Kenny "Blue" Ray
JSP Records
CD #289
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  1. I Can't Take It (Ray) 3:436 (vocals, Jackie Payne)
  2. No Time to Waste (Ray, Morello) 3:37
  3. In All of My Life (Ray) 4:09 (vocals, Jackie Payne)
  4. Listen to Me Baby (Ray) 3:53 (vocals, Jackie Payne)
  5. '56 El Dorado (Ray) 2:53
  6. Can't Do This to Me (Morello) 3:59
  7. Bayou Boogie (Ray) 3:16
  8. You Got Me Nervous (Ray) 5:09
  9. Blues for the Iceman (Ray) 1:51
10: Bluesman for Life (Morello) 3:53
11. For Jannie Ray (Ray) 4:36
12. Bailin' on the Gator (Ray) 3:04
13. What's on Your Mind? (Morello) 3:24
14. Throw Me the Whiskey (Ray) 1:49

Vocals: Jackie Payne, Jimmy Morello, Charlie Chavez
Guitars: Kenny "Blue" Ray
Harmonica: Charlie Chavez
Organ: Austin DeLone
Bass: Frank DeRose
Drums: Kevin Coggins, Jimmy Morello
Saxophones: John Firmin, Rod Sudduth

"If you are not familiar with Jackie's work, then you are in for a real treat, because this man is a superb singer with a voice that melds the sweetness of honey with a raw soulful urgency that is equally at home on the Memphis styled soul of 'In All of My Life,' the Texas styled 'I Can't Take It,' and the hot, swinging R&B grooves of 'Listen to Me Baby.'" -- Mick Rainsford

JSP Records
P. O. Box 1584
London N3 3NW, England


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