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The Sacred Landscape is illustrated with gifs and jpgs from many sources. I am a strong supporter of copyright law and of creative acknowledgement. The graphics on these pages were either scanned by me from public domain sources or come from online image archives and are used in accordance with the terms set forth in those archives. In some cases i have altered a copyright-free "stock cut" photo in order to produce an aethetic effect; in those cases the original source is still credited, but a note such as "colour-altered" or "dithered" is appended. Credits are as follows:

Sacred Landscape icon
root-five spiral design, gif
Edward B. Edwards, "Dynamarhythmic Design" (1932); scanned and coloured by catherine yronwode.
See the Bibliography: Letter E for original publication data.
Says Edwards of this design:

To construct this unit a circle is drawn around a petagon within which are drawn its diagonals resulting in the smaller related pentagon in the center. From the poles located in the angles of the smaller pentagon are drawn five root-five spirals to the angles of the larger pentagon. From the same poles are drawn supplementary spirals...continued to a point where they abut the adjoining supplementary spirals.

Sacred Landscape Bibliography: Table of Contents
The Taj Mahal, gif
Michael Greenhalgh, Australian National University. Used with permission.

Sacred Landscape Bibliography: Dedication
Unidentified architectural capital depicting a woman with spirals, dithered jpg
Michael Greenhalgh, Australian National University. Used with permission.

Sacred Landscape Bibliography: Foreword
Borobudur, Indonesia, gif
Michael Greenhalgh, Australian National University. Used with permission.

Sacred Landscape Bibliography: How to Contribute
Unidentified architectural detail depicting a vase with spirals, dithered jpg
Michael Greenhalgh, Australian National University. Used with permission.

Sacred Landscape Bibliography: How to Use Keywords
Borobudur, Indonesia, gif
Michael Greenhalgh, Australian National University. Used with permission.

The Fibonacci Series and the Market
Unidentified mollusc detail displaying a logarithmic spiral, radically colour-altered jpg
Michael Greenhalgh, Australian National University. Used with permission.

Keyword: Nut-Case
Unidentified architectural volute, dithered jpg
Michael Greenhalgh, Australian National University. Used with permission.

Sacred geometry -- What Is It?
Unidentified architectural volute, dithered jpg
Michael Greenhalgh, Australian National University. Used with permission.

Web Sites of Interest to Sacred Site Tourists
Borobudur, Indonesia, gif
Michael Greenhalgh, Australian National University. Used with permission.

How to Subscribe to
Neolithic Scottish spiral-carved tetrahedral stone ball, jpg
Photo from the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland; reproduced in "The Mystic Spiral" by Jill Purse, scanned by Professor Ralph H. Abraham of the University of California at Santa Cruz, and lifted from his Math 181 (Ancient and Sacred Geometry) course-material web site.

Notes on a Lecture by Graham Hancock
Chichen Itza, gif (from a jpg)
Copyright © Clive Ruggles, Leicester University. Used with permission.

Links to Related Sites
Strontoiler standing stone, Britain, gif
Copyright © Clive Ruggles, Leicester University. Used with permission.
Compass animated gif by Achille Hui, public domain.
Globe animated gif by unknown (tell me and i'll credit 'em), public domain.
Book animated gif by unknown (tell me and i'll credit 'em), public domain.

Texaco Gas Stations
Texaco gas station, circa 1940, gif
Photo by Walter Dorwin Teague from "Design This Day" (1940), scanned by catherine yronwode.

The Saced Landscape Home Page
The ruins of the temple at Delphi, jpg
Greek Tourism Bureau photo lifted from the web site of Megatrails travel agency.

Sunlight on the Altar
The ruins of the Parthenon at Athens, jpg
Greek Tourism Bureau photo lifted from the web site of Megatrails travel agency.

A Few Words About the Keywords
The art deco "frozen fountain" motif on a frieze in a theater, sculptor and location unnknown, jpg
Gently and respectfully lifted from the home page of Michael Fellenzer, whose major interests are theater organs and Fiesta dinner ware.

Margaret's Grocery and Market
Facade of the church-store on Highway 61 in Vicksburg, Mississippi; scanned by catherine yonwode
No photo or copyright credit given; published in "Raw Vision: The International Journal of Intuitive and Visionary Art" (No. 15, Summer, 1996). I had to fork over $10.50 for this pretentious magazine about "art brut" just to get the one image to scan. If that's not paying my dues, okay, then let's consider what i did a fair-use illustration for the following review: "'Raw Vision' is an overpriced, shallow, and totally barfable confection. Its primary function is to propagandize the commodification of 'outsider' art so that yuppie gallery owners in New York can drink pink champagne while cooing to their customers about the 'powerful' and 'naive' dreck produced by the 'self taught' scribblers they represent. The occasional articles on genuine folk art do not adequately offset the disgusting commerciality of the bulk of the magazine. The only good thing about the entire package is that the photographs are of high quality, as can be seen from the accompanying scan. Subscriptions cost $38.00 for 4 issues/1 year. Send your bucks to 163 Amsterdam Avenue, #203, New York City, NY 10023." Good enough? I sure hope so.

Platonic Atomism in Medieval Design
All illustrations for this article were taken from the "Early Gothic" image archive at Tulane University for Professor Hugh Lester's courses Period and Style for Designers, I and II.
Title illustration: Lower Chapel, Sainte Chapelle, Paris, c. 1243-48.
An Introduction to Geometric Design: Inner North Aisle, Bourges Cathedral, East end begun 1195.
Classical Geometric Design: Central Facade, West Facade, Rheims Cathedral, facade begun 1228-30.
A Specific Example: The Use of Root 3, or Hexagonal Grids: Side Aisles, Notre Dame, Paris, 1178-1190s.
Sources and Early Development of 'Gothic' Architecture: Upper Chapel, Sainte Chapelle, Paris c.1243-48.
The Parallel Rise of Intellectual Life: The 12th Century Intellectual Revolution and the Cathedral Schools: Chartres : West Facade, Chartres Cathedral, base of north tower 1134, south tower 1142, portals c.1145-50, circular window early thirteenth century, north spire 1507-13 (by Jehan de Beauce).
The Commissioners and Builders: Central Portal, West facade, Chartres Cathedral, c.1145-50.
Medieval Atomism and the Theological Difficulties: Chevet, Notre Dame, Paris, begun 1163, altered 1225, chapels added 1270s.
Ad Triangulaum and Ad Quadratum: Nave, Notre Dame, Paris, choir begun 1163, nave 1178-1190, altered c.1225, partially restored 19th century.
Conclusions: South Transept, Notre Dame, Paris, 1258-60/61.
End Note: Ambulatory, Notre Dame, Paris, choir begun 1163, altered c. 1225, chapels added 1270s.

Stonehenge Clones and Metaphorms
Stonehenge at dawn; jpeg
Lifted with credit from The Buckingham Gate Events site.


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