publications written and edited by nocTifer of the HISS


9305 - 0808

" Mage's Guide to the Internet (MaGI)"

internet directory
for occult and mystical sources

published on internet:
version 2.0 9404,
version 1.0 9304;

republished in

"The Internet Compendium:
Subject Guides to Humanities Resources
ed. by Rosenfeld, Janes and Vander Kolk,
Neal-Shuman, Inc., 9500; version 0005, current HTML (

In 2008, with the decline of use of DMOZ as a source for links on occultism,
i have once again revised the MaGI so as to incorporate the Gehennom Goo,
plus i have added a new listing for knowledge-systems, Occult Wikis.


"The Gospel of Satan"
(scripture revision)

a Yeheshua tale from The God of This World's viewpoint
analysis in IRC's #scripture channel

published on internet, fashioned into a website called "Lost in Paradise: Milton-Hatred" between 9705 and 0712, when it was retitled and reformatted for presentation and subsequent exegesis as a text publication.


(satanism/demonology reference)

features Satan, the Devil, Devil-Pact, Devil-Worship, Satanism,
and de Facto Satanism in Books;
Periodicals; Essays, Plays, and Poetry;
Pamphlets and Ephemera; and Graphics;
compiled by boboroshi of the Temple Ov Khaos Under Satan
(TOKUS) (nagasiva yronwode) and drawing from a handful of sources.

published on WWW, usenet.


" Tarosymbolismatrix Tetraktypiscesefiroticus"
(correspondence symbolism matrix)

a matrix of symbolism integrating tarotic, sefirotic,
astrological, elementary, and transcendental planes.

the basis of a system of meditation and ceremonialism,
as well as a complete tarot deck (for later construction).

published in usenet, revised and
elaborated upon for clarity.

0206 to PRESENT

" dIVination Web VI"
(text-based shared symbolic reality).

a Multi-User Dimension dedicated to the study and networking of occultism and spirituality. its thematic structure centers on the immense Tree of Life forming the Axle to a Zodiacal-Planetary Wheel, extending in seven spokes as the days of the week. having completed the abstract conventional Tree of Life and environment rooms atop the main room, additional outlets for group activities and particular (temple-palace of immortality) styles as well as initiatory trajectory into a tetraktys.

public area completed;
initiatory trajectories; extensive help-archives revised / added to weekly.

(01/11/10::01:11:10 (HEXAGRAM 28; Great Exceeding))

" Change Oracle"
(oracular device for I Ching)

an oracle ritual and odds analysis using
"The Change Classic" ("I Ching") to generate
hexagrams then interpreted using the text.
also includes a trigrammatic evaluation of
the Shao Yang Square

published in usenet on 01/11/10,
dedicated at 01:11:10


" What the Fuck? #666"
(tarotic reading/prophecy/magic presaging warfare)

a ritual divination using tarot which
began as an example tarot reading on 8/22
and presaged the 9/11/01 World Trade Center
attack, possibly constituting a magical
rite somehow attuning to its energies

6th in a longstanding series of peculiar
experiences chronicled as "What the Fuck?"
this the first made widely available

published in usenet on 9/22/01


" TOKUS Satanism Archive"

a collection of documents presenting
the Satanism of the world to the interested

published in worldwide web;
revised occasionally


Virtual Watermelon Sugar"
(creative writing)

a regular publication containing
poetry, prose, line drawings
and the occasional strangeness.

published in worldwide web;
cf. previous editions of Watermelon Sugar,
published on the street and amongst friends


" The Biodendritic Tetrahedron"
(symbolic geometric)

a Tree of Life complete with attribution of
the English alphabet, on a tetrahedron,
presented in 2-dimensions and constructed so
as to be easily reproduced as a solid

published in Sacred Landscape email list
and, subsequently, in more public forums


" Astrum Argenteum (AA)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
(reference compilation)

compilation and research document
for the subject of the A:.A:.

published on Thelema93-L email list
and subsequently in usenet.

" nagasiva's alt.magick FAQ"

a biased reference document
addressing the frequently asked questions
in the alt.magick usenet newsgroup
in contradistinction to the
edited alt.magick newsgroup FAQ

published on the internet; routinely posted


" Adversarial Aeon Year 5 -- Crossroads Rite"

meeting with
the Black Man
at the Crossroads

published on internet


" Mano Poderosa"

the construction
of a personal power bag
for magic and politics

published on Zazas! Yahoogroup,
and subsequently on internet


" Iconography of Tantra
and Rites of Male-Submission

analysis of male-submissive iconography
in the context of ritual BDSM and neo-tantra

published in "The Sanctuary" (SMC monthly)
in three portions 9811, 9812, and 9901,
and reconstructed for internet publication 0005


" A Practical Guide to Suicide"
(edited compilation donated to newsgroup alt.suicide.methods)

assistance in decision-making
regarding responsible, aware self-termination (euthanasia)

published on internet; posted to usenet's " alt.suicide.methods" newsgroup 2/27/08


" Jehovah's Witnesses' Superstition"

a response to Jehovah's Witness propaganda
contained in "AWAKE!" Magazine, dated
October 22, 1999 and its articles including:
"Superstitions: Why So Dangerous?" by the
Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

published on internet


" Marshalling the Armies of Darkness (2)"

second conference,
as well as devotions to Kali

published on internet


" Marshalling the Armies of Darkness"

conference with the black forces
strategizing future coordination with Satan
in service to the wild

published on internet


" The Satanism of Jeffrey Deboo"

provides an overview and criticism
of one of the best writers
on Satanist philosophy

published on internet


" The Glory of Ignorance"

defends the beauty and necessity
of the skill of ignorance
for everyday growth and development
as well as for spiritual maturation
and mystical attainment

published on internet


" Correction Methods: Tantra Old and New"

examination of parallels
between incarceration and incarnation
and methods of correction
as seen from parental,
societal and mystical paradigms

published on internet


" Boboroshi of The Church of Euthanasia"

overview of the Church of Euthanasia, my Satanism,
The Ordur of Kaos Under Satan (TOKUS),
and how this relates to ecology,
and to the greater Satanic culture

published in "Not Like Most" #6 in 9809
and on internet in 9901


" On Satanism"

speculations on the history and character of Satanism
through modern time with visions of its future

presented in 9806 as a lecture
to the EFnet IRC #witch channel.
subsequently published on internet


" Review of 'Witchcraft, Satanism and
Occult Crime: Who's Who and What's What'

analysis and correction offered
to the editor of this publication

published on internet


" Dido Requiem"
(suicide note)

fictional account
of martyrdom to the cause

published on internet


" Suicide Encouragement --
Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions file
on the activity of suicide encouragement

some great degree of inspiration and goad was obtained in reflection of the 'Suicide Prevention FAQ', posted to Usenet by Graham Stoney ( to the newsgroup, where it was never wanted. small bits of regurgitation may remain in this copy.

published on internet;
reposted occasionally

" TOKUS Web Page"

description page for the infernal Third Order

published on world wide web; current


" Report on the
'Satanic Ritual Abuse' Witchhunt

analysis of the evidence
for an underground system
of abusive Satanists

published on internet


" The Meaning of 'Thelema':
Structure and Current

analysis of terminological usage
in the 'Thelemic' culture

published on internet


" Manifesto Satanika"

Satanist political manifesto

published on Internet


" The Adversarial Aeon Begins"

an account of initiation into Satanism

published on internet


" Christian Magical Rite" (in 3 parts)
(initiatory ritual)

an active and textual ritual
initiation into Christian magic
plus extensions and elaboration and Formula

published on internet in FiatLVX forum
and later in usenet

9600 - present

" The TOKUS Euthanasia FAQ"

Frequently Asked Questions file
for The Ordur of Kaos Under Satan

published on internet; revised 9700;
reposted occasionally


" Interview with an AA Member"

examination of the nature of
the Order of the Silver Star

published on internet


" Review of a Nyingma Yeshe Tsogyal Empowerment"
(ritual record)

reflections on a ritual empowerment by
Ngakpa Chogyam Rinpoche and its content

published on internet


" Hermetic Self-Destruction Ritual"

advanced instructions
for the luxocentric
to transcend the earth plane

published on internet


" Kathulu Majik:
Luvkrafting the Roles of Modern Uccultizm

mystical document,
role-playing supplement
and fictional exploit

published on internet;
revised with extended introduction 9508


" A Model for Discussion of Sufism"

theoretic lexicon
in preparation for interchange
amongst sufis and Sufis

published on internet


" Book of Shadows"

extracts from reflections on studies
with Gardnerian Wiccans,
by 'Lorax' (nagasiva) of the Evul Wikkunz, inspired by the Gods

published on internet

" Kali's Kommenz --
The Book of Blood

consultation with Kali,
Queen of Demons
and Goddess of Destruction

published on internet

" The Lust for Result"

examination of hyperactivity
in the occult world

published on internet

9407 - present

" Satanism and the Great Martyrdom Cult"

hypothesis concerning
the development of Western religion

published on internet;
revised as "the alt.satanism FAQ",
revised 9907 reposted monthly:


" Monk Mind"

mirror-writings of a lazy taoist
in love with entertainment

published on internet

9400 - present

" File of Alt.Magick.Tyagi Rules and
Assorted Dogma (FAMTRAD)

description of standards
for syncretic esoteric newsgroup

published on internet;
reposted monthly, revised 9907


" Liber Scire: the Epistemology of Magick"

extrapolating the scientific lexicon
of magick

published on internet


" English Gematria"

elaboration on a system of gematria
using the English language

published on internet; revised 9308
tree of life Diagram added 9412


" Liber Grimoiris"

parallels of East and West:
termas, grimoires
and "The Necronomicon"

published on internet

" Liber Qliphoth:
The Shells of the Tree of Life (Part One)

analysis of the demonic shells
of the Golden Dawn's qabalistic tree

published on internet;
revised 9308

" Liber Wicca: A Flight into the Fanciful"

conjecture on mythohistory
and mysticism of Wicca

published on internet;
revised 9308

9300 - present

" alt.magick (Noise-Reduction) FAQ"

initially a series of compilations (REFerence files)
in support of the usenet newsgroup alt.magick.
now a stand-alone document
in WWW and ASCII formats

published on internet,
REFs revised and recompiled continuously;
excerpt of early version published in
"Magick" magazine 9608;
and the newsgroup FAQ published in 9612;
reposted to usenet monthly; revised 9907; substituted by newsgroup 2005


" Black Magick and the Left-Hand Path"

philosophical analysis
of biased terms used
in occult literature

published on internet;
revised 9407 and republished
in a TOPY 'zine in 9500

" Liber Augoeides: The Mystery of the
Holy Guardian Angel

personal review
of the augoeitic experience;
appendix analysis
of the Princess of Disks tarot card

published on internet, as well as Liber Augoeides Part Two

" Liber MUD: MUDs and Western Mysticism"

Multi-User Dimensions
as mystical models

published on internet

" Liber Nigris:
The Story of 'Frater Nigris' and 'I am I'

personal magical research, work

published on internet, revised 9408, html 1107

" Report on Neopaganism:
Sexuality and Spirituality

review of publications from
the Covenant of the Goddess
and other media articles about
the Church of the Most High Goddess

published on internet 9500


" The Lazy Path --
A Short Work of Spontaneity

overview of buddhist basics
from a lazy perspective

published on internet


" Reflections of a Sufi Evening"

a visit to a local Sufi group
and reflections thereon

published on internet;
revised 9409


" The Classic of Magick Squares:
Research on I Ching and Magick Squares

analysis of the confluence
of Chinese and Hermetic
divinatory systems

" The Weirder Than Fiction:
The Tree of Life and
Construction of a Temple

analysis of the condition of my
consciousness with relation to
the Tree of Life and Rosicrucian

unpublished except via this web page,


" Liber Conjunctus:
Being an Essay on Sex and Sex Magick

exploration of the limits
of sex and magick

published on internet,
"Email Without Tears",
republished 9300, 9408

" Liber Practicus: the Sin of Practice"

self-determination within
a 'Thelemic' order

published on internet,
"Email Without Tears";
republished 9303


" The Case of Sir Mordred"

revision of the conception
of Sir Mordred
in Arthurian literature

published on internet,
republished 9407, 9609


" On Elves"

exploration of elven religion,
philosophy, and symbolism

published in "Elven Glen",
republished with additions
on internet 9406

9100 - 9200

" Email Without Tears"
(contributors' e-publication; editor, contributor)

articles of interest
to membership of the OTO

published on internet through 9200


"Meditation, Magic and Wicca"

meditation and its application
to the Wiccan path

published in Spring
"Circle Network News"

"Encounter With the Dragon"

trance encounter
with a primordial dragon

published in Summer
"Circle Network News"

8300 - 2001

Watermelon Sugar"
(creative writing/poetry/philosophy)

inspired by Richard Brautigan's
"Watermelon Sugar", this publication
was initially distributed to San Jose State University "Spartan Daily" boxes and to a
small subscriber list; today it is distributed
electronically via Yahoo Groups

editor 1983 - 1987,
writer 1991 - 2001,
editor 2001 - 2002:

copyright © 1992-2666 by nagasiva.