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This spells helps double any denomination of cash paper
money that you have.

First find some almost new cash paper money, in the largest
denomination possible. The twenty, or fifty dollar bill is good.

Place this in a white envelope, and lick, and seal it.
Fold the envelope, and say once, every day, for
about seven days:

   Occult powers to me shall bring,
   The way to double this sum.
   Hear me, thou cherubim which sing,
   Quickly, and softly come...

Hold the envelope up, and pretend that it has
become heavier.

Keep the envelope in your bedroom. After you receive
more money, open the envelope, and either spend,
or deposit the money that was in the envelope.

© 1998 Bogg (



This spell helps bring money to meet existing needs. You
need to be precise as to how much money you need, and for
what reason you want it for. This is what to focus on.

At the start of your day, print, type, or typeset with your
computer, how much money you need, and what you want it for.
Draw a line around that statement.


     I need $500 to pay the bills 
     I want $1,000 to buy a new or used car.

Fold the paper in half, and in half again,
and carry it with you during the day, for
at least 12 hours. Reread the paper,
several times, during the day.

When the night comes, go into your bedroom,
or ritual room, and light a new white candle.

Open the paper you have been carrying, and
reread the message that you wrote, one more time.

Say these words, three times:

    From beyond this candle light,
    The powers that rule over money come,
    To bring to me this needed sum,
    Aided by a cosmic name,
    Because I burn this sacred flame...

Tear up the paper, and discard it in a wastebasket.
Repeat, each night, for seven days, or until the
money comes.

This spell is very powerful, and effective, when
you correctly follow the instructions.

If it is meant to be, you will get your money.

© 1997 Bogg (



Rolled parchment, 2 inches wide and as long as you like
One black pen
One purple candle
Oil of your choice
Incense of your choice 

Cleanse and consecrate all supplies with the four elements
(earth, air, fire, and  water).

List all your debts on the parchment. Draw a banishing
pentacle on the back of the parchment.

Carve a banishing pentacle on the candle. Place the rolled
parchment in the candle holder then tighten the candle on

Think of banishing your debts. Think of the feeling of
happiness and relief when the debts are banished. Light the
candle.Take the candle to the East quarter and ask that the
Sylphs send your message of debt-banishment out to the
universe in a safe and protective way, and ask that
prosperity return to you in the same manner. Put the candle
back on the altar and, in your own words, ask Juno to banish
the debt and replace with prosperous energy. Allow the
candle to burn completely. The paper will catch fire, so
watch what type of holder you are using (glass will break)
and that the candle holder is on a fire-safe surface.

As the candle burns, concentrate on banishing your debts,
your feelings of relief and happiness, and the coming

© 1998 Battle_Cry (



( Ixchel wrote:

> Chant "Trinka-Five" and concentrate on money and you'll
> have it. This definitely works, but don't be greedy or 
> you will pay a hefty price and I don't mean that in a 
> nice way!

I have heard something similar to this ... but in the
version I heard, you are to put some coins into a cup while
you do the chant. I read this a while back in a book, but
the name of it escapes me at the moment; [it was probably]
either "A Century of Spells" or "Charms, Amulets, and

© 1999 Secretive (

[It appears in "Chanto-O-Matics" by Ray Buckland. --cat]



This Money Spell is SO effective, I swear to you that I believe
it has been and still is the continuing reason for my financial
"success".  For me, the results began to manifest in 3-4 weeks
after I started doing this Spell and  since then I keep it going
by repeating it once a month or so. (I've been doing it for 14
years, now and I live in a house that's paid for with an acre of
beautiful land...and have never been "broke" once, since I

Take one or more one dollar bills and write a Blessing on them
with a permanent marker. The Blessing I use is, "May You be
Blessed with Health, Wealth and Love". Natch, you can use mine or
make up your own.

Then take the Blessed Bucks out into the world and hide them in
places where people will find them, NEVER just drop one on the
ground---that might look like an accident.

Great places to hide them are:

     Open a newspaper kiosk and slip one inside a newspaper, 
     especially in the JOBS section.

     Carry a glue stick with you and go inside a grocery store ...
     glue a Blessed Buck on the back of a food item, milk, or my 
     favorite, a box of Pampers.

     Glue one to the stall door in a public restroom.
It doesnt matter where ... just wherever somebody will find it.

The only other Rule is, NEVER stay to watch who finds it!

I think the reason this Spell is so effective is, it brings the
Laws of "Reap and Sow" into play and the Universe pays off BIG
time, because while you're putting out the symbol of money, a
dollar, you're actually giving out JOY ... because, imagine
FINDING one!  Wouldnt it just make your day?  Wouldnt it change a
crappy mood to one of elation? Wouldnt you call everybody you
know and say, "You wont believe what happened to me today!"

Or ... suppose you were tired and broke and looking for a job ...
and opened the WANT ADS ... and saw this amazing surprise!

Altogether, for one crummy buck, a LOT more than a buck's worth
of happiness comes from it ... I think the Universe pays back in
the same symbol, dollars, but matches and 100-folds the Joy with
MORE dollars.

Plus, it's so much FUN. Once I was slifing thru the A&P looking
fo a new place to hide my Buck and noticed the assistant manager
folowing me ... so, I hurried over to the Pampers and quickly
glued my Buck to a box ... just as the guy rounded the corner ...
and I froze, like a deer in the headlights, and he says, "HOLD
IT!  OK ... what are you trying to do ... I've been watching

Natch, he assumed I was a shoplifter ... so, I showed him the
dollar bill glued to the Pampers ... said, "It's my hobby ..."
and left him standing there, open-mouthed. teehee!

Even ONE Blessed Buck a week will work, tho I try to put four or
five out there. If you KEEP doing it, money will constantly be
coming back to you, MANY-fold.


© 2003 Tiger Lilly (

[Note from cat: for another spell that involves marking on dollar 
bills, which are distributed in change at a business, see the 
"Success Sigil and Trained Hunting Money" spell available at the 
Lucky Mojo Money Drawing Spells Archive.]


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