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From: "John M. Hansen" (
Newsgroups: alt.lucky.w
Subject: Re: tobacco..........
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 20:49:07 -0400

Magna Three" (mgna3@yahoo.commie) wrote:

| anyone have any info on the magical properties of tobacco - either
| from  historical/culteral belief systems - or their own opinion and
| experiances?

    Tobacco is a herb of Mars, and has protective qualities
associated with its smoke.  Biddes (sp?), Indian tobacco with cloves
added to it is widly used in giving spiritual cleansings in
Indonesia.  Many spiritual teachers smoke, while some don't.

| iÕm aware that many traditions use cigarettes and cigars as
| offerings to  spirits, gods etc...

    Tobacco is frequently used as an offering to spirits and deities
in the Americas.
In those parts of the world where Tobacco is not native, other herbs
and incenses of Mars are often used in the same way, and Tobacco may
__usually__ be substiuted for those oferings

| (my brother has traveled pretty extensively in central america -
| and  according to him - not only does Maximon like cigarettes and
| cigars - he actually smokes them (the statue does anyhow))
| and that tobacco (and other herbs) are often smoked as a communion
| type sacrament accompanying certain prayers.

    Particularly in the Americas, rarely in Europe, Africa, or Asia.

| but what would be the implications of going through life
| surrounded by a cloud of tobacco smoke - and having your
| home constantly fumigated with tobacco smoke (other than
| cancer and all the health concers that go along with smoking)

    Some people have no objection to tobacco smoke, while others
have.  Please take note that less than 25% of those who smoke
cigarettes ever have a smoking related ilness.  A statistic not
popularized by the American Cancer Society.  Smoking is a cultural
phenomena, and like many other cultural phenmonanas, it goes in and
out of style.

John M Hansen
(Who had been a three pack a day smoker for over thirty years.)

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