A Taxonomy of Sex Magic, Sexual Magick, and Magical Sex

by xiwangmu (tyagi nagasiva ((later) yronwode)), 1996
with cat yronwode, 1998

I. Sex Magic (paganus)

=> magic applied during sex

a) Battery => energy-storage; astral or physical containment of generated energy
(G. W. Savory's Passive Copulation)

c) Possession => being entrapped or ensnared or possessed by demons or other non-deities
(Merlyn and Nimue; succubi; Lilith)

c) Divination => oracle; reflective contact with the Otherworld
(P. B. Randolph)

d) Great Rite => mediation; engaging or channeling the gods or a god
(Harris' Lily Queen; heterae)

II. Sexual Magick (gnostikos)

=> magick using sexual energies/fluids

a) Dedication => energy direction; direct application of generated energy toward conscious ends
(A. B. Stockham; P. B. Randolph)

b) Love Entrapment => enchantment, ensorcelment, or ensnarement of the sexual partner
(nation sack, menstrual blood in coffee)

c) Healing => generation, accumulation and release of sexual energy into the beloved for the purpose of physical healing
(G. W. Savory; P. B. Randolph; A. B. Stockham)

d) Immortality => generation, movement, and accumulation of sexual energy for the purpose of prolonging one's own life indefinitely
(Chinese Taoist Sex Alchemy)

e) Sigilization => glyphs; talismans; construction of a spell using effluvic symbols/letters
(Austin Osman Spare; TOPY)

f) Consecration => baptism; effluvic initiation, blessing, aspergation, anointing, or naming of an individual, tool, or place
(christening / dressing)

g) Worship Service => eucharist; agapic feast; the celebration of the sacred mysteries of Eros, Genesis, and Thanatos through consummation and consumption of effluvia
(Gnostics, Cathars, Nasrullah, yoni/linga puja, Black Mass)

III. Magical Sex (tantra/rosicrucia/shih)

=> magic caused by certain types or effects of sex

a) Malefaction => curse; psychospiritual disruption or destruction, often via deceit and/or incest
(Arthur and Morgana)

b) Prophesy => necromancy; communion with the dead and the resultant foreknowledge obtained via sex in a grave or with a corpse
(Walter Mapp)

c) Conception => creation of magical or daemonic offspring by coordinating elementary, planetary, and zodiacal influences, or animation of siphoned sexual energies
(Magical Child)

d) Transformation => shape-change; alteration of experiential form in response to particular sexual movements
(sexual were-being)

e) Immersion => tantra yoga; neo-tantra; karezza; magnetizing; obliteration of surface consciousness through gradual ecstatic overload
(panchatattva; A. B. Stockham; J. W. Lloyd)

f) Great Work => alchemy; catalytic transformation and rarefaction of consciousness due to sex under synchronized psychospiritual conditions

xiwangmu (tyagi nagasiva ((later) yronwode) nagasiva@yronwode.org), November, 1996

cat yronwode (cat@luckymojo.com), August, 1998