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In answer to requests from those new to Lucky Mojo, we have assembled here some of the many unsolicited testimonials our customers have sent to us throughout the years.

These testimonials fall into two types: compliments about the high quality of our Lucky Mojo Brand occult shop supplies and comments about the efficacy of hoodoo spells.

We also provide links at right to some of the most common questions we are asked about hoodoo folk magic, connecting with psychic readers, how to cast spells, and how to learn to practice magic.

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Where can i learn more about real magick?

customer testimonials

June 1998

Thank you for sending my order so quickly. Everything arrived in strong. Thanks also for the advice you told me on the phone about how to avoid getting cheated by fake psychics. That saved me from making a very expensive mistake. You are doing good work. God bless you.


G. L.

May 1999  

dear cat,

once again, "my compliments to the chef!!!" i got my 2nd order yesterday and let me tell you, i was much more than extremely pleased.

just for example -- not to deride other online suppliers like, uh ... let's say [X] ... your small lodestones are REAL and have heft and magnetism. uh ... like i needed a microscope to see the lodestones which [X] sent.

i can only congratulate you, once again, as to the variety of your webpage offerings and information.


07 June 1999  

I can almost NOT believe this myself. I received my oils and herbs about a week or so ago. I have been seeing this man and I had a feeling that he was seeing someone else but I was not sure who.

Well, last Friday morning, I used the Van Van in my bath. Not only did I get the information that I needed. IT CAME DIRECTLY FROM HIM. He handed me an e-mail with her name and address on it. I am new to "herbalism" and have always been a skeptic, but now . . .

Y. B.

02 August 1999  

Thank you for the mojo hands you prepared for me. Waves of authentic Hoodoo Goodness surged from them as I freed them from their packing peanuts. I am now the envy of all my friends, and they beg me to place orders for various and sundry purposes.


10 August 1999  

Yes, of course you may use my testimonial, and let me add that now that I have a Gambler's Hand, I won over $7,000 in blackjack online, which is incredible. That puts me ahead (as we gamblers like to say) about $4k.

Natural ingredients do make a big difference.



21 Mar 2000  

Dear Catherine:

Just wanted to say how great the triple-strength "Money-Drawing Mojo Hand" I got from you is.

It is high quality, and the oil is wonderful as well. I have only had it a short while, but I am finding money in parking lots, in lounges, and just yesterday, in my modified 13-game lottery wheel, I had 11 winners [!]

Of course, the cost of the Mojo has more than been returned ... and this is only the beginning!

Thanks, Cat.

Please feel free to use the above testimonial wherever you want, just keep my E-mail address and last name out of it.

K. S.

October 2000

Your site is just stupendous. I had only very vaguely heard of hoodoo until I stumbled across Lucky Mojo by 'accident', and now I'm hooked and am raving about it, and your products, to anyone who will listen. Now I've got your attention, I hope, with that blatant (but true) piece of flattery, I'd like to relate a personal experience which I hope won't bore you too much.

Last month I tried out my first spell kit to get a new job. Despite using a not particularly appropriate kit (Attraction) and doing just about everything wrong, it was amazingly successful.

On the first night, as soon as I lit the 7-Knob candle, the atmosphere in the room shot up into the stratosphere. My friend had been lighting a devotional candle in the same room every evening, but for the seven nights I was doing the spell, he couldn't get it to light at all.

I started working rather late in the evening, and by bedtime the candle had only burnt part way through the first knob. So I set the alarm for half an hour later, and went to lie down. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was plunged into a vision of three ancient African women (goddesses?) who were scrutinizing me very critically and talking about me in what I presume was an African language. I must stress that I was DEFINITELY not asleep. I was totally lucid throughout the experience, and paid careful attention to the language, which was musical like running water, with a lot of 'la' and 'lu' type syllables. I tried talking to them, but they ignored me and carried on discussing me in what sounded like rather unflattering terms. Then the alarm went off, I got up to check the candle, set it for another half hour and lay down again. Same thing again. This went on three times, until the candle finally burnt down the required amount.

When I finally got to sleep, I saw more African visions all night. This is especially odd as I am white, and up till now have never had any African connections at all.

Anyway, I must have passed the inspection, because I had loads of interviews, and have now landed an excellent job, for the EXACT salary I specified.



Some months back you made a healing hand for my nephew. Within a month, his bloodwork was back to normal, and his doctor visits reduced. He has continued to receive good checkups since then.

It doesn't get any better than that!

With gratitude,


August 2001

Thanks for the incredible service. When I ordered Black Walnuts, I did not realize that you would pick them for me from your own trees. I used them as you told me to -- and the spell really worked. I also noticed that the Mugwort and Mullein I ordered were home-grown, not cut and sifted. Your oils smell lovely, too. Thanks for taking the time to grow the herbs and hand-make the oils, and for sharing your Free Spells Archive with the world.

N. E.

22 July 2002  

I've purchased herbs from some supplies that look like floor sweepings: crumbly, musty, faded and dusty. The whole leaves, [vibrant] color, purity of your mugwort is far superior to what I've bought from others. Lastly, I want to let your know how happy I am with my order, and how impressed and pleased I am with your oils ... the "Crown of Success" and "Follow Me Boy" oils in particular!

Thank you,


05 September 2002  

I wanted to express my gratitude for the accuracy of my previous order and the courteous and friendly nature of your staff at the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. I am very impressed with the quality of your products and look forward to doing business with you for quite some time.

There are a few stores near my home, and I do occasionally shop there when I need something in a hurry -- but the prices offered by your company as well as the great customer service will ensure you a loyal customer in me for quite some time.

Enclosed please find my next order as well as a check for payment. I look forward to receiving my next shipment.

Thank you all again for being so great to work with.

Many Blessings,


October 2002

I am the "very satisfied customer" that called about a week ago.

My mojo hand works excellently, since I've carried it on me, VERY [beautiful] women have come into my life, as well as about 5 different X's ... they all want me ...

My "Law Keep Away" package worked wonderfully as well ... I had involvement with the police last week, and before they could utter one sentence a call came through across the CB "Unit 591, we have a 911 hangup at (blank address) ..."

[They] left immediately.

Thank you so much, Catherine, I have referred two others to your site for guidance ...

All love and due respect.


29 January 2003

Dear Mlle Yronwode,

I feel compelled to write you so that I can thank you for what you have contributed to my life.

In January, 2000 I made a trip to New Orleans, a city for which I had long felt an affinity. My trip was also based on a great need to distance myself from an employee who was causing disruption and great upheaval in my life.

While in New Orleans, I visited the House of Marie Laveau and received a Tarot card reading. I was told I had a powerful enemy in my workplace who wished me harm. At that time, I had no knowledge of hoodoo except a vague interest. The reader's parting words to me were, "You must do something to protect yourself." Unfortunately, I did not know enough to ask for assistance. I did the only thing I knew how to do and so walked to St. Louis Cathedral and lit a candle for my troubled employee, praying that God would change her heart.

When I returned to work, the situation worsened. I sought assistance from Human Resources, my boss, a therapist, and no one would believe this woman wished me harm, even though she threatened bodily harm in the presence of witnesses. Everyone told me she was just talking and wouldn't dare really hurt me. I still had not considered she might hex me.

In June, I had a fall, which was very odd. I was seated on the edge of my bathtub and fell backwards, into the tub, which resulted in a nasty cut and a mild concussion. I felt as though I had been pushed, but was afraid to tell anyone.

A week or so later, I began to have trouble breathing and ended up in an urgent care clinic where the attending physician told me he could find no organic reason for my difficulty. I was treated and in a week or so regained my health.

[About] this time I began searching the internet for assistance and happily came across the Lucky Mojo Curio Company web site. In short, your web site led me to the help I needed. Your Fiery Wall of Protection Mojo Hand and Spell Kit finally were successful in ridding me of my enemy.

I have since learned much and particularly appreciate the great work you have done in your book, "Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic." It is a wonderful resource for the work I now do.Thank you for the work you do and the proper respect you give to African-American conjure.

May God bless you.



October 2003  

Again, thank you and I truly appreciate your advice and your listening to me.

You don't only sell the best products, you also have an excellent customer service!!!


15 January 2004

Three years ago, while at work at [an] aluminum plant here in Washington state, a [gentleman] I was working with was reading a book on [witchcraft]. He asked me if I gamble! The answer was a little. He told me about your company.

I called your office to get a Lucky Mojo bag for gambling. Your talked me into the triple strength mojo bag. "Wow." Ever since, my life has changed. First let me say I'm not into [witchcraft] or [devil] worshipping or any of that stuff but something has certainly changed.

The only thing I play is the Lottery and 1 dollar slots. So far the Lottery has s-cked, but now about the slots.

In 2001, I won $8000; 2002, $11,000; and last year, $22,000. That's just the "Big" ones. The mojo bag or just luck, I don't know.

Now, the purpose of this letter. In 2002, I lost a kidney. It had cancer. I was told it was confined in the kidney and I am cancer free. Talk about luck.

Luck or mojo, will I ever know? If you deserve a thanks, I offer it. I followed all directions to the T. Will cherish forever. I need good luck forever and after. Thanks!

Anything for super luck in Health. I need it.

So far [it's] hard to beat this mojo bag.

Thanks again -


February 2005  

I couldn't let the chance pass to let you know that you knocked my socks off when my Friday order arrived MONDAY. Speed-of-light order processing, to say nothing of getting the postal system to operate in top gear! I was really delighted.

Again, all the herbs are in gorgeous condition, full of life, and the lodestones are without peer. Every time I've ordered pairs in the past (not from you, obviously), one has drawn well and the other not at all; I began to think this must be the way they work, one attracting and one repelling or something. Then [yours] arrived and I realized, no, I'd just gotten duds before! The ones you sent were welcomed at once, well fed, and settled in; we're going to have a good partnership. J

And it's obvious that the only problem I'm ever going to deal with at Lucky Mojo is how not to order everything!

Thanks, and thanks again. Bright blessings.


May 2006  

Thank you for offering your wisdom in the form of the rootwork lessons. I really enjoyed them and am very proud of my rootworker's certificate, which I have up by my altar.

Good wishes of prosperity, joy and good luck to all of you.



May 2006  

I thought I would give you the latest news on the Boss Fixing effort ...

When last we left our intrepid hero, he had consumed two Boss Fix candles in a playful attempt to tenderize his boss. This left him with one in reserve, with things going rather swimmingly.

Recently, while assisting my boss with interviews of candidates for the IT Security Engineer position (which I originally did not want as it would entail a $26k pay cut), I mentioned to him that after 5 such interviews, things were looking bleak. If he wanted to, and thought that I could fulfill his expectations, I would be willing to apply for the position. Surprisingly, he stated that he would discuss it with his senior vice president and get back to me on Friday.

Friday came, with me taking my son to the orthodontist for an exam prior to installing braces, and my cell phone rang -- it was my boss. He indicated that he and his boss thought that I could do the job, and asked me to set up a meeting to discuss it on Monday.

Monday came and we met to discuss it, and it was simplicity itself. As of June 1, I will (on paper) be the IT Security Engineer, while in reality I will remain the Manager of Network & Telecom until we can recruit a replacement for me (!!!). I came home Thursday and lit the remaining candle -- "if things were going so well before lighting it ..."

My boss and I agreed that my staff needed to be informed of the decision prior to releasing the news to the company. In a sidebar conversation, I asked him if he thought I should take my CISSP training (basically, the BAR exam for security, worth $70k by itself in salary earning potential), since I had it budgeted and there was a "bootcamp" coming up in July. He shrugged and said "sure -- good idea". Needless to say, I immediately booked the conference and the hotel room.

Today the rest of the division was informed of the upcoming change and search for a Network/Telecom Manager. I looked at the calendar and realized that by the time the conference was over, I would be coming in for another rousing week at work, with a spongy brain. I then asked my boss whether he thought it would be okay if I took a few extra days off after the conference as I would be spongy. He shrugged and said "sure -- sounds good".

So, I guess one could say that things are shaping up quite nicely ... !


September 2006  

I found your site about a month ago and ordered some things from you for a court case. I was on trial for a crime which I did not commit. Although the case appeared as though it was not going in my favor at all, the [judge's] final words to me were "not guilty" and I was acquitted.

I would recommend Lucky Mojo to anyone in need of spiritual help and guidance. You have everything needed, and you provide a lot of valuable information to assist in uses.

Thanks for your help and I'll definitely purchase my products from you in the future.

Thanks Again!


May 2007  

Son back from his year in Iraq. Will send copy of photo of his Hum-V with Lucky Mojo rabbit's foot. They got hit 3 times, but only damage to Hum-V. No one inside hurt.


July 2007  

A Dressed Candle is for banishing hurtful people. I used Three Candles on neighbors. One, 37, was stalking me from day one he moved in with his mother, the other two let's just say were thieving Liars and Sociopaths who made up vicious stories and hurt several innocent people. Most importantly, all three continued to do so even after I verbally put them on point.

I purchased candles from Two neighbors are gone POOF, even their house was demolished next to mine (an added bonus), and the third one is terminally ill and pretty much useless, and can't hurt, steal, or lie anymore.

This was the only time I ever used Dressed Candles. They were degenerates that were making my life and my good neighbors' lives around me unhappy. Lucky Mojo has a candle for every problem.

Whatever you do as long as you do it with Positive intentions and you yourself are a good person, you will be successful. God Bless.


October 2007  

I spoke with you via telephone this Spring concerning my career as an author and tech writer. You gave me several useful plans of attack through that exchange.

I am still a university student and pursuing my degree in creative writing and journalism. Before you hung up the phone, you told me to send you a copy of my first book when I got published. I thought "Yeah, right."

In the time since we spoke, several things have changed for me. I won a national writing competition for students and had a chapbook (short book) of my poetry published. I then went on to win a university scholarship for my poetry this year.

I put a lot of hard work into writing and learning the craft, but your suggestions for rootwork have also helped me immensely.

I used a custom Crown of Success mojo bag as you suggested and continue to [burn] a candle every Wednesday toward the bag's intention.

I was having problems with the chair of the English department who also happened to be my academic advisor. He was not interested in helping me or even meeting with me for our advisory session.

I did some work with the Master Root as you suggested as well. This fall he took a sudden sabbatical and stepped down as department chair. The new chair and advisor is also my writing instructor this quarter. He is a good advisor and has helped me immensely.

I just wanted to say thank you. Your advice and experience has done much for me and my career goals. I am sending you my modest first book of poems, which I thought would not materialize.

Thank you again,


May 2008  

I want to thank you for all you have done for me, not only by your manufacture of the best magical oils on the market, but also in your role as a teacher. Your thousands of web pages are like a free course in magic, but I also had the pleasure of attending your workshop in Alameda in May and found that you and your associates are great in-person teachers as well. I am enrolled in your correspondence course, and am enjoying that too. Thank you for all you have done as a teacher, as well as for providing a great source for magical herbs and oils.


July 2008

I have bought supplies on the internet for years, but until I found Lucky Mojo, I did not know how much a good supplier can add to a Witch's success. Your staff helped me choose which products I needed in my divorce and child custody case. They also suggested practical methods for dealing with the hassle, and backed up my own spell work by lighting a free candle for me on the day of the hearing. I am happy to say that everything went exactly as we had hoped. I got all I asked for.

My next order will be for job-related work. I intend to get a promotion, and I will be using a Crown of Success spell like the one on your web site.

Thank you for everything,


October 2008

I found your site a couple months ago and ordered a huge order, and I'm a very satisfied customer. I'm very impressed with the quality of your products, accuracy of my order, and the friendly nature of your staff. The herbs are in gorgeous condition, the oils and everything smell lovely. Great customer service! I look forward to doing business with you for quite some time. :-)

Many Blessings,


March 2009

I'd like to thank catherine yronwode for setting lights & prayer for me during a bad divorce and custody battle.

You probably don't remember me. We spoke on the phone, but I'm the woman that instead of spitting on the court floor, I went to the bathroom and chewed my herb, then rubbed it on my face. Never had to say one word in court and we came to a settlement that day at the courthouse outside the courtroom. The Judge even waited for us to finish up the settlement before he finalized it.

I had your products and some I had to just go on intuition on using. Things could have worked out much worse for me. But Prayers, God, and Hoodoo got me through it all. I'm happy to say I did not lose my mind through it all.

I'll never forget all the support. It makes me tear up when I think of where I was and how far I have come. I didn't have their power or money to fight the way they did. I couldn't fight these people on the earthly realm, but I sure was going to do all I could on a spiritual realm. Because that's all I had on my side during the whole ordeal. I would not have made it, if it was not for all the support, the information to fill in the gaps on your site and your book.

Hoodoo will always be a part of my life. I'm so happy that you have opened a forum of "Truth" and Authentic Hoodoo. May God's Blessings be with you, and long life, to continue teaching and helping people in need of help.


March 2009

For anyone who is looking for divination, spellcasting products, or general knowledge on rootwork and conjure, I highly recommend Lucky Mojo and Catherine Yronwode. I take comfort knowing the products I order are touched by Cat and her knowledgeable staff. They are prayed over, packaged well, and smell wonderful when they arrive. As for divination, the reading I received from Cat was honest and intuitive, but she gave me some valuable life coaching as well that is worth more than I can ever repay her for. We are on opposite sides of the country, but I only buy from Lucky Mojo. It just feels better, like my products are coming from a positive place.


18 March 2009

I recently received an order from Lucky Mojo. As usual it was full of all manner of delightful goodies, but the crown jewel was my new Triple Strength Lavender Love mojo. It's a joy just to hold it. I can't wait for Friday to fix it and start using my new mojo.

Thanks to all the wonderful people at Lucky Mojo for putting such obvious care into their work. The world would be a better place if everyone put such effort and craftsmanship into what they do.


25 March 2009

I had a situation come up that needed some spiritual assistance. Briefly: I was recently convicted of a speeding ticket, with seemingly incontrovertible radar evidence and an experienced officer's testimony.

However, I was convinced he had the wrong car and that I was not speeding and decided to appeal to superior court, in a Don Quixote-like way -- my firm belief in my innocence is why I didn't "plead down" to begin with. If my conviction was upheld, the fine plus court costs would be a bit over $350 plus points on my license & a rise in insurance.

My appeal was yesterday. I didn't have much hope other than asking to go before a jury and hoping some sympathetic soul (who'd perhaps had a similar experience) would agree with me. However, my husband -- a recent Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course graduate -- made me a mojo hand the night before. He used nine herbs as listed in catherine's "Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic book and anointed it with Lucky Mojo Fiery Wall of Protection oil.

He also anointed me with the same oil. The morning of the appeal, I took a spiritual bath with Lucky Mojo Crown of Success bath crystals. Before we left for court, he anointed me again with Fiery Wall of Protection oil and also High John the Conqueror oil.

The night before, I had also petitioned & made offerings to the Goddess (who is my Diety) and an ancestor who loved witchcraft; it would have brought him great glee to help with this.

I went before the judge and the D.A. They could not have been nicer. I said I was not guilty and wanted a jury trial. What happened next was this:

D.A. offered privately to change charge to improper motion. Same fine and court costs but no points on my license. They have no problem with jury trial but I'd have to be on standby.

I knew I couldn't hang around the courthouse for days on end, so I agreed to improper motion, thinking at least I wouldn't get points & insurance problems. However, when she spoke to the judge, the D.A. spontaneously changed it to 'improper equipment' and told him I pleaded "no contest" and asked that court costs be waved. The judge agreed. Needless to say, I was pretty pleased at only having to pay $146.00

Then, a few minutes later, after confabbing with each other a little more, they announced that they were reducing the fine further -- to $50.00. No court costs, no larger fine, no me-saying-I'm-guilty-when-I-know-I-wasn't. No admission of any improper driving stuff, just "equipment."

What was fascinating was how every 30 seconds or so, things just kept going better in my favor. It was very hard to keep from bursting out in a big grin!

They didn't have to waive court costs; they didn't have to change the charge to something even better than their original offer; and they didn't have to reduce the fine to $50.00

Short of the judge tossing out the conviction altogether -- which I never expected, given the evidence -- this is the *best possible outcome* I could have imagined. I fully credit the following:

* The Goddess's blessing.
* My ancestor "Tiny's" assistance.
* My husband's basic magical ability, greatly enhanced by:
* (1) The superior techniques he learned in the cat's Correspondence Course.
* (2) The superior products made by Lucky Mojo that we used in this case.

I have seen magic work before, and made magic work myself. But as my husband commented to me yesterday, this was VERY rapid and "spot-on" with, frankly, not an enormous amount of effort. I know the Lucky Mojo products and techniques contributed greatly to this. Also, taking that bath felt wonderful and helped pick up my energy which has been a little low due to a very hectic past two weeks.

I thank Miss Cat for her course and her products, too. I have already been working on my homework, but this has definitely inspired me to redouble my efforts.


29 March 2009

Just wanted to say thanks to the lovely folks at Lucky Mojo. I recently bought a Weight Loss mojo bag. My doctor had lectured me about my increased blood pressure *and* my "bad" cholesterol increasing and my "good" cholesterol decreasing. I made a deal with her to give me three months to fix it with proper diet and exercise, instead of taking pills right away. We will draw another set of blood tests in May to see how my cholesterol is doing.

So I cut out a lot of white flour, baked goods (my particular downfall), started excercising a lot more, added more oatmeal and vegetables to my diet, and I got the Weight Loss mojo bag as magical support.

So far, my blood pressure has dropped to a very good 114/78, down from its' previous 130/80. I've lost about 5 pounds as well. I've also found that when I'm carrying that little mojo in my left pocket, those cakes and fried foods don't seem as appetizing anymore.


30 March 2009

Thanks for the reading, Catherine. It was absolutely right on target and eased my mind that I had done the right thing and made the right decision for the situation. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who has been entangled with a complicated on-going problem/situation get a reading from you. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, talent, personal experiences, and compassion.



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Candles and Curios: essays and articles on traditional African American conjure and folk magic, plus shopping
Crystal Silence League: a non-denominational site; post your prayers; pray for others; let others pray for you
Gospel of Satan: the story of Jesus and the angels, from the perspective of the God of this World
Hoodoo Psychics: connect online or call 1-888-4-HOODOO for instant readings now from a member of AIRR
Missionary Independent Spiritual Church: spirit-led, inter-faith; prayer-light services; Smallest Church in the World
Mystic Tea Room: tea leaf reading, teacup divination, and a museum of antique fortune telling cups
Satan Service: an archive presenting the theory, practice, and history of Satanism and Satanists
Southern Spirits: 19th and 20th century accounts of hoodoo, including ex-slave narratives & interviews
Spiritual Spells: lessons in folk magic and spell casting from an eclectic Wiccan perspective, plus shopping
Yronwode Home: personal pages of catherine yronwode and nagasiva yronwode, magical archivists
Yronwode Institution: the Yronwode Institution for the Preservation and Popularization of Indigenous Ethnomagicology