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compiled by catherine yronwode
from Catholic Church and Folk Sources

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Although the Christian religion is monotheistic and all replies to prayers are said to come from the grace of Jehovah, in practice, prayers to Jesus and the Holy Spirit (the other two members of the Christian Trinity), are acceptable to all Christians, and prayers to The Virgin Mary (the mother of Jesus) have a long history of popular usage dating back to pre-Christian European Goddess-centered paganism.

As in most religions, the honoured dead of Christianity -- real or fictitious men and women known for their piety -- are referred to as "saints" (holy persons). In what some scholars believe was an attempt to appeal to pagans who worshipped various polytheistic pantheons, the Catholic Church long ago established the concept of the "intercession of saints," the idea that the saints of the Church have "the ear of God," and that prayers made by them in Heaven are more powerful or efficacious than prayers made on Earth by common people.

In order to facilitate the process of intercession, it has for centuries been the practice of the Catholic Pope to declare that certain occupations and conditions of life have official "patron" saints who take special interest in those specific matters. Attested miracles connected with an occupation or condition that ocurred during the saint's life or through intercessory prayer after his or her death influence the realm of life over which he or she is declared a patron.

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Many Catholics address the Virgin Mary with direct prayers and do not ask her to intercede on their behalfs with Jehovah, but although this is a common practice, technically speaking, Mary is not a deity but a holy person, and therefore prayers addressed to her are also called "intercessions." In acknowledgement of her widespread popularity, Mary's various manifestations and apparitions have been given patronage over an assortment of occupations and conditions by the Church, as if she were a multiplicity of saints.

The list of Patron Saints below is by no means complete, and it contains several individuals who have not received Papal approval but find common acceptance among folk-Catholics in various regions. Some people call these non-canonical intercessors "Folk Saints." They fall roughly into three categories:

"Legendary" Saints: During the 20th century some former Catholic saints, such as Saint Christopher, were down-graded by the Church to the status of mere "legends" because there was no documentation that they had ever lived. This did not stop their veneration in the nations which had been the centers of their cults, and for that reason they are still believed to be patron saints by many Catholics.

lucky-mojo-saint-martha-candle-label lucky-mojo-saint-clara-candle-label

"Not Yet" Saints: Catholics tend to lobby for the bestowal of sainthood status upon local holy people, thus we see novenas, statuary, amulets, and candles produced in advance of a person's beatification and sainthood in the hope of accumulating examples of intercessions by these non-canonical figures. Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez of Venezuela and Nino Fidencio of Mexico are prominent examples of this type of Folk-Saint.

"Mythical" Saints: These are entities who have never been saints and can never become saints because in the eyes of the Church, they do not really exist. The best known example may be the spirit known as Santisima Muerte or Santa Muerte (Most Holy Death or Saint Death) . She is not recognized as a saint by the Vatican, yet statuary and amulets depicting her skeletal form and printed Novena booklets filled with prayers to her can be purchased throughout Mexico.

Within the folk-Catholic traditions, information about these saints and the areas of life over which they assume patronage is passed along through word of mouth and by means of holy cards which often have short printed prayers or orations on the reverse, novena booklets containing longer prayers and a biographical note, and novena candles with a short prayer for intercession on the back.


Accountants            Saint Matthew
Actors                 Saint Genesius
Adopted Children       Saint Thomas More
Air Travellers         Saint Joseph Cupertino
Amputees               Saint Anthony
Animals                Saint Francis of Assisi, 
                       Saint Martin de Porres
Architects             Saint Barbara
Arthritis              Saint James
Artillery              Saint Barbara
Artists                Saint Luke
Astronomers            Saint Dominic
Athletes               Saint Sebastian
Aviators               Our Lady of Loreto,
                       Saint Joseph Cupertino
Bachelors              Saint Christopher
Bail Bondsmen          Saint Raymond
Bakers                 Saint Nicholas,
                       Saint Honoratus
Bankers                Saint Matthew
Barren Women           Saint Anthony
Basket-Makers          Saint Hilarion
Battle                 Saint Michael Archangel
Birds                  Saint Francis of Assisi
Blacksmiths            Saint James,
                       Saint Dunstan
Blindness              Saint Lucy, 
                       Saint Raphael Archangel
Bodily Ills            Our Lady of Lourdes
Bookkeepers            Saint Matthew
Boy Scouts             Saint George
Breast Cancer          Saint Agatha
Brewers                Saint Luke,
                       Saint Nicholas
Bricklayers            Saint Stephen
Brides                 Saint Nicholas
Builders               Saint Barbara
Businesses             San Martin Caballero
Butchers               Saint Luke, 
                       Saint Anthony
Cab Drivers            Saint Fiacre
Cabinetmakers          Saint Anne
Cancer Patients        Saint Agatha,
                       Saint Peregrine
Candlemakers           Saint Ambrose
Carpenters             Saint Joseph
Cavalry                Saint George
Charitable Societies   Saint Vincent de Paul
Childbirth             Saint Anne,
                       Saint Gerard, 
                       Saint Raymond
Childhood Rape Victims Saint Dymphna
Children               Saint Nicholas
                       Infant of Prague
                       Guardian Angel
Chivalry               Saint George
Churches               Saint Joseph
Civil Servants         Saint Thomas More
Clergy                 Saint Charles
Comedians              Saint Genesius,
                       Saint Vitus
Composers              Saint Cecilia
Conception             Saint Gabriel Archangel
Cooks                  Saint Lawrence, 
                       Saint Martha
Counsel                The Holy Spirit
Court Workers          Saint Thomas More
Cranky Children        Saint Sebastian
Dancers                Saint Vitus
Desperation            Saint Jude
Dieticians             Saint Martha
Difficult Marriages    Saint Thomas More
Diplomats              Saint Gabriel Archangel
Dog Bite               Saint Hubert
Dog Lovers             Saint Roch
Domestic Workers       Saint Martha
Doubters               Saint Joseph
Dream Interpretation   Saint Gabriel Archangel
Druggists              Saint Raphael Archangel
Dying                  Saint Barbara
                       Saint Joseph
Editors                Saint John Bosco
Environmentalists      Saint Francis of Assisi
EMTs                   Saint Luke
Enemies of Religion    Saint Sebastian
Engineers              Saint Joseph
Epilepsy               Saint Vitus
Eye Diseases           Saint Raphael Archangel
Eyes                   Saint Lucy
Faith                  Saint Anthony
Falsely Accused        Saint Gerard,
                       Saint Raymond
Families               Saint Joseph
Family Harmony         Saint Dymphna
Farmers                Saint Isidore,
                       Saint George
Fathers                Saint Joseph
Fever                  Saint Peter
Fire                   Saint Lawrence
Firefighters           Saint Florian
Fireworks              Saint Barbara
Fishermen              Saint Andrew, 
                       Saint Peter
Florists               Saint Theresa
Foot Trouble           Saint Peter
Gardeners              Saint Fiacre,
                       Saint Sebastian
Glass Industry         Saint Luke
Glaziers               Saint Mark
Goldsmiths             Saint Luke
Gout Sufferers         Saint Andrew
Grandmothers           Saint Anne
Gravediggers           Saint Anthony
Greetings              Saint Valentine
Grocers                Saint Michael Archangel
Hairdressers           Saint Martin de Porres
Happy Death            Saint Joseph
                       Guardian Angel
Hardware               Saint Sebastian
Healing of Wounds      Saint Rita
Hermits                Saint Hilarion
Hesitation             Saint Joseph
HIV-AIDS Patients      Saint Lazarus
Home Builders           Our Lady of Loreto, 
                       Saint Joseph
Home Sellers           Saint Joseph
Home Renters            Our Lady of Loreto
Homosexuals            Saint Sebastian
Horsemen               Saint Anne,
                       San Martin Caballero
Hospital Staff         Saint Martin de Porres
Housekeepers           Saint Anne
Housewives             Saint Anne
Hunters                Saint Hubert
Illegal Drug Dealers   Jesus Malverde
Illegal Immigrants     Nino Fidencio
Impossible Causes      Saint Jude
Incest Victims         Saint Dymphna
Infertility            Saint Anthony
Insanity               Saint Dymphna
Invalids               Saint Roch
Jewelers               Saint Luke
Jurists                Saint Juan Capistrano
Kidnap Victims         Nino de Atocha
Laborers               Saint James
Lamp Makers             Our Lady of Loreto
Lawyers                Saint Genesius, 
                       Saint Thomas More
Leather Workers        Sts. Crispin & Crispinian
Librarians             Saint Jerome
Lightning              Saint Barbara
Locksmiths             Saint Dunstan
Loneliness             Saint Rita
Long Life              Saint Peter
Lost Articles          Saint Anthony
Lovers                 Saint Valentine,
                       Saint Raphael Archangel
Lumbago                Saint Lawrence
Machinists             Saint Hubert
Marital Fidelity       Santisima Muerte
Masons                 The Two Sts. John,
                       Saint Clement
Medical Students       Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez
Mental Illness         Saint Dymphna
Merchants              Saint Francis of Assisi
Messengers             Saint Gabriel Archangel
Midwives               Saint Raymond
Milliners              Saint Catherine
Miners                 Saint Barbara
Missing Persons        Saint Anthony,
                       Nino de Atocha
Missions               Saint Theresa
Monastics              Saint Benedict
Monks                  Saint Benedict
Motorcyclists          O.L. Miraculous
Musicians              Saint Cecilia
Navigators             O.L. Star of the Sea
Needle Workers         Saint Francis of Assisi
Nerves                 Saint Dymphna
Notaries               Saint Luke, 
                       Saint Mark
Nurses                 Saint Agatha,
                       Saint Camillus
Occultists             Saint Cyprian,
                       Saint Albertus Magnus
Organ Makers           Saint Genesius
Painters               Saint Luke
Paramedics             Saint Luke
Paratroopers           Saint Michael Archangel
Pawnbrokers            Saint Nicholas
Peddlers               Saint Lucy
Peril At Sea           Saint Michael Archangel
                       O.L. Caridad d. Cobre
Pets                   Saint Martin de Porres
Pharmacists            Sts. Cosmos & Damian
Philosophers           Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Physicians             Saint Luke, 
                       Saint Raphael Archangel
                       Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez
Pioneers               Saint Joseph
Plague Victims         Saint Roch
Plasterers             Saint Bartholemew
Poets                  Saint David
Poison Sufferers       Saint Benedict
Police Officers        Saint Michael Archangel
Poor                   Saint Anthony, 
                       Saint Lawrence
Porters                Saint Christopher
Postal Workers         Saint Gabriel Archangel
Potters                Saint Sebastian
Pregnant Women         Saint Gerard
                       Saint Raymond
Printers               Saint Augustine
Prisoners              Saint Barbara, 
                       Saint Raymond, 
                       Nino de Atocha
Prisoners of War       Saint Leonard
Procrastinaters        Saint Expedite
Public Relations       Saint Paul
Radio                  Saint Gabriel Archangel
Race Relations         Saint Martin de Porres
Radiologists           Saint Michael Archangel
Realtors               Saint Joseph
Rheumatism             Saint James
Sailors                Saint Brendan, 
                       Saint Christopher
                       Saint Nicholas,
                       O.L. Star of the Sea,
                       O.L. Caridad d. Cobre
Salesmen               Saint Lucy
Shoemakers             Sts. Crispin & Crispinian
Scholars & Schools     Saint Thomas Aquinas
Scientists             Saint Albertus Magnus
Sculptors              Saint Claude
Secretaries            Saint Genesius 
Seminarians            Saint Charles
Servants               Saint Martha
Service Women          Saint Joan of Arc
Ship Builders          Saint Peter
Sick                   Saint Camillus, 
                       Saint Michael Archangel
Sick Poor              Saint Martin de Porres
Singers                Saint Gregory, 
                       Saint Cecilia
Skin Disease           Saint Peregrine,
                       Saint Lazarus
Snake Bite             Saint Patrick
Social Justice         Saint Joseph
Soldiers               Saint George, 
                       Saint Joan of Arc, 
                       Saint Sebastian
Solitary Death         Saint Francis of Assisi
Souls in Purgatory     Anima Sola, 
                       Our Lady Mt. Carmel
Speedy Results         Saint Expedite
                       Infant of Prague
Stationers             Saint Peter
Steel Workers          Saint Sebastian
Stenographers          Saint Cassian Tangiers
Stock Brokers          Saint Matthew
Stomach Trouble        Saint Charles
Storms                 Saint Barbara
Stone Carvers          Saint Peter
Students               Saint Thomas Aquinas
Surgeons               Sts. Cosmos & Damian
Surgery Patients       Infant of Prague
Tanners                Saint James
Tax Collectors         Saint Matthew
Teachers               Saint Gregory
Television             Saint Clara
                       Saint Gabriel Archangel
Temptation             Saint Michael Archangel
Theologians            Saint Thomas Aquinas
Throat Trouble         Saint Cecilia
Tilesetters            The Two Sts. John
Tongue Trouble         Saint Catherine
Toothache              Saint Patrick
Travel Safety          Saint Christopher
Truck Drivers          Saint Christopher
Tuberculosis           Saint Theresa
Tumor                  Saint Rita
Ulcers                 Saint Charles
Undertakers            Saint Sebastian
Veterinarians          Saint James, 
                       Saint Martin de Porres
Vocalists              Saint Cecilia
Watchmakers            Saint Joseph, 
                       Saint Peter
Widows                 Saint Paula
Wisdom                 Saint Sophia
Workingmen             Saint Joseph
Writers                Saint Lucy, 
                       Saint Catherine of Sienna

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