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I personally LOVE to blend hand-made conjure oils to make up combinations for special circumstances and conditions.

For instance, take Love Me Oil and Stay With Me Oil -- so different, yet so harmonious! Blend them together and something amazing happens!

Or, to give another example: Consider how different the situations would be if you needed to use Court Case Oil plus Pay Me Oil instead of Court Case Oil plus Separation Oil ... or Court Case Oil plus Revenge Oil!

A third example: The blend of Marriage Oil plus Healing Oil is quite different than the blend of Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez Oil and Healing Oil. Can you feel it?

And, yes, in addition to blending my own custom lucky oils, i also blend sachet powder, incenses, and bath crystals as well, and i "cross-dress" (LOL!) my candles too. For instance, to use an example from the list of Lucky Mojo oil blends above, i might cross-dress a Court Case candle with Pay Me Oil.


When folks blend together magical oils, they sometimes get hung up on the question of "How many oils is the right number to include?" Misreadings of how we make mojo hands have resulted in some people insisting that the number of spiritual supply oils blended for use on a candle "should be" an odd number, "just like in a lucky mojo bag" -- which is bogus rule-making.

In the first place, oils are not mojo hands, but even if they were, there's nothing about mojo hands that requires an odd number of ingredients. That is poseur b.s. of the first order. Where it comes from is that many simple mojo hands are made up with 3 ingredients, and so are many simple hoodoo bath recipes, and of course people have noticed that fact and commented on it. But plenty of long-time down-home root workers have never counted ingredients and just add whatever they feel is "right," based on the symbolism of the work and what they have on hand.

About 20 years ago, i wrote about the propensity for selection of the number 3 in crafting lucky mojo bags, and i told about a worker i knew back in the day who made "trio hands" consisting of 3 packets of 3 items each prayed over with 3 prayers and blessed in the names of the Holy Trinity (a total of 9 ingredients). I also mentioned a man i had known who made a Lucky 7 mojo bag, a Lucky 7-11 mojo bag, and a Lucky 13 mojo bag.

I wrote about this and then the internet took hold and all sorts of hoodoo newbie-expert-wannabes started telling each other (for no reason) that i had said that lucky mojo bags HAVE TO HAVE an odd number of ingredients.

I never said that.

Then, as if that were not bad enough, these White internet-based newbie-expert-wannabes, who were never part of the African American hoodoo community to begin with, then even began telling Black rootworkers that they were "wrong" for making bags with uncounted ingredients or with an even number.

And it has not stopped there! Recently, the newbie-expert-wannabes have extended their fake rules to cover "the number of ingredients in an oil" and "the number of oils you could blend together" and "the number of ingredients in a bath." It's time to pull in the reins on that runaway horse.


I blend two or more named conjure oils all the time in my work, and i expect my experienced customers, clients, and students to do so as well, without getting hung up on fake rules promoted by the fake conjure doctors of the internet

When i combine spiritual supply oils to make special blends, i do not count out the number of oils in the blend. Instead, what i am looking for is a way to fulfill the conditions of the work, that is, to blend a series of oils whose names and images overlap to form a series of ideas that encapsulate and express my magical intent. I call this "the narrative of intention."

A narrative list of magic oils follows a logical step-by-step progression that achieves a multi-part goal. For instance, to repair a separation between lovers, i may blend Return To Me Oil, Love Me Oil, and Stay With Me Oil. However, if they are angry due to a fight or quarrel, i may start with Reconciliation Oil, followed by Return To Me Oil, Love Me Oil, TranquilityOil, and Peaceful Home Oil, to see if i can calm them down and stop them fussing before i begin my next series of works that has the intention of moving on to deeper objectives such as fidelity, marriage, home ownership, and child-rearing.

Once i have selected my narrative of spiritual oils, i will blend them -- but i don't follow one way of doing that either, by any means.

When dressing an amulet or talisman, i may rub the charm, first with one oil and its prayer, then with a second oil and its prayer, and so forth -- or i may pre-blend the oils in the palm of my left hand, reciting one prayer for the blend as i stir it with my right index finger. After i anoint the item with the blended oil, i then rub both of my hands together in a circular motion, to disperse the remnant oil evenly onto both my hands.

On free-standing candles, i often make blends directly on the candle, as i dress it, and i usually limit the blend to three or four similar Lucky Mojo oils (e.g. Kiss Me Now!, Stay With Me, Siva Sakti, Fast Luck), to keep the scent from becoming muddied.

On vigil lights, although i think that most candles can be dressed with one oil, i often use 2 to 3 oils to make a custom blend.

If i am doing a lot of work for a client, or handling a lot of similar cases, i prefer to blend my combination of oils in a bottle before i start my work.

At the Lucky Mojo shop we make and sell "Rootworkers and Churches Specials" in 4 oz. bottles that can contain 1 oil or pre-blended mixtures of 2, 3, or 4 oils, selected by the customer. We sell these 4 oz. bottles of custom-blended oils to rootworkers and spiritual practitioners -- and many root doctors and healers like them because i allow them to select custom blends of, say, two different love oils or three different cleansing-uncrossing-protection oils or a four-way blended mix of gambling-sex-money-power oils -- or whatever it is that they find most useful to them in their work with their clients.

These blends of up to four oils -- which contain all of the herbs and roots from all of the included oils, and bear the graphic labels for all of the included oils as well -- will give you a lot more oil for your money than making your own blends will. A 4 oz. Rootworkers and Churches Special is the same in volume as EIGHT of our 1/2 oz. bottles but the cost is much less per ounce.

When you order, you should specify the single oil or blend of oils you wish us to combine for you, in the "message" area of your online shopping cart order form. Each bottle of Rootworkers and Churches Special Oil is individually made for the customer who places the order, and there are no "standard" combinations, so you must specify your single oil or combination of oils each time you place an order for a Rootworkers and Churches Special.


The cost of glass is a large part of the cost of bottling oils, as is the cost of labour. With our hand-made oils, everything has to go into that tiny-teeny bottle mouth, but with the 4 oz. Rootworker and Churches Specials, you buy only one piece of glass instead of eight pieces, and the bottle mouth is easily three times the diameter of the half-ounce bottle, making for speedier filling in the lab, hence less salary-time expended in the making, and allowing us to put in bigger pieces of roots, herbs, and minerals.

One way we keep our prices low and keep our customers satisfied is by following our old-time recipes rather than experimenting with new ideas every day. If each bottle had to be special-made to each customer's liking, you would be paying a lot more per bottle, truth to tell -- but when it comes to the Rootworkers and Churches Specials, many of us in the shop have made some of these same four-way "narrative" blend recipes so many times for our regular practitioner customers that we have them memorized and know exactly what to grab off of which shelf and how much to put into each batch, without consulting a written text. Our experience is a money-saver for you.


Before discussing some great blends that we and our customers like, let me give an example of a blend that i do NOT like, because it violates the narrative of intention:

The combination of Break Up and Return To Me is often requested, as are similar pairings such as Hot Foot and Reconciliation, Run Devil Run and Stay With Me, or Love Me and Separation. The buyer wants to break a lover or spouse away from another partner, and seems to think that by combining two oils in a Rootworkers and Churches Special -- one to drive off the rival and one to draw the mate closer -- some money can be saved. The trouble with this plan is that Drive-Away type oils are for repelling, while the Be With Me type oils are for drawing. Thus, by combining the oils, the prospective worker actually attempting to combine two separate narratives of intention or two opposing directions of movement. I personally do not mix these particular blends of oils because i see no clear narrative of intention in doing so. Rather, i see a whip-sawing back-and-forth set of contradictory intentions.

So, with that out of the way, let's look at some blends, as suggested by our customers, the Lucky Mojo Forum moderators, and the employees of the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. All blends are made with equal parts of each oil, unless otherwise specified.

Changing Luck

Cleansing and Blessing

All Purpose Blessing

Calming Blend

Those seeking to lose weight frequently tell us that they use our oils to dress candles, as well as employing them in spiritual baths. Here's a popular blend:

For Weight Management

Sometimes customers submit nearly identical combinations for Rootworkers and Churches Special blends. Obviously they are thinking along the same lines as one anther:

House Dressing #1

House Dressing #2

Protection Blend

Travel Protection Blend

This next blend has been suggested by -- and crafted for -- more than one conjure practitioner who wishes to increase his or her own powers of divination and occult mastery:

To Help Increase Spiritual and Magical Faculties

For Use with Mosaic and Solomonic Seals and Talismans

Money Drawing Blend #1

Money Drawing Blend #2

For a Street Vendor Selling Merchandise

Oriental Money Oil

To Remove a Money Curse and Open Roads to Prosperity

To Be Debt Free

For Gambling Luck

Policy Player's Gambling Oil

For Focus on Business Goals and Success at Achieving Those Goals

Here's a similar, but slightly different, blend that i recently recommended to a middle-aged client of mine who had a lot of successful business and life experience, needed to change careers (due to a divorce) and was having trouble deciding what direction to go in. She planned to open a small entrepreneurial company, and was highly competent to do so, but couldn't decide on what it should be:

For a Career Change

For Sports Contests

While most hoodoo formulas are secular and magica, some practitioners like to work with Catholic saints, and add together oils that are dedicated to their favourites, or to those deemed best to petition for specific conditions:

A Catholic Customer's Blend to Protect a Home and Animals from Harm

A Catholic Customer's Blend to Get a Good Job in a Hurry

Job Security and Promotion

Here are two 4 oz. Rootworkers and Churches Special blends that a customer ordered, and i liked the blends enough to pass them along to the rest of you:

Man Oil

Woman Oil

Love blends are always popular. Here are some of my favourites, as requested by our customers:

Love Oil Blend #1

Love Oil Blend #2

Crazy Hippie Love Oil

Make Up Oil

A customer said that he was seeking full sexual submission from a partner and he suggested a seven-oil blend:

I replied that he had left out the most important part of the equation -- his list contained no SEX or LOVE oils!

I wrote, "With the exception of I Dominate My Woman / I Dominate My Man, which at least refer to a specific partnership, the oils you listed could just as easily be used on a co-worker, an IRS auditor, or the guy who is repairing your car."

I additionally noted that combining seven oils would likely result in a muddied scent, and advised him that "To make a custom blend, chose two or three oils or four that harmonize."

Here is a basic blend for the type of work that the customer requested, which i have prepared for other clients:

To Dominate a Lover in Sexual Matters

And here are some variations:

If you are currently married and there is no sex in the marriage, you might try this blend:

Marriage Wake-Up Call

If you are currently having sex with a person and want some form of sexual pleasure that your partner has so far objected to co-participating in, a customer of ours recommends this blend:

Sex My Way

There have been a number of requested blends for coercive love as well. These run the gamut from seductive to overpowering.

Coercive Love Blend for a Man's Use

To Keep Your Mate Happy at Home

For a Woman Who Wants Sex But Not Marriage

For a Male Escort

For a Female Escort

For a Professional Escort who wants Regular Repeaters

For a Professional Dominatrix #1

For a Professional Dominatrix #2

Sometimes a spiritual supply is not what it seems to be. This next combination should be left out to brew under the sky of a dark, moonless night, then decanted into a fresh bottle so that the original roots and herbs do not show. Add some dried rose petals and a white ribbon bow around the neck of the new bottle, and give it to someone you dislike as a "Blessing" Oil:

Sneaky "Blessing" Oil

Demon Summoning Oil

Calling All Devils

Finally, here are a few rather severe oil blends. Use them if you feel your work is justified, but please do cleanse yourself afterwards:

Shut up and Do as You're Told

Take Your Bad Luck Self Away from Me

Love Buster

Divorce and Child Custody

Complete and Utter Damnation

Well, there you have it -- a lot of innovative thought went into these blends, and, once again, we are indebted to our loyal customers, our Lucky Mojo Forum Staff, and the shop's fantastic lab workers for these useful combinations. Feel free to design your own blends, and you may even see them added to this page!

Rootworkers and Churches Special 4 oz. Oil Blends
You may order 4 oz. bottles of single Lucky Mojo spiritual supply oils or custom blends of two, three, or four of our Lucky Mojo magical oils. Each bottle contains all of the herbs and roots contained in the oil or oils in your blends, and each bottle bears all of the graphic labels for the contained oils.

      •  See Suggestions and Instructions for Custom Oil Blends at the Lucky Mojo Curio Co.
      •  Remember, you can include only one, two, three, or four oils per blend.
      •  Be sure to name all of the oils you want in your blend by noting them in the "Message Area" of your order!



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