A Second Inspired Vision of
the Ordo Templi Orientis

Nigris Lamen

(By request of the Celestial Masters,
known as the A:.A:.,
completed on 21 / 08 / 2018)


Frater Nigris (333)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
There word of Sin is Restriction.

New Vision and New Lamen

I've reached a new stage in my OTO evolution; alongside my interest in identifying as a sovereign nation (and with a flotilla of data in pursuit of that yet to come), i've set out a New Vision of O.T.O. for contemplation. The vision is based on my observations through the years and on conversations i've had with a number of other initiates, some lapsed or ejected.

A few years ago i transformed an ownerless Facebook group into a place for people of all walks, both in and outside of the order, to gather and chat about it without being held to a point of view or be required to provide a minimum standard of support for contentions. I called this "OTO Reflections" and as part of its activities i found it helpful to entertain the critical and, at times, acid evaluation of the order in its modern phase. Those discussions helped me to concretize my own "Life-centered" vision of it, regardless of promotions by the order and its officers itself to its membership or the order. Today i am issuing this in good faith and by my true will as i have identified.

It should be said that this is not the first time i have issued such a public Vision Statement. I did so prior to my Minerval initiation which later took place on February 9, 1992 at Joshua A. Norton Oasis within "A Preliminary Vision to a Relationship with Ordo Templi Orientis (By request of the Celestial Masters, known as the A:.A:., completed on the 21st of December 1991 Winter Solstice, Full Moon)".

While it had its frailties, it was "from the vantage of Ain Soph", "beyond the X* and before the 0*, in perfect Ignorance, unchallenged by the status of form, the form of status, {that} this vision {took} shape and {made} itself known." With the benefit of nearly a Saturnian cycle behind me, and with my dear Abyss clearly in the distance behind, and my God and guru by my side, i was once again prevailed upon to render such an assessment, this time perfectly terrestrial and pedestrian, for the benefit of my comrades and kin. So today on 21082018 i set it forth.

The Vision

Having proceeded into and beyond its adolescence, the O.T.O. has decided not to take the steps of independence i previously recommended, distancing itself from 666, "one among many stars". Instead it has left the aggrandizement, emboldened its ecclesiastic authority (well-earned!) and issued orthodox direction for clergy, scripture, and laity. With this in mind, and somewhat oblique thereto, it is my contention that the twin primary and consistent goals i'm able to observe for the OTO are: 1) initiation and 2) the promulgation of the Law of Thelema.

The character of initiation concerns us first as punctuations and, secondarily, as inhibiting restraints on grasping the full force of will as a facet of Thelemic living. Viewing the 0, I, II, and III degree initiation rituals as 'passage assists' (compare Gail Sheehy's book "Passages: Predictable Crises of Adult Life") and everything after them as "appendant," well-stated in mimicry of Freemasonry, the following might be said about each and its assisting qualities:
0˚ lays the foundation and establishes familiarity with the general socia milieu;
I˚ initializes a '"Birth" of (at least the search for) the true will' and of the aspirant, socially, in the order;
II˚ establishes a firm footing of "Life" within the OTO, signifying endurance and orientation to a larger overall goal; and
III˚ connects the initiate to a final plateau, that of Mastery and Death.

Insofar as the complementary goal of the OTO is the promulgation of the Law, so we may well question the propagative numbers of those undergoing these initiations and remaining avowed initiates under its wings. There is a tendency to see the OTO's initiations as some kind of personal development trajectory, but it is my contention that this is a misunderstanding promoted so as to provide incentive to do administrative work.

Many agree that we should not be attempting to create or imagine some kind of A.'.A.'. replacement, and far from constituting a matricular spiritual advancement catalyst, there's a natural resistance to engaging ordeals, and it must be consistently worth it to push onward. Indeed, there are some who have been commenting on the attrition we can see amongst initiates (from departure of various kinds at various levels), and when applying this 'ordeal-orientation' perspective of the order, the number who use it for this purpose ought not persist, and should gradually fall off (which is what we do see when looking at the numbers).

To be specific, most find the platform of the Minerval or 0˚ to be enough to determine their proper relation to the order and they abate their involvement in that position. A significant subset of those decide to formally connect with the order (and are thereby 'Born' unto it). Far fewer 'find their true will' with respect to it, and shove on to active Life, accepting the II˚ ordeal. Only a very few 'endure unto the End,' as it were, and embrace Death (III˚) within it, let alone connect up with its administration.

This vision of the order is not only my own. More than one of my initiators and kin in the order sought to provide this view of OTO initiations (as ordeals) to me from the outset of my involvement. It is my vision, my insight, which sets this orientation as a cornerstone and foundation, in combination with the promulgation of the Law that ought shape its performance and style so as to underscore and enshrine the individual sovereignty of every initiate.

The Lamen

As part of my excitement in pursuit of expressing this vision, and in reflection of my expansion of individual sovereignty as a *nation*, i am issuing my personal lamen for the enjoyment of my sisters and brothers, and encouraging personal artistic authority and an embrace of the important symbolism associated with our beloved order. I'll share my thoughts about what i've created and how it occurred below.

All four elements which are traditional have been maintained. As part of my investigation of the O.T.O. and educational explication of the current lamens in use by the various bodies it authorizes, i was inspired by those which were the most colourful. Initially and without much pre-planning, i conceived of a rainbow or spectrum of colour as the background and context. This indicates to me the diversity of the ground of membership which should obtain, as well as the values and ethics which ought be enjoined order-wide.

What i discovered was that the number of sections of the vesica oracular rays are 12 on each side and that there is an easy resonance between this and matching a chromatic array that keys to musical notes. This regularity of division in colour and sound neatly fits as an implication of comprehensiveness and completeness. Since it effectively approximates a round or harmonic cycle, any position might become its initiation and either direction might be followed.

Prism Diffraction

After a number of experiments, the two primary options appealing to me were those which featured the brilliant yellow as a vertical ray above or below the Horusian Eye of Illumination. In comparing between them, the resultant selection was on account of its resemblance to the result of shining a white light into a *prism* (albeit on its side), and the spectrum of coloured light a resultant diffraction.

Nigris Lamen

Dismissed Alternative

From top to bottom, the choices i made in colouring the elements were as follows:
•The triangle's background was an emulation of papyrus, its blue eye a centerpoint coincident to the rays to either side and extending upward; its symbolism is well-known as both emblematic of insight and wisdom, as well as influence.
•The downward-diving dove was left as white, an indicator of its purity and superordinary condition (resonating perfectly with the uppermost ray, the exterior boundaries of the vesica piscis, the point-up triangle, the chalice, and the descending deposits of spirit entering the chalice from above; the dove's significance is as the indicator of inspiration and personal power, and their origins in what we associate with wisdom and insight.
•The chalice, a common symbol of offering, emotion, and reception, contains blood-red icons of earth, hearts, and completeness, are subsumed in the flame-coloured tongues of passion and the anguish of the human condition.
•Geometric symbols such as triangles are indicative of flame, light, and the masculine impetus to enter, expand, and effuse; those such as the vesica imply water, vegetation, and the feminine impetus to receive, encompass, and contain.

I have not seen this composition of the lamen elsewhere and do not imply its authority or connotation as an OTO body, but am expressing an emblem in connection with my vision revealed here, and hope to inspire those of my order to greater glory.

Thank you for your attention and time. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to bring this before you for your consideration.

Invoke me under my stars!
Love is the law, love under will.

Frater Nigris (333)
August 22, 2018 EV

(C) nagasiva yronwode, (Frater I) Nigris (666) 333. All rights reserved.

This is the second of two Visions experienced by this author. They occurred some 26 years apart. This first one was put into printed form and mailed by post to most of the OTO's bodies and to its officers. The second was placed before the world on the internet through vehicles or outlets having been established for connection to the order proper, with a new lamen construction. You can now find the first Vision online.

Permission to reprint this material is subject to negotiation with the author. It first appeared in Facebook in the Thelema93 Prophets of the New AEon group. I installed it into this HTML Page shortly afterward on 8/22/18, August 22nd of the 5018th year of the Kali Yuga. For those who are interested, my I˚ initiation took place on 5/31/92 at the same body and my II˚ was provided on 6/6/93 by the good people of Sirius Oasis (long may they wave). I cherish each of these exquisite ordeals. 333