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Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Occult Store Newsletter
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List of Archived Newsletters
There's a lot of great and otherwise-unobtainable information in our Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Newsletter. Check out our Archives online, and if you like what you find, please subscribe!

  • 2018 ARCHIVES
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter June 2018
  • Thank You Book-Lovers, New Lithomancy Book and Pouch Set Retail Special, Fast Luck Spells, Five-Finger Grass, Funds Raised for 2017 Santa Rosa Wildfire Victims in the Name of Saint Joseph.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter May 2018
  • May is My Favorite Month, Photos from Apprenticeship Week One and the
    Hoodoo Heritage Festival - Santa Rosa Mystic Fair 2018, Attraction Spells, Cubeb Berries
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter April 2018
  • Facebook Tells Me Who I Am, Rebuilding the Church: Candle Services, Time for the Hoodoo Heritage Festival and Santa Rosa Mystic Fair, Announcing 4 New Books, Fiery Wall of Protection Spells, Wood Betony
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter March 2018
  • PAGE NINE (For Fred Burke), REBUILDING MISC: THE SAGA CONTINUES, Hoodoo Heritage Festival / Santa Rosa Mystic Fair tickets on sale, New book: The Art of Making Mojos by catherine yronwode, Fire of Love Spell, Honeysuckle Flowers
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter February 2018
  • When the Springtime comes again!, New Editor Albert Kaufman, New Book: Destroying Relationships by Miss Aida, Hoodoo Heritage Festival / Santa Rosa Mystic Fair tickets on sale, Destruction Spells, and Sampson Snake Root Chips

  • 2017 ARCHIVES
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter September 2017
  • Congratulations to the Apprenticeship Graduates! Farewell from the Editor (Rowan), Interviewing Ernie: How an Old Hippie Found His Place in an Occult Shop, Update to the Divination Catalogue Page, The Mystic Tea Room, and Museum of Fortune Telling Cups
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter August 2017
  • How We Keep On Keeping On, Neither Fireworks Nor Arson, Rising From the Ashes in Power, Daniel Smith to the Rescue!, A General Call for Photographs, August Apprenticeship Plans, Reversing Spell, Crab Shell Powder
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter July 2017
  • You May Forget the Singer, but Don't Forget the Song! Two New Candles! I Dominate My Woman and I Dominate My Man, Leslie Lowell is the New Shop Manager, Cleo May Spell, Cherry Bark is the Herb of the Month!
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter June 2017
  • Plumb Wore Out, But We Did It! HHF 2017 Completed! New I Dominate My Man Labels! That Amazing Apprenticeship, Highlights from the Hoodoo Heritage Festival 2017, I Dominate My Man Spells of Female Domination, and Basil Leaves
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter May 2017
  • ET&WNC is Back on Track! New employees and a returning veteran, Apprenticeship reminder, Festival update, AIRR Readers Roster, New Books including cover preview for This Amazing Book, Intranquil Spirit Spell, and Poppy Flowers
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter April 2017
  • Down in the Book Mines! Update on the Latest Hoodoo Heritage Festival details, including cover preview for "Women's Work and workshop descriptions, Cut and Clear Spell, and Lemon Leaves
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter March 2017
  • Springtime is here! Sunshine and birdsong, 10th Annual Hoodoo Heritage Festival details, including cover previews for "Vulvamancy" and "Cursing and Crossing", Come To Me Candle Spell, Patchouli Leaves, Readers sponsored by who will be at the festival
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter February 2017
  • Put on Your Pussy Hat, New Van Van Candle Label, Those Marvelous Mineral Salts, Apprenticeship Week May 8-12, 2017, Lucky 13 Spell, Rock Salt, Festival Tickets are On Sale
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter January 2017
  • Bringing in the New Year, In Memoriam (Celebrating the Cultural Icons Who've Passed This Year), Reconciliation Letter Spell, Juniper Berries, 10th Annual Hoodoo Heritage Festival Previews

  • 2016 ARCHIVES
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter December 2016
  • Winter Greetings! Facebook Fridays, its history and stellar record of prizes, Break Up Bottle Spell to cause your spouse to stop seeing an outside lover, Black Dog Hair used by root doctors in spells of malice, and Bottle Spells
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter November 2016
  • Come and Get 'Em 1930s Style, Cheaper by the Dozen! and the Return of the Floor Wash Special -- plus we give you free Money Drawing spells, and tell how to use Magnetic Sand as an adjunct to working with Lodestoes, magnets, and tricky Dogs.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter October 2016
  • Stay With Me spell, Magnolia Leaves, Fit and Foxy Radio Show, History and Legacy of J-Setting, Black Hawk
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter September 2016
  • Love Me spell, Graveyard Dirt, Picking Up Speed with the Tiny Wheels of Industry! Love Me or Die Spell and Graveyard Dirt Uses, and a special Half Off Sale!!
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter August 2016
  • Compelling spell, Calamus Root Chips, The Database! The Database!, new LMC Network Radio show with Elvrya and Phoenix!, Apprenticeship date moved from August to September 19-23
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter July 2016
  • Boss Fix spells, Cinnamon Chips, 32nd National Garden Railway Convention, What's New at Lucky Mojo
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter June 2016
  • Clarity spells, Mint leaves, Voices of the Hoodoo Heritage Festival, news on reprints of books.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter May 2016
  • Look Me Over spells, Licorice Root, Apprenticeship, Books to debut at the Hoodoo Heritage Festival
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter April 2016
  • Crown of Success spells, Balm of Gilead Buds, Hoodoo Heritage Festival Workshops, New Books on the Way

  • 2014 ARCHIVES
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter December 2014
  • Our Facebook Anniversary, free Intranquility spells, and how to make use of Catnip Leaf, plus a haul of new and Mineralicious 4-spoke and 7-spoke altar pieces, for those who work with crystals.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter November 2014
  • Free Follow Me Girl spells, how to use Queen Elizabeth Root Powder, details on the upcoming hands-on Apprenticeship and our annual Hoodoo Heritage Festival, plus all the latest LMC Radio Network News.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter October 2014
  • The LMC Radio Network announces the addition of Candelo's Corner, In The Streets, and Liquid Libations to our weekly schedule, plus free Black Cat spells, how to use a Buckeye Nut curio, and 2015 Hoodoo Heritage Festival pre-plans.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter September 2014
  • A new and improved Lucky Mojo Forum, an exciting announcement for The Now You Know Show, starring Professor Charles Porterfield. as we launch the Lucky Mojo Radio Network, free Master Key spells, and how to use Agrimony to reverse jinxes.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter August 2014
  • The treasure trove of fortune telling tea cups is revealed to the waiting world at last in all its splendour, plus House Blessing spiritual supplies with free spells, and how to use Blue Flag Root in old, authentic money magic.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter July 2014
  • Elbow Room for Missionary Independent Spiritual Church as its office space finally breaks free of the Lucky Mojo Curio Company building; plus free Law Keep Away Spells, and how to use Bayberry Root Chips in down home conjure.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter June 2014
  • If you couldn't attend the Hoodoo Heritage Festival 2014, you can live it vicarously in these fun photos by Coastside Conjure; plus an intro to our new Block Buster line of spiritual products with free spells, and how to work with Block Buster Herb Mix.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter May 2014
  • Final workshop schedules, ticket purchases, and reader scheduling for the May 2014 Hoodoo Heritage Festival, free Peaceful Home Spells for calm and quiet in the house, plus how to use Solomon's Seal Root in magical workings.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter April 2014
  • Introducing new books: Hoodoo Bible Magic; Hoodoo Spiritual Baths; Hoodoo Food!; Bones, Shells, and Curios; and Trolldom; plus free Master Spells, using Calamus Root Chips; Garden Railroading, and the 2014 Apprenticeship and Hoodoo Heritage Festival.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter March 2014
  • Free Money House Blessing Spells for household income, How to use Rue herb in magic, Garden Railroading at Lucky Mojo, a staff photo opp, April Apprenticeship and and the May 2014 Hoodoo Heritage Festival Workshops schedule.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter February 2014
  • A remembrance of Reverend Rukiah Shamon by Deacon Millett, free Indian Spirit Guide spells, how to use Five Finger Grass, and news on the upcoming Apprenticeship, and May 2014 Hoodoo Heritage Festival Workshops.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter January 2014
  • A remembrance of Dr. E. by Prof. Charles Porterfield, announcing the May 3-4, 2014 Hoodoo Heritage Festival workshops and cat yronwode's Apprenticeship program, plus a free Lavender Love spell, and how to use Hyssop herb for the removal of sins.

  • 2013 ARCHIVES
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter December 2013
  • Our new Facebook Fridays! weekly product giveaways; Leah Rivera's three best amulets for protection; a free Power spell; the sexiness of Damiana; Robin, Apollo, and Lisa depart; Heidi and Alicia get promoted; and Donna, Angela, and Melissa come on board!
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter November, 2013
  • Six great books on hoodoo and other forms of magic are recommended and reviewed by Miss Phoenix, plus, you get free spells for use with that old classic, Good Luck spiritual supplies, and instructions on how to use Angelica Root in magic.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter October, 2013
  • We announce an update to -- and enlargement of -- the Lucky W Amulet Archive and teach you some Break Up Spells to bring about arguments, quarrels, and divorces; plus provide tips on how to use Queen Elizabeth Root in traditional conjure practice.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter September, 2013
  • Check out our new amuletic beads for crafters and hand-made magical jewelry and altar tools for everyone else, read a free Pay Me spell for the return of loaned money and to receive compensation in lawsuits, and learn all about the magical uses of Master Root.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter August, 2013
  • Find out how to blend conjure oils and select blends for your own 4 oz. Rootworkers and Churches Specials, see the fabulous magnetic Moqui Marbles, read a free Return to Me Spell, and learn how to use Deer's Tongue for eloquence in speech.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter July, 2013
  • Big news! All of our Catholic saint oils, sachet powders, incenses, and bath crystals are getting their pictures online at long last; you can also learn how to use Crab Shell Powder in folk-magic and read all about Bewitching spiritual supplies.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter June, 2013
  • Fetching photos by Coastside Conjure capture a glimpse of the May 2013 Hoodoo Heritage Fest at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, plus Free Marriage spells, folk-magic tricks with Burdock Root, and a shout-out to the Santa Rosa Mystic Fair.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter May, 2013
  • Our fantastic friend Coastside Conjure is showcased again with an amazing archive of Lucky Mojo shop images, plus you can learn more about the many facets of Wealthy Way spiritual supplies and the classical uses of Hawthorn Berries in magic.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter April 2013
  • Final 2013 Workshop Weekend schedule, art and contents for five new books (Candle Magic, Hoodoo Honey, Black Folder, Hoodoo Food, and the Gospel of Satan), the rise of the Red Brick Labyrinth, free King Solomon Wisdom spells, and Sage bundle smudging.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter March 2013
  • Get advance news of the Lucky Mojo Labyrinth, an announcement of the High-Tech Hoodoo Workshop, an Apprentice Program update, a sampling of Destruction spells, and information about Aspand, a seed that protects against the evil eye.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter February 2013
  • See advance artwork and read the Table of Contents for the new "Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic," book, get your free Reconciliation spells, learn how to use Feverfew herb in conjure, and catch up on news of our 2013 Apprenticeships and MISC Workshops.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter January 2013
  • An advance look at three new books: cat's "Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic," Deacon Millett's "Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells," and MISC's "The Black Folder," plus free Psychic Vision spells, Sarsaparilla Root, and the 2013 Apprenticeships and Workshops.

  • 2012 ARCHIVES
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter December 2012
  • See more amazing photos of the shop by Coastside Conjure, harvest your fee Kiss Me Now spells, learn the secrets of the Nude Male 'Adam' Figural Candle, and get notifications on the Spring 2013 Apprenticeships and MISC Hoodoo Workshops.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter November 2012
  • View Love Potion's amazing gallery of photos of the shop; get a free Steady Work spell, check out the Vulva amulets; and prepare for coming events: December 2012 Bone Reading class, Spring 2013 Apprenticeships, and May 2013 MISC Hoodoo Workshops.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter October 2012
  • Magical and mystical supplies from around the world: Bone skull bracelets, vintage oil lamps, Catholic altar statues, and more, plus a free spell to sweeten your nasty In-Laws, and the low-down on using Sampson Snake Root for protection.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter September 2012
  • We bring out a brand new Jezebel Candle, proudly present the long-awaited Return of the Norse Bone Bind-Rune Sigil Amulets, give away free hoodoo Blessing Spells, and tell you how to use Job's Tears to make a special wish.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter August 2012
  • Learn about Throwing the Bones; try a simple spiritual spell made with a Guardian Angel statue, a framed photo, and Protection Oil; read up on Tibetan Ghost-Purging Incense; and get your free Lucky Number Spells and Love Herbs Mixture instructions.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter July 2012
  • Twelve new Zodiacal labels -- Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces -- are debuted, plus we tell how to use Cardamom Seeds for love and sex and offer free Essence of Bend-Over spells.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter June 2012
  • Three fantastic new product labels -- Domination, Clarity, and Crucible of Courage -- are flourished, and we provide information on how to work with protective Devil's Shoe String Roots, plus free Stop Gossip spells for use in the home, at school, or on the job.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter May 2012
  • This month's focus is on our wonderful lab, where oils, incense, and mojo bags are created; we also offer free Hot Foot spells and tell about amuletic Cat's Eye Shells, and provide the final May 2012 Hoodoo Workshops and Conjure Cook-Off schedule.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter April 2012
  • Three brand new product labels from the Art Department -- Healing, Magnet, and Influence -- are showcased, plus free Court Case spells, how to use the lucky Alligator Foot, and links that allow you to pre-register for the May 5-6 MISC Workshops.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter March 2012
  • Four popular spiritual supply lines -- Follow Me Girl, Jezebel, Jinx, and Jinx Killer -- have received beautiful new art labels; learn the Tarot Reader's Secret; get free Jinx spells; read about Little John Root; and find times and costs for the 2012 Hoodoo Workshops!
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter February 2012
  • Five tried-and-true product lines -- Bat's Blood, Confusion, Double Cross, Dove's Blood, and Dragon's Blood -- are awarded new graphic labels; then we offer free Uncrossing Spells, an exegesis on the Lucky Number 7, and May 2012 Hoodoo Workshops updates.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter January 2012
  • We welcome new shop staff, offer free Prosperity spells, tell about the Mexican Snow Glow Pyramid of Luck, and present advance news on MISC's May 2012 public Hoodoo Workshops event, plus cat yronwode's May 2012 Apprenticeship Week for HRCC grads.

  • 2011 ARCHIVES
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter December 2011
  • Advance news on MISC's May 2012 Hoodoo Workshops, with a list of presenters and classes, announcement of cat yronwode's May 2012 Apprenticeship Week for HRCC grads, plus a Love Me spell and the cutest of all conjure supplies, Magnetic Scotty Dogs.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter November 2011
  • See our new and gorgeous line of altar statuary from many cultures, check out the best deerskin medicine bags, hand pouches, and tarot bags in the world, learn about how to use Bride and Groom candles, and get your free New Orleans Van Van spells.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter October 2011
  • Get in on the big changes afoot at the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour radio show and find out how you can be a call-in guest, follow our painting progress, grab your free Follow Me Boy spell, and check out the magical uses of the fabled Raccoon Penis Bone.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter September 2011
  • Connect yourself with the Lucky Mojo Forum, where you can get answers to your conjure questions 24/7, read shop and church briefs and upcoming events, plus get free Fast Luck spells and learn all about the luck of the Silver Dime.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter August 2011
  • Learn how to make your own "Quick Fix" Spiritual Soaps, keep up to date on news from the shop (including an Engagement Ring!), claim your free Fiery Wall of Protection spells, and learn all about the famous Arkansas root doctor Aunt Caroline Dye.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter July 2011
  • Introducing the Crystal Silence League international prayer network; upcoming events at Lucky Mojo; free Attraction spells for drawing money, luck, and love; and a featured article on the All-Seeing Eye of Buddha.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter June 2011
  • Custom-made Lucky Mojo Bags from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company, the latest news on our glorious repainting and gilding of the shop, plus free Lucky Hand spells and all about the legend and lore of the Lucky Pig.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter May 2011
  • Complete schedule for the May 2011 Hoodoo and Conjure Workshops at Lucky Mojo, sponsored by Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, plus your free Commanding spells and a look at the lore of the Lucky Spider.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter April 2011
  • All about working with Santisima Muerte (Most Holy Death), free Dixie Love spells, how to be wise when hiring a reader or rootworker, plus the latest updates on the May 2011 Hoodoo Workshops.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter March 2011
  • Custom Made Vintage Root Doctor Bags, free Road Opener spells, the explanation for why a Chimney Sweep's lucky as lucky can be -- plus more information on the May 2011 Workshops and Apprenticeships!
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter February 2011
  • A salute to Lucky Mojo's famous conjure oils, preliminary details about the courses being offered at our May 2011 Hoodoo Workshops, your free High John the Conqueror Root spells, and a look at Peru's Broom and Ormosia Seed Good Luck Packet.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter January 2011
  • The Wall Street Journal promotes hoodoo (and Lucky Mojo!), free Nation Sack spells and the ancient luck of the Horseshoe -- plus advance schedules for our 2011 Hoodoo Workshops, Apprenticeships, Conjure Cook-Off, Radio Shows, and Homework Parties!

  • 2010 ARCHIVES
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter December 2010
  • Details about the December 2011 Apprenticeship program, Black Hens and Frizzled Chickens and their special role in conjure, the Irish Sheela-Na-Gig talisman, and a complimentary Money Stay With Me spell.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter November 2010
  • How to receive a Free Card Reading and Free Rootwork Advice on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Radio Show, listen and learn about Blues Songs in relation to Hoodoo Culture, a gratis Master Key spell, and see our Life-Size Archangel Statue.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter September 2010
  • The return of the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Radio Show, a complimentary Fire of Love spell, an article on Gypsy Mirror Key Rings, and see the progress of painting the Lucky Mojo shop red, green, and gold.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter August 2010
  • Tour the Lucky Mojo DVD Department, get a free Crown of Success spell and mojo recipe, see the weird cuteness of Mexican acrylic horseshoe key ring charms, and gain some insight into the use of Zodiacal Spiritual Supplies.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter July 2010
  • Free Stay With Me spells, information about the use of Munaiwarmi charms, a look at our well-stocked Divination Department, and some close-up pictures of the Roses we grow and dry for use in Lucky Mojo Spiritual Supplies.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter June 2010
  • We offer a welcome to summer's visitors and guests, provide a free Law Keep Away spell, teach you about the use of Planetary Spiritual Supplies, and serve up an article about the world's most misunderstood good luck charm -- the Swastika.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter May 2010
  • Final Lucky Mojo 2010 Workshop and Conjure Cook-Off Schedules, plus a glimpse into our Chinese Pharmacy, a free House Blessing spell, and an article about a special type of Mojo called the Jomo.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter April 2010
  • Updates on the Lucky Mojo 2010 Workshops and the Hoodoo Foods Conjure Cook-Off, a free Reversing spell, and an article on Paschal Beverly Randolph, a 19th century African-American Spiritualist and sex-magician.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter March 2010
  • Details about the May 2010 Hoodoo Workshops and the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church Conjure Cook-Off, an article on Saint Lazarus, and a free Chupparosa Hummingbird spell for faithful love.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter February 2010
  • First announcement of the annual Hoodoo Workshops on May 8th and 9th, 2010, pictures of the newly painted Rock City Barn at Lucky Mojo, a free Lodestone spells, and information about Master, Master Root, and Master Key Spiritual Supplies.

  • 2009 ARCHIVES
  • Lucky Mojo Workshop Schedule May 2009
  • Final schedule of events for the May 9th and 10th 2009 Lucky Mojo Party and Hoodoo Workshops, plus driving directions to the shop and Missionary Independent Spiritual Church in Forestville, California.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter April 2009
  • Updates on the May 9th and 10th 2009 Party and Workshops, a tour of the Lucky Mojo Lab, simple instructions for making your own custom-blends with Lucky Mojo Skin-Safe Essential Oils, plus how to use Magnetic Sand for money drawing.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter March 2009
  • Announcement of the May 2009 Party and Workshops, an article on Gambler's Lucky Charms and gambling spells, free Cut and Clear spells, a look at our Customer Service Department, and how to become a wholesale customer or online affiliate.
  • Lucky Mojo Newsletter February 2009
  • Announcements about the new Lucky Mojo Forums and the Jan 31st 2009 radio podcast with catherine yronwode on, plus an article on Money Drawing Spiritual Supplies, and a free Railroad Spike spell to stop home foreclosures.


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