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by Lewis de Claremont

A strong influence on 20th century hoodoo practices, this collection of occult tidbits by Lewis de Claremont integrates European and African-American traditions.

Included is basic information gleaned from a variety of ancient and modern sources on dressing oils in antiquity and in the contemporary traditions, Medieval philtres and potions, incense in Hebrew and Egyptian history and in modern times, ancient and modern magical uses of dozens of illustrated herbs and roots, how to use sachet powders for magical ends, how to use baths and washes, and a series of philosophical and mystical illustrations revealing the author's Hermetic-style conceptions of the relationship between the material and spiritual worlds.

Most remarkable in this latter context are Lewis de Claremont's four-fold illustrated distinction between Man (Earth), Chiram [Hiram] (Water), Lucifer (Fire), and Satan (Air); and a cryptic diagram labelled "Spirit / Matter : Dog / God." These diagrams are not explained in the text and they bear no relation to any other grimoire or book of alchemical or hermetic magic known to me. Perhaps they constitute the author's own unqiue perspective on reality; perhaps they were lifted from an earlier book on occultism in which their full context was explained.

From the beginning, "Legends of Incense, Herb, and Oil Magic" was intended as a companion to the same author's "Ancient Book of Formulas" and was orignally marketed by the Oracle Company, which manufactured compounds of essential oils and published the latter book as well. Thus, although some formulas and recipes are given, the bulk of "Legends" deals with the proper way to use purchased spiritual supplies rather than how to make them from scratch or grow them in one's garden.

Like Lewis de Claremont's other works, "Legends of Incense, Herb, and Oil Magic" is basically European and Medieval in orientation, but it has from the first been packaged for sale to hoodoo practitioners in the African-American community. Along with "The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses" and the publications of L. W. DeLaurence, which were well known to conjure doctors of the 1930s, "Legends" is a major source for the adoption of the use of Mosaic seals in hoodoo. It has proven to be consistently popular among black rootworkers (and was never popular among white ceremonial magicians) and has been through many editions. Unfortunately, in 1966, the important chapter on Mosaic seals and talismans was eliminated by the publisher, probably in a bid to save paper and thus reducing printing costs, but the abridged version remained in print until 2006, when that publisher ceased doing business.

The advertisement shown on this page is apparently for the 2nd edition, and dates from the 1940s, as the cover price can be seen at the lower left and later editions carried no cover price.

Order Legends of Incense, Herb, and Oil Magic from the Lucky Mojo Curio Co.

Because this book has been extensively revised and abridged, i herewith append my key to understanding the different editions, as found in my collection.

First edition: "© 1936 by Oracle Publishing Co."
•    1936; probably only one printing
•    cover: green index stock with black illustration
•    interior paper: white paper with black ink
•    10 chapters, last word is "Albert."
•    58 illustrations; "Spirit" illo, on page 43, is captioned
•    112 pages (102 numbered pages, plus 10 pages of Oracle Products ads in the back)
•    square-bound
•    typewriter-style type-setting
•    cover art signed "S. Quinlan"
•    cover price: $2.00
•    no zip code on title page

Second (revised) edition: "revised edition, Dorene Publishing Co., Inc. © 1938"
•    1938-1965; many printings
•    cover: dusky pink index stock with black illustration (shown above)
•    interior paper: pink paper with black ink
•    10 chapters, last word is "Albert."
•    58 illustrations; "Spirit" illo, on page 49, has had its caption removed
•    104 pages (103 numbered pages; final page not numbered)
•    square-bound
•    typeset in Times Roman style font
•    cover art signed "S. Quinlan"
•    cover price: $2.00
•    no zip code on title page
•    The "revision" consists solely of typesetting the manuscript rather than printing it from reduced typewriter type.

Third (abridged) edition: "© 1938 by Dorene Publishing... revised edition 1966"
•    1966-c1986; many printings
•    cover: dull red index stock with black illustration
•    interior paper: white paper with dark blue or black ink
•    9 chapters, last word is "fragrance." (Chapter 10 deleted.)
•    43 illustrations; "Spirit" illo, on page 49, is un-captioned and upside-down
•    96 pages (98 numbered pages; title page and fly leaf were deleted but book not re-numbered)
•    saddle-stitched (stapled)
•    typeset in Times Roman style font
•    cover art signature deleted
•    no cover price
•    zip code on title page
•    The unannounced abridgement consists of deleting Chapter 10 completely, and reducing the number of llustrations from 58 to 43.

Fourth (abridged) edition: "© 1938 by Dorene Publishing... revised edition 1966"
•   1986-2006; many printings)
•   cover: white chrome-coat (shiny) stock with red illustration
•    interior paper: white paper with black ink
•    9 chapters, last word is "fragrance." (Chapter 10 deleted.)
•    43 illustrations; "Spirit" illo, on page 49, is un-captioned and upside-down
•    96 pages (98 numbered pages; title page and fly leaf were deleted but book not re-numbered)
•    saddle-stitched (stapled)
•    typeset in Times Roman style font
•    cover art signature deleted
•    no cover price
•    zip code on title page
•    The variation from the 4th edition consists re-shooting the cover art, rendering it darker and pugged-in.

Fifth (restored and revised) edition: "© 2016 by Lucky Mojo Curio Co.... revised edition 1966" XXX START HERE XXX
•   2016; one printing)
•   cover: matte index stock with green and black illustration
•    interior paper: white paper with black ink
•    10 chapters, last word is "fragrance." (Chapter 10 deleted.)
•    43 illustrations; "Spirit" illo, on page 49, is un-captioned and upside-down
•    96 pages (98 numbered pages; title page and fly leaf were deleted but book not re-numbered)
•    saddle-stitched (stapled)
•    typeset in Times Roman style font
•    cover art signature deleted
•    no cover price
•    zip code on title page

There may be other editions, and if so, i would like to hear about them.

The biggest difference between the various editions is the complete loss of Chapter 10 (which deals with the use of Talismans and Seals) from the Third edition and onwards. Secondarily, the cover illustration, originally signed "S. Quinlan" and very clear and easy to see in the First edition, was picked up and copied so many times that it eventually became plugged in and lumpy-looking. Finally, the interior illustrations were cut from 58 to 43, and as reprints were made from printed copies, they eventually become more faded and indistinct with each passing edition.

The restored Fifth edition, released in May, 2016, has corrected these faults.

This book is a reprint of one of the earliest treatises on hoodoo that was written by a candle shop owner for the benefit of practitioners. It first came out in 1936. The new edition has been reformatted and re-edited, and it includes both textual material and illustrations that were omitted after the publication of the first edition, making it the most complete available edition ever. If you want to look at hoodoo as it was practiced 80 years ago -- and STILL is practiced by traditional workers -- check out "Legends of Incense, Herb, and Oil Magic." BOO-GRI-LIHO Legends of Incense, Herb, and Oil Magic by Lewis de Claremont, ed. cat yronwode $9.00 [img][/img] [url=*16b44c79a41051c2074fb74fc2&dbname=products&sku=BOO-GRI-LIHO&function=add][img][/img][/url] You can order right here in the Forum by clicking on the blue Add To Cart button.

LEGENDS OF INCENSE, HERB, AND OIL MAGIC: Esoteric Students' Handbook of Legendary Formulas and Facts

Author of

Secrets of Attraction
The Ten Lost Books of the Prophets
The Master's Course of Lessons in Hypnotism
The Ancient’s Book of Magic; The Ancient’s Book of Formulas
The Seven Keys to Power; The Seven Steps to Power
Legends of Incense, Herb, and Oil Magic
How to Get Your Winning Number
The Home Herb Doctor

Inventor of Hypnopoule

Illustrated by
Charles M. Quinlan

Restored, Revised, and Edited by

Catherine Yronwode


General Principles 7
Magic As a Definite Religion 8
Magical Secrets of Compounds 8

Occult and Psychic Anointing 11
Understanding the Trinities 12
How to Anoint 15
How to Dress a Candle 16
Oils Used in Magic 18

Altar Oil 20
Angel Oil 20 Attraction Oil 21 Bat's Blood Brand Oil 21 Bible Bouquet Oil 22 Black Art Oil 23 Buddha Oil 23 Chinese Oil 23 Cleopatra Oil 23 Commanding Oil 24 Compelling Oil 24 Concentration Oil 25 Dove's Blood Brand Oil 25 Exodus Oil 25 Five Circle Oil 26 High Conquering Oil 26 Hindu Grass Oil 27 Indian Guide Oil 27 King Solomon Oil 28 Kyphi Oil 28 Lovers Oil 30 Magnet Oil 30 Mecca Oil 31 Planet and Planetary Oils 31 Power Oil 31 Rose of Crucifixion Oil 32 Spirit Oil 32 Success Oil 33 Temple Oil 33 Ten Commandments Oil 33 CHAPTER THREE: LEGENDS OF INCENSE 35 Reasons for Using Incense 35 Incense in Divine Worship 35 Incense Used in Magic 37 How to Make Liquid Incense Oil 38 Formulas for Making Incense 38 CHAPTER FOUR: HOW TO USE INCENSE 40 Abtina Incense 40 Attraction Incense 40 Black Incense 40 Ceremonial Incense 40 Cleopatra Incense 41 Commanding Incense 41 Compelling Incense 41 Lovers Incense 41 Lucky Planet Incense 42 Magnet Incense 42 Mystic Rites Incense 43 Oriental Incense 43 Power Incense 43 Psychic Vision Incense 43 Spirit Guide Incense 44 Success Incense 44 Temple Incense 44 CHAPTER FIVE: SACHET POWDERS 46 Sachet Powders 46 How to Make Sachet Powders 46 CHAPTER SIX: WASHES AND BATHS Baume Tranquille 47 Modern Baume Tranquille 47 Bush, Herb, and Condition Baths 47 White Lavender 47 Red Lavender 47 Chinese Wash 48 Seven Holy Spirit Baths 48 CHAPTER SEVEN: LEGENDS OF HERBS 50 The Doctrine of Signatures 50 The Tree of Life 50 Herbs of the Classical Gods 51 Poisonsous Botanicals 51 Flowers and Herbs of the Virgin 52 Flowers of the Nativity 53 Herbs of the Crucifixion 55 CHAPTER EIGHT: HOW TO USE HERBS 58 Adam and Eve Root 58 Alkanet Tree 58 Belladonna 58 Bethel Nut 59 Buckeye 59 Cactus 59 Clover 59 Devil's Shoestring 59 Dragon's Blood 59 Elder 59 Fern 60 Five Finger Grass 62 Frankincense 62 Fungi 62 Good Luck Herbs Mixture 63 Grains of Paradise 63 Graveyard Dust 64 Hawthorn 64 Hellebore 64 Henbane 65 Holy Herb (Yerba Santa) 65 Jack-in-the-Pulpit 65 John the Conqueror. High 65 John the Conqueror, Low 65 John the Conqueror, Southern 65 Juniper 66 Kalmia 66 Life Everlasting 66 Lodestone 66 Loving Herbs Mixture 66 Lucky Hand Root 66 Marjoram 66 Master of the Woods 66 Milkwort 66 Mistletoe 67 Myrrh 67 Myrtle 68 Oriental Gum Resin 68 Periwinkle 68 Poke 68 Queen Elizabeth Root 68 Queen's Root 68 Rattlesnake Master 68 Rosemary 69 Rue 69 Sacred Bark 69 Saint Johns Wort 69 Sandalwood 69 Sang Root 69 Sea Spirit 69 Smellage Root 69 Star Fish 70 Sumbul Root 70 Tonka Beans 70 Waahoo Bark 70 Walnut 70 Wormwood 70 CHAPTER NINE: LOVE MAGIC 72 Love Powders 72 Classical Love Philtres 72 Classical Aphrodisiacs 73 African Love Beliefs 73 Hindu Love Beliefs 73 Persian Love Beliefs 74 Asian Love Beliefs 74 European Love Beliefs 74 American Love Beliefs 75 Midsummer Herbs for Love 75 Curious Water of Myrtle Flowers 75 Angel Water 76 The Spring Nosegay 76 Hippomanes for Lust 76 Dill for Love 77 Coriander, Violet Valerian 77 Sea Holly (Eryngoes) 77 Making the True Love Powder 77 Ambergris as an Aphrodisiac 78 Amulets for Love 78 To Continue Love Once Obtained 79 To Reduce Love 79 Turtle Dove Powder 80 Water of Magnaminity 80 Famous Love Poisons 81 Truffles for Seduction 81 Mandrake for Lust 82 Knapweed for the Future Husband 82 Basil and Women 83 Dragon’s Blood for a Lost Lover 83 Heliotrope for Fidelity 83 Lemon Peels for Truth in Love 83 Wecker’s Secrets 84 Cubebs, Opium, and Spices 84 The Notary Art of Solomon 85 Alcohol and Sugar for Lust 86 Herbs for Quenching Love 86 Water of Chastity 86 Wax Effigy Doll for Love Revenge 87 Untying and Tying the Knot 87 Three Impossible Tasks of Love 88 CHAPTER TEN: TALISMAN MAGIC 89 Making Metallic Talismans 89 Table of Affinities 90 Talismanic Secrets 90 Seals from the 6th Book of Moses 91 Seals from the 7th Book of Moses 92 How Talismans Are Used 94 AFTERWORD 95


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