, Doc is “Alone Against the Mindless Ones.”

Strange Tales #154: Dr. Strange meets Veritas and Clea tries to off Umar. Or is it the other way around?

Strange Tales #155: Dr. Strange banishes Clea to another dimension (hey, didn’t Dormammu do that last time around?) and keeps it up with Umar.

Strange Tales #156: Zom turns up to drive Umar out of our dimension. So, who’s going to do the same for Zom?

Strange Tales #157: The Ancient One "dies", Dr. Strange rips Zom's hair out, and the Living Tribunal shows his faces.

Strange Tales #158: The Tribunal explains the world's predicament to Strange.

X-Men #33: Somewhere along the way, just before he comes to grips with Baron Mordo, Dr. Strange drops in on the X-Men to advise them in matters mystic. (First crossover since FF Annual #3!)

Strange Tales #159: Strange presses Baron Mordo into service to save the world.

Strange Tales #160: With the power of every sorceror on Earth, Mordo blitzes Dr. Strange.

Strange Tales #161: Nebulos appears to bedevil Strange and Victoria.

Strange Tales #162: Baron Mordo gets blitzed into a sideral dimension. Lots of people get that done to them a lot in this strip. Vicki Bentley gets that done to her, too.

Strange Tales #163: Nebulos dies, the Earth is saved, and Dr. Strange gets blasted into a sideral dimension to save Vicki Bentley.

Strange Tales #164: Dr. Strange vs. Yandroth for Victoria Bentley.

Strange Tales #165: Dr. Strange vs. Yandroth for Victoria Bentley.

Strange Tales #166: Dr. Strange vs. Yandroth for Victoria Bentley.

Strange Tales #167: Dr. Strange vs. Yandroth for Victoria Bentley. The Ancient One returns from "death." He gets that done to him a lot.

Strange Tales #168: Yandroth takes the big fall. Vicky Bentley safe. Everybody goes home.

Dr. Strange #169: Doc has a smoke and reminisces about his origin.

Dr. Strange #170: Doc renews old acquaintances with Nightmare.

[page 4]

Dr. Strange #171: Clea's back! And Dormammu's got her!

Dr. Strange #172: It's been 26 issues since they last fought, and Dr. Strange and Dormammu haven't cooled down yet.

Dr. Strange #173: Final round, as Dormammu tries to invade the earth.

Avengers #60: Dr. Strange drops by Avengers Mansion to attend the wedding of Goliath and the Wasp. He doesn't get out much in these days, except for weddings.

Dr. Strange #174: Satannish makes the scene, and Lord Nekron dies in combat.

Dr. Strange #175: The Sons of Satannish strike!

Dr. Strange #176: Asmodeus and his boys keep things lively.

Dr. Strange #177: Dr. Strange's first masked appearance, as his old doctor-buddy turns out to have been a baddy!

Dr. Strange #178: Strange and the Black Knight vs. Tiboro.

Avengers #61: Dr. Strange, The Black Knight, Black Panther, Vision and Hawkeye take on Ymir and Surtur. Also: Doc's first operation since losing his touch.

Dr. Strange #179: [missing]

Dr. Strange #180: Nightmare and Eternity come back, and Tom Wolf mau-maus the spell catchers. (Sorcerous Chic!)

Dr. Strange #181: It's Doc vs. Nightmare for Eternity. (Haven't I used that line?)

Dr. Strange #182: Juggernaut turns up, Eternity blasts him and Nightmare for a loop, and he gives Strange his "Stephen Sanders" identity.

Dr. Strange #183: The Undying Ones appear ...

Sub-Mariner #22: Dr. Strange side-by-side with Subby (who has apparently forgiven him for Fantastic Four #27) against the Nameless Ones, but Doc sends Subby home and takes 'em on himself.

Incredible Hulk #126: Dr. Strange meets the Hulk, and they clobber the Nameless One, and Barbara Norriss gets frozen, and Strange renounces his mystic powers.

Marvel Feature #1: Dr. Strange regains his mystic powers and defeats Baron Mordo ... now, HOW did he get back from the sideral dimension he was blasted into? Ah well, he does that a lot.

Marvel Feature #2: Dr. Strange brings Sub-Mariner and the Hulk back together again, and in the Defenders' first case they whup up on the Omegatron.

Marvel Feature #2 [sic]: Old Home Week as Clea, Doc, Subby and Hulk take on the Dread Dormammu!

Marvel Feature #3: Doc, Subby and Hulk clobber Xemnu the Titan.

Amazing Spider-Man #109: Doc and Spidey get together for the first time in seven years to fight the Guardians of the Hidden Temple.

[page 5]

Defenders #1: Doc and the boys get together again to duel Necrodamus.

Defenders #2: Dr. Strange meets the Silver Surfer for the first time as he, the Surfer, Hulk and Subby fight Calizuma. (Who should be back for Calizuma's Revenge!)

Defenders #3: The Surfer, Strange, Hulk and Subby rescue Barbara Norriss from the Nameless Ones.

Defenders #4: Barbara becomes the Valkyrie!

Defenders #5: Dr. Strange on the sidelines as Val, Hulk and Subby take on the Omegatron.

Defenders #6: Cyrus Black (once the Reverend Mr. Black) renews old hostilities with Strange (he once lost the Watoomb Wand, remember?) and gets the Surfer, Val and Subby in the bargain.

Marvel Premiere #3: Dr. Strange vs. Nightmare anew. (Only sleeping.)

Marvel Premiere #4: The specter of Shuma-Gorath raises its head or whatever.

Marvel Premiere #5: Hijinks in Starksboro, Vt.

Marvel Premiere #6: Is this the Sligguth-Spawn issue?

Marvel Premiere #7: Out of the frying pan into ...

Marvel Premiere #8: Outer space!

Marvel Premiere #9: Dr. Strange returns to Earth and the fight against Shuma-Gorath begins in earnest.

Marvel Premiere #10: Finally, Shuma-Gorath gets killed, and so does the Ancient One, who rises to a higher plane of existence. He gets that done to him a lot.

Defenders #8: Dr. Strange gets back together with the Hulk, Sub-Mariner and the Silver Surfer to rescue Hawkeye and the Valkyrie from the Red Ghost. Then, they get sidetracked into searching for the Evil Eye, at the behest of Loki and Dormammu.

Avengers #116: The Avengers get rebuffed as they try to enter Strange's domicile. No, make that Dane Whitman's castle. Anyway ... Silver Surfer and Vision battle.

Defenders #9: Hawkeye fights Iron Man, and Doc battles ... the Black Panther and Mantis?

Avengers #117: The Valkyrie fights the Swordsman and Captain America fights Sub-Mariner.

Defenders #10: Thor fights the Hulk, and the two teams get together as Dormammu begins converting the human race into monsters.

Avengers #118: The Defenders get kayoed, but the Avengers pull through and shove Dormammu through Loki's mind.

Defenders #11: The Defenders reunite the Evil Eye and find the Black Knight back in the Crusades.

[page 6]

Marvel Premiere #11: Dr. Strange goes to the Ancient One's retreat to inform Hamir of the news.

Marvel Premiere #12: Clea and Wong find Doc in Mexico, and we begin the Sise-Neg affair.

Marvel Premiere #13: Baron Mordo is back, and he and Doc both go for Sise-Neg.

Marvel Premiere #14: Sise-Neg recreates the Earth. That gets done a lot in this strip.

Defenders #12: Doc, the Hulk and Valkyrie fight Xemnu.

Marvel Team-Up #21: Doc and Spider-Man get together and clobber Xandu.

Giant-Size Defenders #1: Clea, Doc, Val, Hulk and Subby defeat some dreams.

Defenders #13: Nighthawk signs up as the Defenders duel Nebulon and the Squadron Sinister.

Defenders #14: Nebulon and the Squadron are dispatched, and Subby leaves.

Dr. Strange #1: Doc is knifed by Silver Dagger.

Dr. Strange #2: In the Orb, Doc meets Captain Midnight and the Secret Squa -- um, the Defenders.

Dr. Strange #3: Doc recalls his battle with Dormammu.

Dr. Strange #4: Doc dies (that happens to him a lot in this strip) and comes back to life.

Dr. Strange #5: Back on earth, Doc saves Clea and defeats Silver Dagger.

Defenders #15: Doc, Nighthawk, Hulk, Valkyrie and Professor X battle the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Defenders #16: The Defenders and Prof. X bid Alpha goodbye and see Magneto and company regressed to childhood.

Giant-Size Defenders #2: Dr. Strange meets the Son of Satan, as all of them get caught in the plots of Asmodeus.

Defenders #17: Dr. Strange meets Luke Cage as he, Hulk and Nighthawk take on the Wrecking Crew.

Defenders #18: Dr. Strange, Luke, Hulk and Nighthawk continue fighting the Wrecking Crew.

Defenders #19: Last call for the Wrecking Crew.

Giant-Size Defenders #3: Strange meets Daredevil as he, Subby, and Hulk get together to play chess.

Dr. Strange #6: Clea shrinks a rabbit. Dormammu gets together, and Umar makes the scene.

Dr. Strange #7: Clea and Doc vs. Umar and Dormammu.

Dr. Strange #8: A duel in the Dark Dimension.

Dr. Strange #9: Once again, Dormammu is beaten.

[page 7]

Marvel Two-In-One #6: Dr. Strange and the Thing together vs. the manifestations of the Destiny Force.

Marvel Two-In-One #7: While Doc looks on, the Thing and Val confront the Executioner and the Enchantress.

Defenders #20: The Thing, Doc and Valyrie fight the Nameless Ones.

Defenders #21: The first shot of the Headmen!

Marvel Team-Up # [sic]: The Human Torch, Doc and Valyrie right Jeremiah.

Giant-Size Defenders #4: Yellowjacket joins up as the Defenders meet Trish Starr and fight Egghead and the Squadron Sinister.

Defenders #22: The Defenders vs. the Sons of the Serpent!

Defenders #23: Jack Norris appears as the Defenders step on the snakes.

Defenders #24: Daredevil, Luke Cage and Son of Satan join up again, as Doc sleeps through it all.

Defenders #25: Doc eventually wakes up and they find out that the Serpents are Equal Opportunity Employers after all....

Giant-Size Defenders #5: The Defenders meet the Guardians the Galaxy!

Defenders #26: In the future, the Defenders and Guardians battle the Badoon.

Defenders #27: Starhawk appears as the Defenders carry on.

Defenders #28: The good guys battle the Badoon.

Defenders #29: The Badoon suffer major setbacks and the Defenders go back home.

Dr. Strange #10: Dr. Strange battles Eternity -- or does he?

Dr. Strange #11: Dr. Strange confronts his past selves.

Dr. Strange #12: Earth is destroyed.

Dr. Strange #13: Dr. Strange confronts Eternity, and Earth is recreated. It gets that done to it a lot in this strip.

Tomb of Dracula #14: Dr. Strange gets killed by Dracula. He gets that done ... oh well, let's just forget it.

Dr. Strange #14: Dr. Strange gets de-vampirized, or does he?

Dr. Strange #15: Dr. Strange gets taken in by Satan.

Dr. Strange #16: Dr. Strange beats the devil!

Defenders #30: Doc, Hulk, Nighty and Val take on (urk!) Tapping Tommy.

Defenders #31: Nighthwawk loses his brain and the Defenders battle the Headmen.

Defenders #32: We learn Nighthawk's origin and meet Ruby.

Defenders #33: We meet Bambi, and play musical minds.

[page 8]

Defenders #34: Nighthawk, aka Jack Norris, gets captured by the Ludberdites of Zaar.

Defenders #35: We meet the new Red Guardian. Chondu gets a new body.

Defenders #36: The Plantman goes up against Doc, Red Guardian and company, and Valkyrie goes to jail.

Defenders #37: It's Luke Cage back in the saddle again as everybody battles Plantman.

Defenders #38: Nebulon is back in town, and he traps Red Guardian, Doc and Luke in a sideral dimension. Meantime, Nighthawk is back in his body.

Defenders #39: Clea goes sunbathing and Valyrie gets out of jail.

Defenders #40: The Red Guardian battles the Assassin.

Marvel Team-Up #50: Dr.Stranges joins with Spider-Man and Iron Man to duel the Wraith.

Defenders #41: Doc, Nighthawk and Hulk fight Shazana.

Marvel Team-Up #51: Strange, Spidey and Shellhead show up for the Wraith's trial.

Incredible Hulk #207: Strange, Valyrie, Nighthawk and the Red Guardian turn up to battle the Hulk.

Defenders #42: The Defenders duel Egghead, Rhino and Solarr.

Defenders #43: Dr. Strange becomes the Red Rajah and Cobalt Man takes out Egghead.

Defenders #44: Dr. Strange (as the Red Rajah) opposes the Defenders.

Defenders #45: The Hellcat joins up and the female Defenders fight the male Defenders. Dr. Strange is freed of dominance.

Defenders #46: Doc leaves the Defenders.

Incredible Hulk Anual #6: Doc and Hulk take on Paragon.

Dr. Strange #17: Dr. Strange and Clea find Sir Francis Bacon and Stygro in the past.

Dr. Strange #18: Dr. Strange fights Stygro and Clea makes it with Ben Franklin.

Dr. Strange #19: Stygro turns out to have been Ben Franklin in disguise, Dr. Strange seeks out the Ancient One, and Xander makes the scene.

Dr. Strange #20: Dr. Strange battles Xander.

Dr. Strange Annual #1: Dr. Strange vs. Lectra.

Dr. Strange #22 [sic]: Dr. Strange battles an insane Clea.

Dr. Strange #23: Strange and Apalla enter the Quadriverse.

Dr. Strange #24: Apalla vs. the Creators; Dr. Strange destroys [sic]


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