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Welcome to the Arcane Archive Usenet FAQ and REF directory, where you can familiarize yourself with the subjects discussed in a wide variety of usenet newsgroups devoted to occult, religious, magical, and mystical topics.

Copyright Notice: Some of the FAQ and REF documents at this site are protected by copyright and are not to be mirrored to other sites or distributed in any form. Other FAQ and REF documents archived here contain written instructions which, if followed, will make them available for copying under the terms and conditions specified.


The term FAQ stands for Frequently Asked (or Answered) Questions, and when you join a newsgroup, it is always a good idea to read the FAQ before posting. By familiarizing yourself with the FAQ you will find answers to questions that you MIGHT have been about to ask -- and by reading them before posting, you will avoid boring long-time group members and you'll be able to enter into the ongoing conversations as an equal.

Most newsgroup FAQs have been compiled by a group of people (called FAQ editors or a FAQ committee), but in some contentious newsgroups, a series of alternative or even opposing FAQs may be written. Not every usenet newsgroup has a FAQ, but for those groups that do, there is usually also a volunteer called the FAQ maintainer who keeps the FAQ on a web site, helps when newsgroup members wish to update the FAQ, and reposts the FAQ to the newsgroup once a month. Some FAQs are updated frequently; others, dealing with stable topics, tend to remain the same for years or even decades on end.

This Lucky Mojo archive of occult and religious usenet FAQs contains many documents that are maintained and reposted monthly to their respective newsgroups by the tyaginator. They by no means represent the entirely of FAQs for occult and magical usenet newsgroups, merely those the tyaginator has collected. If you have custody of an occult or religious usenet FAQ you would like to see archived here, please send it in email to the tyaginator and he will copy it to this web site.


Some FAQs are written by indivuals or groups for use on their web sites or for posting to a wide cross-section of relevant newsgroups. Because they did not arise in any one usenet newsgroup, we call them "non-affiliated FAQs."

This Lucky Mojo archive of occult and religious non-affiliated FAQs by no means represents the entirely of such FAQs, merely those the tyaginator has collected. If you have custody of a non-affiliated occult or religious FAQ you would like to see archived here, please post it to news:alt.magick.tyagi and the tyaginator will copy it to this web site.

REFs on Occult, Magical and Religious Subjects

REF files -- reference documents -- are often developed in the same occult, religious, magical, and mystical usenet newsgroups that generated the FAQs. REFs consists of a diverse assortment of bibliographies, compiled quotations, text excerpts, archived usenet posts, and internet resouces. REF files are generally not reposted to usenet, but their URLs are given out to those who wish them at any time. Like FAQs, some REF files are the collaborative work of many contributors, and others are written by individuals.

The REFs marked "KfaQ" #1-14 are a series of "Kreeping Ooze FAQs" (actually REFs) that arose in alt.magick during 1994 and 1995, as the transition was being made from "the old FAQ" to the current newsgroup FAQ. Each "KfaQ" covers one specific question which had come up in the newsgroup often enough to merit the compiling of replies. Some of the KfaQs were incorporated in abbreviated form in the alt.magick FAQ revision of 1995; others were eventually deemed off-topic or it was decided that they required too detailed a response for inclusion in the FAQ.

This archive by no means represents the entirely of online REFs for occult and magical topics, merely those the tyaginator has collected. If you have custody of an occult or religious REF you would like to see archived here, please post it to news:alt.magick.tyagi and the tyaginator will copy it to this web site.


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