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This is NOT a quickie.

Take one LARGE black candle, and write on it everything that
opposes you in getting the job you desire (this could be
fear, lack of experience, lack of contacts, whatever).  Also
take one piece of parchment paper and write the same things
on it.

Dress the black candle with Begone or some other banishing
oil. Every night for nine nights, at 9 PM or midnight, burn
the black candle while visualizing the obstacles
disappearing.  On the ninth night, burn the parchment also.
(Try to burn the candle so there is only about one hour or
less left to burn out on the last night.)

Then at 10 PM after the black candle has burned out, light a
green glass candle that has been dressed with money drawing
or success oil. (Prior to this you will have focused on
everything you want this new job to be - hours, days,
location, salary, benefits,, etc. - be very specific. Write
these things on a second piece of parchment.)  The green
candle will be burned for four nights, visualizing
everything you wrote. On the fourth night also burn the
second piece of parchment.

On the fifth night burn a "thank you" candle - yellow,
white, or orange, or the color that is significant to your
favorite goddess.


If you cannot do the spell at night, it can be done at 9 AM
or noon.

Instead of one large candle you could also use nine
individual black candles, and write something different on
each one.

The best timing would be to begin on the waning moon, and
finish on the waxing moon, but the spell can be used any

The spell begins as soon as you conceive of it.  If you get
what you want before the ritual is over, complete the entire
ritual anyway, including thanking the gods.

You want part one (the banishment) to end on the Dark Moon
(the night BEFORE the New Moon), and you want part two
(getting the job) to start on the New Moon.  The Dark Moon
is used for banishment and getting rid of.  The New Moon is
for new beginnings.  Hence the timing noted.

On disposing of the ashes, this is what I suggest for part
one. When I write and do a banishing ritual, I scatter the
ashes to the winds. This is symbolic of the (obstacle,
whatever) being scattered, and therefore removed.  So, once
the parchment has burned completely and the ashes are cool,
take them outside and toss them into the air, letting the
winds scatter them. The next best thing is to dump them
into running water (no, not down the sink or toilet, but in
a creek or river). This would "wash" them away.

For part two of the spell, I'm going on instinct.  Something
is telling me that the ashes and candle stub should be put
in a box and left in a safe place.  As long as they remain
undisturbed, the job is secure. I'm not going to claim that
this is correct, so anyone who does this spell should take
care of the ashes according to their preference, teachings,
and/or instinct.

© 1998 NightShade (



Crux777 wrote:

> (MBarge) wrote:

> > Do you know what novena candle I should burn to get a job?

> Green candle (for money, business success). Also pink. But
> green is best.

I also recommend green candles, plus there are half-pink,
half-green glass-enclosed 7-day candles sold in occult
supply stores under names like "steady work" and "trabajo"

> > Also, what saint is good for getting a job?

> St. Joseph for business, income, financial needs.

This is Joseph the Carpenter (the step-father of Jesus). For
job-getting, some folks like to get a card or print that
shows him **at work** at his carpenter's bench. (The other
image of him usually shows him simply holding the baby

> > Please let me know of any other suggestions you might have as
> > far as getting the job i want. If you do not know, do you have
> > any ideas where I can find this info?

> Good resources:
> "Master Book of Candle-Burning" -- Henri Gamache
> "Helping Yourself With Selected Prayers", Original Publishing
> Co., Bronx, NY
> Any of Anna Riva's candle-burning books.
> All above can be gotten from any good occult supplier.

Of these books, i prefer Gamache's (and i sell it via mail
order, incidently).

Other job-getting occult supplies in the hoodoo tradition
include "Steady Work" products, available as a dressing oil
(for candles or oneself), incense, sachet powder, and bath

One of the major ingredients in the Steady Work formula, if
the maker is not faking it, should be essential oil of
Benzoin or, in the case of the incense, Resin of Benzoin.
Other major ingredients should be Gravel Root and salt.

About the last-named ingredient: There is a very common and
very old hoodoo belief that salt will help you get a job.
Grab a handful of salt and carry it in your pocket when you
go for the job interview. While the boss' back is turned,
try to sprinkle a little of the salt on his or her clothes
without being seen. If you can do that, you will land a good
job and the boss will always treat you fairly.

Lucky Mojo brand Steady Work incense (i can't vouch for
other barands) contains Benzoin Resin, Gravel Root, and salt
as ingredients. You can also buy pure benzoin resin and burn
it on charcoal, if you prefer.

© 1998 catherine yronwode (

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