Kenny "Blue" Ray,
featuring Jackie Payne
Tone King Records
CD #1066

  1. A Man Needs His Lovin' (Earl King)
  2. Mean Old World (T Bone Walker)
  3. Road Block (L. J. Welch)
  4. Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix)
  5. Lonesome (Albert King)
  6. Hot'n Cold (Albert Collins)
  7. Who's Been Talkin' (Chester Burnett)
  8. Blue Monday (Don Robey)
  9. Stop Thinkin' Take (Darrell Nulish, Steve Gomes)
10. Home at Last (R. Tooms)
11. COD (Leo Gooden)

Vocals: Jackie Payne
Piano: Audie de Lone
Hammond Organ: Audie de Lone
Guitar: Kenny "Blue" Ray
Rhythm Guitar: Steve Edmonson
Upright Bass: Billy Hadnot
Fender Bass: Mike Philips
Tenor Sax: Carl Green, Rob Sudduth
Baritone Sax: Rob Sudduth
Clarinet: Roinald Wilson
Trumpet: John Middleton
Drums: Shad Harris, Gene Pardue

Tone King Records
P. O. Box 844
Menlo Park, California 94026


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