Anthony Paule
Blue Dot Records
CD #--

  1. Big Guitar (Anthony Paule) 3:30
  2. TV Mama (Lou Willie Turner) 4:03
  3. Jungle Sauce (A. Paule - JIm Pugh) 4:32
  4. I Still Love You Baby (Lowell Fulson) #:08
  5. Don't Ask Me How I Feel (C. Vitale - A. Stocking - T. Castro) 4:50
  6. Don't Let The Same Dog Bite You Twice (A. Paule - C. Vitale) 4:18
  7. Drownin' In The Mainstream (C. Vitale) 6:33
  8. What A Price (A. Maddux - J. Jessup - A. Domono) 2:30
  9. I Want To Change Your Mind (Christine Vitale) 5:42 (vocals, Jackie Payne)
10: Leavin' On My Mind (Christine Vitale) 4:40
11. Stratosphere Boogie (A. Paule - C. Vitale) 2:49
12. After Hours With A. P. (A. Paule) 5:40

Lead Vocals: Anthony Paule, Jackie Payne, Ms. D. Tom Castro
Backup Vocals: Pamela Rose, Kathy N. Right
Guitar: Anthony Paule
Organ: Jim Pugh
Piano: Jim Pugh, Steve Lucky
Electric Bass: Steve Evans
Acoustic Bass: Alex Baum
Drums: Paul Revelli, Gaylord Birch, Bowen Brown

Blue Dot Records
P. O. Box 460563
San Francisco, California 94146
Phone: 415-665-3091
Fax: 415-665-0262


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