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by "Black Billy Sunday" --
Reverend Dr. J. Gordon McPherson

Not all scriptural-style hoodoo work need come from direct quotations of the Bible.

Here is the text of a sermon from 1931 that can easily be adapted for use when commanding a person who has done wrong to stop his wicked ways and do right. This form of exhortation can be considered both a warning and a conditional curse -- that is, a curse that will only come to pass if the one to whom it addressed does not change from evil to righteousness.

This sernon was recorded in 1931 by the celebrated African American preacher Reverend Dr. J. Gordon McPherson (c.1870 - 1936), whose pseudonym, "Black Billy Sunday," was a refereence to his Anglo American contenprorary, Reverend Billy Sunday, a similarly hard-hitting preacher. The curse is chanted in a Baptist sermon cadence a capella, after an introduction sung by his church choir.

Will You Spend Your Eternity in Hell?

"Black Billy Sunday" -- Reverend Dr. J. Gordon McPherson

1931, Paramount 13105 78 rpm,
reissued on Document CD "Preachers and Congregation Vol. 1 (1927-1938)"

Congregation, singing:

Ain't gonna study war no more
Ain't gonna study war no more
Ain't gonna study war no more

Ain't gonna study war no more
Ain't gonna study war no more
Ain't gonna study war no more
Preacher, shouting:

My subject this evening is a question --
A very serious one!
Are you going to spend your eternity in Hell?
Your eternity in Hell?

I'm not talking about you going off on a summer vacation
Or to some winter resort to have a delightful time,
But I'm speaking about Hell,

You might say you're on your way
Or don't know where you're goin',
But I'm asking you the question --
Will you spend your eternity in hell?

Unless you change your ways,
Give up your old habits,
You will spend your eternity in Hell
Among the outcast damned --

Down there in the region,
In the region,
Where the lost are --
Where men will always be screaming, screaming --

Where the prayers are unanswered,
Down in Hell,
In Hell,
Where the outcast damned are!

You will be lost,
Will be lost,
And that old song
That we used to sing sometimes --

About "When you been in heaven ten thousand years
"Bright shining as the sun,
"You have no less days to sing God's praise,
"Than when you first begun" --

But my brother, when you're in Hell ten thousand years
Your damnation, your damnation will've just begun!
So I say to you tonight,
Prepare to meet your God! Prepare to meet your God!

This is the dressing room
You must get on the wedding garment here
Because unless you put on the robe of righteousness and your wedding garment,
You must spend your eternity in Hell!

Will you spend your eternity in Hell, in Hell?
In the bottomless pit!
Where the demons are!
Not in Purgatory, but in Hell!

Will you spend your eternity...?
Let me warn you!
Hell! Hell!
The bottomless pit! The bottomless pit!

Where the screaming, the moaning, and the groaning --
In Hell!
You'll lift up your eyes --
Neighbor, will you spend your eternity in Hell, in Hell?

Will you spend your eternity, your eternity,
A never ending duration,
Beneath the righteous frown of an angry God,
In Hell?

Will you spend your eternity in Hell,
In Hell, Hell, Hell?
Among the demons, among the murderers, the liars, and the thieves
Will you spend your eternity in Hell?


Reverend Dr. J. Gordon McPherson (c.1870 - 1936), known as "Black Billy Sunday," was a Baptist preacher and a member of a number of African American fraternal lodges who toured the nation as a well-known speaker and preacher. He was a veteran of the 1898 Spanish-American War and was involved in the charge up San Juan Hill. His Doctor of Divinity came from a Bible School in Seguin, Texas, and he spent part of his life on the West Coast, in California and Washington states, but was living in New Orleans when he died in 1936 after an illness of 18 months duration. The character of the preacher in the play (and later the movie) "The Green Pastures" was based on him. He attended the play in New York City, and happily acknowledged that he enjoyed hearing his own words in the mouth of the actor who portrayed him. His style of delivery in this sermon is forceful and incantatory. The recording is in the public domain and if an audio file is uploaded to youtube i will provide a link here. Thanks to nagasiva yronwode for the transcription:

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