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"If you are just slightly messed up, a cleansing and protection may be all you want or need. But if the enemy is in your family or your town, or works on the job with you, and is continually using that stuff to hurt you, you cannot just cleanse yourself and do a protection, for they are steady working against you. In such a culture of tricking and long-term enemy work, Reversing becomes a better line of defense."
-- The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. catalogue


The labels shown here are from a package of Lucky Mojo brand Reversing crystal salts for personal bathing or ritual cleansing floor wash, a bottle of Reversing dressing oil for fixing candles or wearing on the body, a package of Reversing sachet powders for blowing or sprinkling, a package of Reversing incense for fumigating an area to purify it, and a Reversing vigil candle for long-term work at a distance.

Like the rest of the Lucky Mojo line, these products contain genuine herbs and herbal essential oils, not synthetic fragrances. The ingredients in Reversing formulas may include Salt, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Crab Shell Powder , and other herbs and essences. Lucky Mojo labels are adapted from vintage packaging and in many cases the images are as traditional as the ingredients themselves.

Reversing is more final and more effective than just cleansing, if you actually have an enemy. It teaches the enemy a lesson that he or she truly deserves to learn. Situations vary a lot, but speaking only for myself, the more persistently someone tries to hurt me, the more i want to send back to them exactly what they put on me. And i think that's a pretty common attitude.



Beyond the issue of effectiveness, there are also moral and ethical considerations that lead many practitioners to choose Reversing work over cursing work such as Crossing, Revenge, Destruction, D.U.M.E., Jinxing, Jinxing, or Black Arts. For one thing, you may feel that the offense, while great enough to deserve a strict reversal, is not great enough to demand punishment or punitive damages. For another, your religious outlook may be such that you prefer to work with "clean hands" or in a way that does not compromise your relationship to Spirit.

Without being flippant, it can be said that Reversing spells may be considered to be the conjure equivalent of the old school-yard chant, "I'm rubber, you're glue -- it bounces off me and sticks to you" -- except that the work is deadly serious and instead of the metaphorical image of rubber, we use the actual reality of a shiny mirror that reflects evil intentions back to the one who sent them. For this reason, many popular Reversing spells call for the use of small mirrors, and they are part of the equipment you will need to complete these spells.

It is also important, when working with these spiritual supplies, to understand and handle them according to the traditional methods by which their effectiveness has long been potentiated. For instance, when doing reversal spells that employ candles or petition papers, you may be instructed to "write the enemy's name backwards" or "write the enemy's name in mirror-writing." This means that if you held the name up to a mirror, it would appear normal and readable. To avoid confusion about this important form of instruction, i designed my Lucky Mojo brand Reversing product labels in such a way that an example of mirror-writing or backwards writing is presented to the user, as a form of instruction.

Likewise, the instructions to "stroke the oil away from you" and to "stroke the oil toward tyou" are exemplified on Lucky Mojo brand Reversing product labels in the form of directional arrows that show you how to proceed. Just remember that the black colour represents your enemy and the other colour -- whether it be red, white, or green -- represents you and the good things that you have been denied by the actions of your enemy.


red-and-black-double-action-jumbo-candle white-and-black-double-action-jumbo-candle green-and-black-double-action-jumbo-candle red-over-black-reversing-jumbo-candle  
Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Co.-Add-to-Cart Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Co.-Add-to-Cart Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Co.-Add-to-Cart Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Co.-Add-to-Cart  
The most traditional, down-home, and serious way of working with Reversing candles is to employ speciall made free-standing Jumbo candles that are burned on a mirror to send bad luck and trouble back to the one who sent them to you. You can use a double-action Jumbo candle, or a double-dipped Reversing Jumbo candle. The work starts with butting the light, which means to cut its tip off, then carve a new tip on the former bottom end. Then carve the enemy name(s) backwards, dress the candle with reversing oil, stand it on a mirror, and sprinkle crab shell powder all over it in a counter-clockwise (backwards) circle.

The red and black double action candle for Reversing bad luck in love or to reverse a condition such as a love-jinx that was put on you by an enemy, could be burned on any day symbolic of love -- Friday, for instance.

The white and black Double Action candle for Reversing bad luck in health and well-being could be burned on any day symbolic of health or blessings -- Sunday, for instance.

The green and black Double Action candle for Reversing bad luck in money could be burned on any day good for money -- Thursday, for instance.

The black-over-red double-dipped Reversing Jumbo candle is for Reversing every kind of bad luck that was put on you by an enemy, and it can be burned on any day of the week, but some practitioners prefer to start it on a Saturday, for enemy work or on a Tuesday, to declare war.

When I do Reversing with candles of this type, i pray to send the bad work back. I send it back very hard, not gently. I will start with a black and red double action candle and carve their name backwards in the black area (in reverse lettering, just like you see on the label of the Reversing Oil we sell to dress the double action jumbo or reversing jumbo candle). I will then carve my own name forwards, in normal writing in the red area. I dress the candle with Reversing oil in two stages. First i dress the black area, pointing the butted candle point (black end) toward them, after which i dress the new butt (red end) for myself, while pointing it toward my on bosom. I use my dominant hand to dress the black area (pushing them away) and my non-dominant hand to dress the red area (inviting in blessings). As i dress the candle, i pray very strong and loud, perhaps like this:

"For all the evil that you have done to me, [Name Name], may all your evil go back to you! May the hurt you have caused me now hurt only YOU! May the pain you have caused me now be a pain unto YOU. May the lies you have told on me now become lies that are told about YOU. May the loss you have caused me to suffer now become a loss to YOU." (et cetera for a long, long list).

This is all said while stroking the Reversing oil on the black end toward the direction where they live.


Then i switch hands and stroke Reversing oil back toward me on the red end of the candle, with the other hand, and pray for my end of the candle like this:

"May all the joy i have been denied by the evil workings of Name Name now come to ME. May all the friends i have lost due to the lies of Name Name now come back to ME. May the sleep i lost worrying over the loose tongue of the bitch Name Name now be restored to ME. May the money i lost due to the curses of Name name now be MINE." (and again, et cetera for a whole long list).

I close each portion of the prayer by asking in the name of God, Amen.

If you are performing this spell to aid someone else by reversing curses that were put on your friend or client and sending them back to the sender, you may engrave the enemy's name (or the word "enemy") in mirror writing on the black portion of a Double Action candle and your client's (or friend's) name in normal writing on the red portion, and then perform the spell work by proxy. This is what professional rootworkers do. In such a case, you would point the black end of the candle toward where the enemy lives (or toward the North, if you don't know where the enemy lives) and the red end toward where your client lives (or toward the South, if you don't know where the client lives).

You can also perform a harsher form of this reversing spell if you start by working on the mirror before you dress the candle. On the back side of the mirror, write the name of the person against whom you are working, lettering it backwards or in mirror writing. Dress and prepare the candle the same way as always, by butting the light and burning it upside down.

Then, when you are done with the candle, get a hammer and pick up the mirror, with all the left-over crab shell powder and wax on it, and take it to a crossroads at night. Place it in the middle of the crossroads upside down (with the reverse-written name up) and call 7 years bad luck onto the person and smash the mirror with the hammer. Walk away and don't look back.

Note that when you break the mirror you should be careful to avoid flying glass and also note that this form of disposal should be done at a place where you will not get caught doing it, as you are creating a bit of a broken glass hazard in the middle of the crossroads.




Reversing candles also come in the form of black-over-red glass-encased vigil lights, which are burned as part of a long-distance method to send bad spells back to the one who cast them. It is important to note that these glass-encased candles derive from the earlier free-standing Double Action Jumbo and Reversing Jumbo candles shown above. Because they are poured into glass containers and cannot be butted and stood on their heads as part of the rite of reversal, it is extremely important that they be made with the black layer of wax on top and the red layer of wax at the bottom. You want to burn off the bad stuff first, and then gain the advantages of the good things that are due to you.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers of glass-encased vigil lights are just running wax factories and do not know the long, deep history of butting the light and burning it upside down on a mirror. They probably looked at the Double Action Jumbo candles with their original tips in the red, white, or green area, and thought, "Okay, we'll just pour the same pattern, but in a glass candle." They poured then red on top and black on the bottom. WRONG. A glass-encased vigil light cannot be BURNED upside down -- so it must be POURED upside down.

My good friend Lara Rivera once made me laugh by referring to these red-on-top so-called Reversing vigils that are sold by other companies as "those upside-down Reversing lights where you send away the good stuff and then finish up by cursing yourself."

A Reversing vigil light is to be dressed with Reversing Oil, of course, and if a petition is placed under it or taped onto its side, it should bear the name of the enemy written in mirror writing and your own name written in the normal way. The names should not touch.

Alternatively, you can tape or glue two small pictures to the Reversing vigil candle label. The enemy's picture would be upside down on the black area of the label; your picture, or the picture of whoever you are seeking to help, would be right side up in the red area of the candle label. The two pictures should not touch.

Setting the Reversing vigil candle on a mirror is a good idea, too. It helps maintain a bit of the traditional thinking behind this type of spell.



If you know who crossed or jinxed you, just cleansing yourself and reversing the jinx onto them may not be enough, for they can always come back and try the same tricks on you again. To prevent a recurrence of the problem, it is a good idea to bind your enemy up in a mirror-box spell. The mirror box will keep everything evil they do bouncing back to them, hurting them each time they try to hurt someone else.

To work this trick you will need a doll-baby of some kind to represent your enemy. You can use any kind of doll that looks like them or sew one or make it of twigs, or whatever feels right to you. Try to get something personal of the enemy -- hair, a photo, or the like -- and incorporate it into the making of the doll. One simple way to make a doll is to use a black candle in the figure of the Devil and carve their name on it and use that as an effigy.

Next get a small box that will just hold the doll-baby or effigy. It need be no larger than a shoe box and it can be chipboard or cardboard. It must have a lid.

Go to a store where cheap mirrors are sold and buy one without looking in it yourself. This is difficult; but be sure to not look. If there is a stack if similar mirrors, just take one from behind the front or top one, so you don't look in it. When you get the mirror home, take a hammer and break the mirror into pieces, still without looking into it. Glue the pieces into the bottom, sides, and lid of the box -- still without looking. (My preferred glue for such work is a brand called Goop; it is sticky, flexible, relatively fast-setting, and makes a very tight bond to a variety of surfaces.)

An alternate way of making the mirror box, shown here, is to get six 4-inch mirror tiles. Join them together to make an open box with all the mirrors facing inward. The sixth mirror is kept to one side to make the lid of the box.

Working by the light of a black candle that has been dressed with a combination of Uncrossing and Reversing hoodoo conjure oils, place the prepared doll-baby or effigy in the box and sprinkle it with red pepper powder and sulphur powder or a prepared spiritual sachet powder containing red pepper and sulphur, such as Reversing Powder, Crossing Powder, Revenge Powder, D.U.M.E. powder, Goofer Dust, or a combination of these. As you sprinkle the sachet powder, say, "Here you are, [Name], and here you will stay, and from this time forth, all the crossed conditions you try to bring about, and all the jinxes you try to make, all the foul words that you use, and all the evil that you do will come back to you as these mirrors reflect your image back to you -- and in this hell of your own devising you will burn until God releases you in judgment, Amen."

Close up the box, tie the lid down tight with string, carry the "coffin" to a graveyard, and dig a hole. Ask the spirits in the graveyard to help you hold your enemy down, and as you do so, pay them a dime for their trouble either by throwing it over your left shoulder as you make your request or by placing it at the head of the grave. Then bury the mirror box, walk away, and don't look back, going home by a different route than the one you took to get there.

Since this work consists of laying a trick, even in a good cause, when you get home, you should perform the 13 Herb or Uncrossing spiritual bath and candle burning spell as described above, reciting the 51st Psalm for purification and removal of any sin you have committed.




This spell was devised specifically to combat harassment by a vain and cruel woman who was mocking other people on the Facebook social network for being overweight and was leaving insulting remarks on their Facebook pages commenting on their obesity. The person who asked for the spell not only wanted the harassment to stop, but wanted the woman to suffer weight gain herself as a punishment, and thus to be left "sad, miserable, and fat" if she did not stop her hurtful verbal attacks on others.

A pendulum divination found that reversing and mouth-stopping combined would be the best form of cursing for this situation. The spell was devised to lure the miscreant with a sweet, sugary, fatty treat into a world of mirrors, and there to trap her evil impulses.

Pre-heat your oven to 450 degrees F. Work by the light of a butted (reversed, upside-down) Double Action Jumbo Reversing candle dressed with Reversing Oil.

Since the insults come via Facebook, print out the woman's Facebook avatar image, and on the back of it write her name, and her birthdate if known, then cross her name with your written curse. Dress the picture with Stop Gossip Sachet Powder, Alum Powder, and Reversing Sachet Powder and place it between two flat pocket or purse mirrors (the kind that vain women use to check their hair and makeup with).

Wrap and tie the mirrors with black ribbon as you recite the Psalms 37 to stop her gossip and back-biting, and Psalms 52 to reverse evil.

Then, still reciting your Psalms repeatedly, make a "pastry crust" from Stop Gossip Sachet Powder and Reversing Sachet Powder. mixed into cold lard (animal fat; do not use butter or Crisco) and rolled out flat.

Wrap the entire item in your "pastry shell," bake it until it is browned, remove it to a cooling rack, and either sprinkle it with sifted powdered sugar, Stop Gossip Sachet Powder, and Reversing Sachet Powder. or frost it with a simple sugar frosting made with the addition of Stop Gossip Sachet Powder and Reversing Sachet Powder.

Let the candle burn down until it is out.

Set the candle remains and your fatty, sugary mirror-pastry on a small, shiny aluminum pie plate and take the mess to a crossroads or to a telephone exchange building or an internet service provider's building. Set it out on the ground (inconspicuously) with a prayer that those who pass by will carry it to wherever in the world she lives. If you live near her, place it on her doorstep or at the front of her garden gate. Recite the 37th Psalm over it one last time, walk away, and don't look back.



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