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"If you have trouble letting go of past situations and conditions, if you are dragged down by people who promised things they never delivered yet find it difficult to walk away from them, if you want to move on into better, happier, and more productive relationships, then try a CUT AND CLEAR spell to break your ties to the past and bring about a new, desirable future."

-- The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. catalogue


Cut and Clear is a hoodoo formula for oil, incense, sachet powders, and washing products that are designed to separate people from difficult relationships or bad habits by breaking ties to the past. They can be used to get over a failed love affair or a period of bad luck, so you can stop obsessing about "what might have been" and happily meet the better future that's in store for you. The symbolism on the label is clear -- a pair of scissors to cut ties to the past and a rising sun to symbolize the bright possibilities for happiness that lay ahead. .

The labels shown here are from a foil package of Lucky Mojo brand Cut and Clear sachet powders, Cut and Clear incense powders, Cut and Clear bath crystals, and a 1/2 oz.bottle of Cut and Clear oil for anointing papers or dressing candles or a mojo bag. Like the rest of the Lucky Mojo line, these products contain genuine reputed herbs and herbal essential oils, not synthetic fragrances. The ingredients in Cut and Clear include Lemon and Lemon Grass, plus other herbs and essences. Lucky Mojo labels are adapted from vintage packaging and in many cases the images are as traditional as the ingredients themselves.

Using Cut and Clear spiritual supplies can be as simple as wearing the perfumed oil as a personal scent to put an end to old conditions and bring in new ones -- but when starting Cut and Clear work, many people like to get things going with a full-blown spell and then continue to use the oil to dress themselves or a physical location they are trying to improve.

If you find it difficult to "fall out of love" and tend to obsess about "what might have been," try a Cut and Clear spell to break away from your losing streak and open the way for a better future.

There are several types of magic spells to choose from when doing this sort of work. One type uses a black candle and a white candle to represent two aspects of the situation (past and future), plus Lemon or a Lemon-scented herb or conjure oil and a pair of scissors to represent cutting apart the connection between the two aspects.

A second type of Cut and Clear work with candles uses a large yellow vigil light, which is yellow because the active ingredient in most Cut and Clear type spells is Lemon. These lights are set to burn and before they go out, your petition paper, on which is written the name of a person or the life condition from which you wish to be separated, is consumed in the fire.

There is also a third type of Cut and Clear spell, probably older than any of the above, which is performed only with a Lemon and with no candles. See Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic page 121 for a non-candle version of a Cut and Clear spell utilizing an entire Lemon, and in which a knife is used instead of the more common tool of a pair of scissors.

This page contains two magic spells you can work to cut your ties to past conditions and people who remain in your life despite the fact that you know you would be better off with them gone.

These spells are traditional, but i present them in the present form as the result of my own personal experiences. I do not claim to be a psychic, but i address myself to those among my readership who will recognize themselves in this story -- and who, like me, are ready to make a change for the better.

I feel strongly about these spells, and for that reason, i am going to tell you my story of how i came to use them for myself and i cam going to give you some unsolicited but well-intentioned advice. You can skip the story and the advice, and go right to the spells if you want.



In 1969 i made a vow of life-long friendship to a male friend. He was not my lover, but my intellectual equal and my soul-mate in many ways. Many times during the 1970s we were each called upon to help the other and did so, in strong and powerful ways, always renewing our bond of loyalty and friendship fidelity. Eventually we became lovers, but only briefly, for we lived far apart and had other situations to deal with (children, spouses / ex-spouses, and careers). In the 1980s we saw each other perhaps twice a year but always kept alive our bond. In the 1990s he betrayed me so completely -- details unimportant, but let's just say he made me a promise and i found out it was a major, major lie -- that i swore i was through. When i told him how hurt i was, he mocked the vows we had made and kept for 25 years.

Despite his lying to me and making fun of my faithful friendship, i found i could not break the vow i had made. It meant too much to me. I found myself reciting (i know this sounds funny) a line from an old Dr. Seuss children's book about an elephant who promises to hatch a bird egg: "I meant what i said and i said what i meant; an elephant's faithful, one hundred per cent." To me, the vow was so important and had been important for so long that breaking it would mean breaking a part of my self-concept, my view of myself as a faithful and loyal friend.

So, against the advice of my friends, i gave this man a second chance; i put aside all my doubts and created within myself the sense of trust he had destroyed. To my horror, he made another promise and failed to keep it in a most spectacular way -- in front of a bunch of my friends, which was embarrassing for me, to put it mildly.

This time i was shocked. I could not understand how he could abrogate even the decency of normal, mundane, wishy-washy friendship, much less make havoc of something that had existed on such a deeper plane. I was so outraged that i destroyed every momento of our friendship (mostly letters and trinkets) and sent them to him in a box, hoping that my act of outrageous cruelty would force him to push me away, for my own safety's sake, because i knew i did not know how to break the bond from my end. He was angered, but not as much as i had thought he would be. We resumed our friendship, but now on a much-diminished level of intimacy and trust.

Four months later he asked to borrow quite a lot of money from me and i loaned it to him. Then he broke another promise -- he said that he was going to call and arrange plane tickets for us to meet on a certain date, but he aborted the plans without telling me or even contacting me for a month. After that, he blew up at me in a screaming phone call. In my rough-and-ready world of magical laws, that was his third strike out. As Lewis Carroll had the Bellman say in "The Hunting of the Snark," "What i tell you three times is true," -- and what he was telling me about himself was that he is a liar.

Soon after this i dreamed he was dead and that i was talking to his corpse. That's when i decided that i could not keep a vow to a dead man. I then worked this Cut-And-Clear spell to get rid of the residual feelings of friendship i had for him. He eventually paid off the money he had borrowed, and we no longer see each other or stay in touch via email or telephone -- which is just the way i wanted things to be. After a 30 year friendship, it took a strong job to sever our ties. The Cut and Clear spell released me from all connection to this man, and i literally no longer care if he lives or dies. This was a drastic change for me, but one which i needed to accomplish, because without it, i was continually at the mercy of my own belief in the vows of friendship that bound me to this pathological liar.

In the years since i first learned this spell and then performed it for myself, i have taught it to many other people, most of them folks who, like me, valued their honour or the abstract principle of trustworthiness so much that they simply could not let go of a friend, family member, lover, or spouse who had abused their love and trust, because to renege on a vow they'd made seemed "wrong" to them. I have received quite a lot of feedback from people who have worked the spell and found, as i did, that it brought their "stuck" relationship to a crashing halt, much to their relief.

These spells come with some well-intentioned advice, garnered from my own experiences. It may not be the advice you wanted, so take it for what it is, the voice of someone who has experienced some of this same stuff and learned from it. If the advice seems appropriate, then it's very likely that this spell is right for you.



Yes, you love or care deeply for or about him or her. I know. But that's because YOU are a loving and giving person, not because he or she is worthy of your love or knows how to return your love and care in equal measure.

You worked on him or her and got results one time, but the man or woman is still no good, so all you got for that work was the opportunity to waste more of your precious time on a no-good man or woman.

Why do i say he or she is no good? Because the person who is worthy of YOUR friendship or love will be your reciprocal equal partner, not some jerk who "isn't in touch with his or her feelings" or is "commitment-phobic" or "irrational" or "can't express himself or herself" or "has a lot of issues" or "can't stay out of trouble." Stop making excuses for this guy or gal. Save your energy.

Your friend or lover may be hoodood, but that's not the whole story. He or she is not weak-minded simply because he has family, friends, or a lover who are working against you. The truth is, this person is just no good.

No good people like this are strictly after what they want, and as long as they get it from you, they'll play you.

If you challenge them -- for instance, when you get to the point where you know that you are worthy of being deeply loved by a partner who can give you total satisfaction, or when you ask for the return of the money they borrowed, or when you insist that they stop using drugs in your home, or when you demand that they pay child support for their baby -- then you are asking them to make a real change and transformation in their personality, and they will resist you to the point of blowing up, staging an angry scene, leaving you, or breaking off all contact with you.

There are men and women in the world who ARE loving, kind, sweet, communicative, and open-hearted. Yes, there are! Sure, we all hear the dumb jokes and see the sitcoms that pit overly-talkative women obsessed with shopping and relationship nit-picking against silent, non-communicative men obsessed with sports and girl-watching. Stereotype humour like that is, of course, based somewhat in the real world. Some of those stereotypes about the differences between men and women are true, in general -- but that doesn't mean that they DEFINE the best men or women. Be prepared to open your eyes and look around at some of the GOOD men and GOOD women you overlooked while you were being taken for a ride by this creep.

And now -- the spells. If the person you want to get clear of is your lover or family member, i strongly recommend that you gather the supplies for both spells and perform them both, in the order given, on the same night. If the person is just a friend, then the Cut and Clear Spell alone may be sufficient.


Be sure you want to break the link completely.

This is folk-magic, and it works. It is best worked in Fall, when the black walnuts are ready to harvest. Because it is performed naked, in the dark, it is not suitable for everyone.

You will need:

a piece of paper from a brown paper bag, freshly torn on
       all four sides
a small pencil with no eraser on it
1 black candle -- it can be a plain offertory candle, a
       taper, or a figural candle of a human being or a devil.
black powder incense to which you should add Valerian
       Root, Red Pepper, and Mullein Leaves. (If you cannot find
       plain black powder incense and those herbs, use an
       herb-based mixture containing them, such as Black Arts
a silver-coloured metal bowl.
9 black walnuts in their green hulls.


Place the walnuts in the bowl. Undress at midnight on a night when the moon is dark. Take all the supplies into your bathroom.

In the dark, with no light, write your ex-lover's name on the piece of paper, and say

      [Name of Person],
      this is the last time i will write your name!

Light the candle, use the candle to light the incense, look at the name paper and say

      [Name of Person],
      this is the last time i will see your name!

Fold the paper in half so the name can no longer be seen.

Draw a hot bath and throw the nine black walnuts into it. The water may turn brownish. Get into the bath with the walnuts. Pour the dark water over your head nine times and each time you pour it, say

      [Name of Person],
      i wash you out of my life.

Arise from the bath and pull the plug. As the water runs out, pick up the candle and hold it over the bath water. Take the person's name-paper in your other hand and set it on fire with the candle. As it burns, say

      [Name of Person],
      i burn you out of my life.

Drop the burning paper into the bath water, wait a brief moment, then plunge the candle upside down into the bath water to extinguish it while you say

      [Name of Person],
      i extinguish you.

Do not dry yourself with a towel, only let the air dry you. When the water has all run out, collect the nine walnuts (and the husk fragments) and place them back in the bowl.

Now, still entirely naked, walk outside carrying the bowl of walnuts and throw them away at a crossroads or street intersection or, if that is impossible, throw them against a tree -- but be careful to not drop any pieces of them in your own yard. As you throw away the walnuts, say,

      [Name of Person], you are dead to me
      And dead to me you'll always be

      Wander the world both near and far
      But touch me not, for dead you are!

Carry the empty bowl home without looking back, wash it out, and put it away.

As long as you never write or speak the person's full name again, he or she will remain out of your life and your former love will be broken.

NOTE: I have read that this spell can be satisfactorily performed with English or Persian Walnuts (the kind sold in stores, not in their green husks), if the walnuts are prepared first. To do this, get 9 Walnuts and boil them in 3 quarts of water until the water evaporates down to 1 quart in volume and turns brown. Then place the walnuts and their water in the bowl, as described above, and proceed as described except that when it comes time to throw the Black Walnuts into the bath with their husks, throw in the boiled walnuts with their quart of brown water. The reason that English or Persian Walnuts are boiled first is that without the green husks, and not being Black Walnuts, they are milder, so their essence must be concentrated before use.

After you have performed the Black Walnut Spell, immediately commence the Cut and Clear Spell below.



Take a piece of lined paper and fold it in half the long way, then unfold it. You now have two columns side by side. In the left-hand column, make a list of the qualities this cheating lover or lying friend or bad seed family member had that you really loved and admired, whatever they are -- good looks, friendliness, humour, money, talents, sweet eyes -- WHATEVER it was you liked. Now, in the right-hand column, make a list of everything about him or her that you did not like, whatever that may have been -- the continual lies, immaturity, failure to come through on promises, fear of commitment, nasty language, alcohol or drug problems, whatever it was that disturbed you or turned your good moods to bad moods when you were around them. Try to make the lists about even in length.

Obtain the following items:

1 black Male or Female Figure Candle
1 bottle of Cut and Clear, Cast Off Evil, or Run Devil Run Dressing Oil
1 half-handful of Salt
1 pinch of red pepper powder
1 pinch of Graveyard Dirt
1 white Male or Female Figure Candle
1 bottle of Come to Me or Love Me type Dressing Oil
Dried flower petals (roses are best)
1 packet Cut and Clear Incense Powder
       -- something that will really clear your thoughts.
       King Solomon Wisdom, Clarity, pure Frankincense resin,
       or Frankincense mixed with Copal resin will also do.
       (Don't use a heavy incense like Myrrh or a sweet one
       like Benzoin or Vanilla or Musk.)
1 packet of Cut and Clear or Van Van type Sachet Powder
A pair of scissors (optional)
Set up your altar space like this:

                   incense burner
   white candle           l      black candle dressed 
   dressed with           i    with Cut and Clear Oil   
   Come to Me Oil         n      or Run Devil Run Oil
   or Love Me Oil         e      or Cast Off Evil Oil
   dried                 your          dirt and pepper 
   flower          2-column list:      in ring of salt 
   petals       good side | bad side   (in small dish)


First, lay down the line of Cut and Clear or Van Van type Sachet Powder where it says "line" in the layout and then arrange everything else. Dress the candles. Light the Incense Powder first, then the white candle, then the black candle. Center your thoughts and concentrate on clarity and wisdom. Say aloud:

Cut and clear.

Carefully crease the paper and cut or neatly tear it along the original fold, separating the two sides, and holding the "bad" side in your right hand and the "good" side in your left hand as you concentrate on your desire for clarity. When you feel the time is right, put both sides down in front of you and again say,

Cut and clear.

Then pick up the bad side of the list and say,

This is what i cast aside, cast out, and cannot abide and i will have no more


-- and read the list of unpleasant qualities aloud, slowly, with great feeling. When you are finished, place a small pinch of the red pepper in the middle of the paper and fold it into a packet. Hold the packet over the black candle and set it on fire. As it burns, drop it down onto the salt. When it is finished burning, grind out the ashes into the salt and red pepper, mixing them all together. Then blow out the black candle.

Now pick up the list of good qualities and say,

This is what i desire, call forth, and require, and this will come to me

Read the list of good qualities out loud, slowly and with warm feeling. When you are finished, place three of the white flower petals in the middle of the paper and fold it into a packet. Hold the packet above the white candle flame to warm it, but do not set it on fire. Say,

Cut and clear, cut and clear, i'll keep the things that i hold dear

-- and touch the packet to your heart, then place it atop the rest of the flower petals, in front of the white candle.

Let the white candle burn all the way to the end, then take the packet and put it away someplace among your private things where no one will find it. The next man who loves you will come to you with as many of these good qualities as he can muster and will be an all-around better person than the last one.

When cleaning up after this spell, bury all the left-over incense ashes, white wax, and unused flower petals from the white / good side in your own yard. Carry the left overs from the black / bad side to a crossroads, or running water and throw them away so that passersby will disperse the energy they hold. The ground-up ashes, pepper, and salt should be thrown over your left shoulder as you walk away from the disposal-ground -- and don't look back.

Wear Cut and Clear conjure oil as a scent when you think you will have to see the person again, and you will not be drawn back into the relationship.

Link-to-Order-Cut-And-Clear-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Oil-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company Order Cut and Clear Oil from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company Link-to-Order-Cut-And-Clear-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Oil-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company
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Used in a spell to rid oneself of ties to the past, to remove obsessive love.
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